XP: Display Network Activity in the System Tray

Posted October 31, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Windows

Having connection problems is a hinderance to my productivity, but I have no quick and simple way of seeing if I am transmitting or receiving data. If you are fortunate enough to see the LED on your network card, that helps, but why not just put your network activity in your system tray? Here is how to do it.

Green is for downloading. Red is for uploading. I am totally addicted to watching my network activity in the system tray.

Yes, there are numerous effective programs that do this in an impressive manner; however, this basic service is more than enough for me.

1. Click Start.
2. Click Control Panel.
3. Double-click Network Connections.
4. Right-click on your internet connection (dial-up, LAN, etc.).
5. Select Properties from the context menu.
6. Click General Tab.
7. Click Show icon in notification area when connected.
8. Click OK, and the icon should instantly show up in the system tray.

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