Vista: Quick Launch Hot Keys

Posted October 9, 2006 by Hack_Vista in Microsoft Vista

In Vista, one of the best new features is that every shortcut placed into the Quick Launch toolbar is assigned a Win-key hot key. The following tutorial contains a screenshot and directions on how to use this new feature.

The Quick Launch toolbar is one of the most popular features in XP. The speed of the Quick Launch toolbar has now been increased in Vista.

Now, the Windows OS will assign a Win-key hot key (or keyboard shortcut) to every shortcut in Quick Launch.

For example, to launch the first shortcut in the Vista Quick Launch toolbar, the user just needs to hit the Win-key+1. To launch the second shortcut, the user hits the Win-key+2.

Explaining my screenshot, the Win-key alone opens the Start menu. Win-key+1 on my system executes the “Show Desktop” shortcut. Win-key+2 executes IE7, etc.


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