Vista: Use Small Icons in the Start Menu

Posted October 31, 2006 by Hack_Vista in Microsoft Vista

All the icons in Vista are big. This works well for me in every place except the Start menu. That real estate is just too valuable. Here is how to revert back to the smaller icons and give your Start menu more space.

Large icons are pretty, but they take up too much space. Here is the Start menu default with large icons:

By using small icons, you can save space in your Start menu:

To shrink the icons in the Start menu, use the following steps:

1. Right-click Start.
2. Click Properties.
3. Click the Start Menu tab.
4. Click the Customize button beside the Start menu selection.
5. Scroll to the bottom of the Customize Start Menu window.
6. Uncheck Use large icon box.
7. Click OK.

The following screenshot shows the directions as well.

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