IE7: How to Search or Find within a Page

Posted October 21, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Internet Explorer IE7

Now that the menu is hidden in Internet Explorer 7, some users may feel that searching is more difficult with the browser. However, this is not the case. This tutorial describes how to search within a page with IE7. Also, one feature of FireFox that many users most appreciate is the in-line search. Now, you can now have in-line search for IE7, too. Read on to find out how this is done.

Searching a web page for certain text is still easy within IE7 using these simple steps:

Pressing CTRL-F will open the traditional find box that we all know from IE6. You can remember F as it is a FIND feature.

Alternatively, you can tap ALT to open up the classic IE menus at the top of the browser. The Find feature is under the Edit menu.

If you like the in-line search from FireFox, IE7 now has a plug-in that does in-line search as well:

IE7 Plug-in for In-Line Search

After installing it and restarting IE7, pressing CTRL-F will open an in-line search box at the bottom of your browser just like FireFox.

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