Subversion: Add Your Project into Source Control

Posted September 21, 2006 by johnnythawte in Computer programming

A very common bit of confusion for newbies to Subversion is how to get your project into source control properly. This tutorial should get you rolling.

We are developing a killer application called MySuperTestApp that can make your coffee telepathically, but we need to make sure that we have our source code safely versioned away in source control.

Our system administrator has already installed Subversion, and told us the URL is Our username is johnny.

We will begin by navigating to our application directory in our command prompt or terminal window. We are going to import the directory into Subversion first:

svn import MySuperTestApp -m "Importing test app" --username johnny

Now, we will need to backup our directory just in case:
mv MySuperTestApp MySuperBackup

Next, we will checkout the subversion project so that we can start tracking our changes:
svn checkout

We have a functional Subversion project, and we can get back to work writing the coffee filter functionality.

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