Firefox: Prevent Automatic Image Resizing and View Actual Size

Posted October 6, 2010 by MickeyMouse in Mozilla Firefox

Firefox will attempt to resize images automatically. I don’t particularly like it, so here is how to revert to the previous style of image handling. Post is updated as this continues to work in Firefox 2, Firefox 3, and Firefox version 4.

I want to see graphics actual size. Please don’t resize unless I ask you to. Here is how to disable Firefox’s automatic resizing of images.

1. Open Firefox
2. In the address bar enter: about:config
3. Copy and paste this into the filter line…


4. Double click the preference to change the value from true to false

Example in Firefox 2:

Example in Firefox 4:

changing automatic image resizing ff4

The Conversation

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  • Tomek

    it works also for firefox 3

    thx ! I hate the auto resizing idea

  • arhooley

    wow, thank you!

  • onlyalot

    thank you!! it was so annoying!

  • Anonymous

    Very Useful!!! thankss

  • vortex100

    Why that feature is not part of Advanced Options is beyond me. You can stop resizing on IE without having to jump through these hoops. Thanks for the tip! Worked like a charm.

  • Ssdasd

    Still works in 3.6.10, you just have to find the row with “browser.enable_automatic_image_resizing” and double-click it.


  • Joe

    I’m looking for a way to prevent firefox from resizing the browser window when I click on a graphic within a website to enlarge the picture. It’s annoying to have to click the window and make it bigger everytime I view a magnified image. Anybody know what to do? The above fix didn’t affect this particular issue.

    • Dctravelguy

      At top on the menu, choose Tools, then click Options. Go to the Content tab, and to the right of Enable Javascript is the Advanced button. Click that and uncheck the selection “Move or resize existing windows”.

  • Leeroy

    What about centering the image when it’s larger than the screen?

    🙁 Any way to do this?

    If I set browser.enable_automatic_image_resizing = false when I open a 2500px wide JPEG it shows up on screen from the top left corner.
    I want it to sort of scroll to the center of its width by default!

    Can anyone help?

    This is hard if not impossible to do with Firefox’s userContent.css from %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\\chrome, which is what I have naively been trying for hours…. setting various propreties to the “html > body > img:only-child” selector.