IE7: Enable/Disable Pop-Up Blocker

Internet Explorer 7 has a built-in pop-up blocker. This tutorial and screenshot will show you how to turn it on or turn it off. Enjoy blocking those annoying pop-ups!

IE7 (and subsequently Vista) has an excellent pop-up blocker. Hopefully, by having the default browser easily crush pop-ups, we will put an end to this intrusive advertising practice.

Here is how to enable or disable the IE7 pop-up blockade:

1. Click the Tools menu.
2. Click Pop-up Blocker.
3. Click Turn on Pop-up Blocker.
(If already on, it will offer an option to Turn off Pop-up Blocker.)
4. Confirm by clicking the Yes button.

The Conversation

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  • RBAlvey

    Everyone is having a problem with popup including myself. I was asking why are these ads popping up? My settings are correct and I have checked everything. I thought anyway. Now follow me here. No tricks No Games. I went to Tools then Internet Options. Now go to Tab Settings and click on it. Look at (When a Pop up is Encountered) It is set at either (Always Open Pop ups in New Window or Always open pop up in a new tab) Now look at the top setting ! “Let IE decide how pop ups should open” I clicked on that and So far I have not had any pop ups on my screen .

  • Faye

    Not helpful — I want a pop up blocker button. It has disappeared and the tools icon has a gear instead of a wrench. This is not an improvement