Change the Default Ctrl+Alt Key Combination on VMware Workstation

Posted November 16, 2006 by johnnythawte in Windows

If you are a heavy VMware user like I am, you will know that the default Ctrl+Alt escape sequence to release the input focus can interfere with using hotkeys in your virtual machine, especially when you are trying to use the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination in Xwindows. This tutorial explains is a simple way to change it.

To change the setting, go to the Edit menu, and choose Preferences.

Select the Hot Key tab, and you will have three choices:

1) Ctrl + Alt

2) Ctrl + Shift + Alt

3) Custom: Ctrl / Alt / Shift + Down / Up

If you want to be able to shift from your virtual machine back to your desktop quickly, the custom combinations let you specify something easily.

If you are like me, you selected option two, which is probably the most difficult key combination to hit accidentally.

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