MySpace: How to Remove or Delete an Account or Profile

Posted September 19, 2006 by MickeyMouse in MySpace

Have you decided that myspace is not your thing? This will remove your myspace account or profile. If you do not like your current myspace profile, this is also an excellent way to start from scratch. Tutorial updated October 4, 2008.

Oh, myspace. Everybody thinks they need an account. Of course, those party pictures of you may get yourself in big trouble one day.

An alternative to deleting your account is just to make it private.

By the way, this will remove your myspace forever (4evar!). You’ll lose your friends, comments, blogs, pictures, etc. You have been warned.

Here is how to nuke your myspace account/profile:

1. First log into myspace
2. Click the My Account link on your page

myspace my account link

3. Click the Account link

myspace account link

4. Click the Cancel My Account link in the Account Cancellation section

myspace cancel account link

5. Confirm by pressing the Cancel My Account button

myspace cancel confirm link

You are now removed from myspace!

MySpace has changed the process a bit, here’s an update on how to Cancel Your Account.

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