MySpace: How to Remove or Delete an Account or Profile

Posted September 19, 2006 by MickeyMouse in MySpace

Have you decided that myspace is not your thing? This will remove your myspace account or profile. If you do not like your current myspace profile, this is also an excellent way to start from scratch. Tutorial updated October 4, 2008.

Oh, myspace. Everybody thinks they need an account. Of course, those party pictures of you may get yourself in big trouble one day.

An alternative to deleting your account is just to make it private.

By the way, this will remove your myspace forever (4evar!). You’ll lose your friends, comments, blogs, pictures, etc. You have been warned.

Here is how to nuke your myspace account/profile:

1. First log into myspace
2. Click the My Account link on your page

myspace my account link

3. Click the Account link

myspace account link

4. Click the Cancel My Account link in the Account Cancellation section

myspace cancel account link

5. Confirm by pressing the Cancel My Account button

myspace cancel confirm link

You are now removed from myspace!

MySpace has changed the process a bit, here’s an update on how to Cancel Your Account.

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  • april

    How Do you get the sign in pop up off?????????????????
    Every time I turn my computer on the stupid thing comes up.
    I don’t remember my info so I can’t sign in or get into my account to cancel it.

    • Amaya

      i no rite

    • guest

      I’ve been on the computer EVERYDAY for two weeks trying to get that stupid MySpace IM sign in pop-up off my computer!!! I dont know how to get rid of it!!! I’ve tried everything I can think of to delete it!!! Any ideas??? I don’t have a MySpace acct anymore but I know my info…I’m so over trying to get it to die!!! Help me if you have any ideas PLEASE!!!

  • Silvy

    I did the instruction, but my account can’t deleted…
    the last comment are :
    Your request to cancel your MySpace account has been sent. You will receive an email shortly with instructions for confirming that you wish to cancel.
    You must follow the instructions in that email to complete cancellation of your account. Thank you.
    But nothing confirmation email coming to my inbox, so.. what should i do now ?

    • FIga

      Check your spam folder. Messages from myspace get caught in spam folders all the time.

      In your myspace account settings, also make sure you have a correct, active email address.

      Good luck.

    • Dyllan

      U should ask the myspace peoples to send the email again

      • kris

        how can you request the email again if you have no accept to the account

      • Indika92

        ive sent a few notifications to them but havent got any cancellation mail in return :/

    • kris

      i am haing the same problem

    • TIKA

      did u find out away to delete it mon says the same THING

    • izaiah

      please help me delete my myspace

    • aj

      can i have ur myspace

      • Danarien Johnson

        ur welcome

    • Cherielln

      I’m having this same issue. They never send the email required to confirm the deletion. =(

  • Nick

    Thank you so much

  • sara

    if we forget the password how to delete it ?

    with another solution ?

    • Momolove

      i have the same problem .
      someone got on my myspace
      and know i cant delete my old mypace.
      H–E–L–P–M–E–E !!!!! Someoneeee . ?

      • rich

        > u cant cancel myspace! when i get on the new laptop 2010-11 it ask me to update crome i done it and still whantw me too do it again haha i got on myspace somehow? try to go to settting on the new myspace 2013 it sucks! u have no option to delete your account! i think we are stuck with this broplem until next year they are still working on the broplem i have an a count put whats me to make an other account? put then i get in and come out and then cant gt back in
        any one cant help put i think u cant destroy it no more its stuck with use no lie! its all pink inside the page and white and some writting thats it and nothing really good just mist up.

  • maria

    i don’t want the page anymore

    • Tiffany Toney

      I did my account directly with myspace

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, I wasn’t using the service much. Facebook is more of my thing.

  • Tiffany Toney

    I can not confirm it and it want delete

    • nazia.786sahiba

      >plz delet it

  • Wilfred Horesay

    Hello I have been trying to delete my account and remove your site from my computer and have not succeeded.please remove your ID site from my computer.Thank you for your service.I do no longer want your service.Please remove your pop up sign from my computer,everytime I turn on my computer it comes up.Remove your site.Good Bye

    • We are not myspace. We are just providing you with directions on how to remove your myspace account.

  • Lucinda

    can you delete my myspace please.

    • aj

      yes ill need ur myspace email and password and ur yahoo password and email

  • bliss

    after step 2, there is no way for me to go on… i cannot find the Account link… i think myspace changed its setup and deliberately took out the cancel account feature.

    • Yeah, that must have just changed it! Thanks for letting us know. When we find the new method for deleting a myspace account, we’ll update this tutorial.

  • Tanya

    I want to start over with my myspace account and close out of this one but can’t rember my user name or password?

  • chani

    thank you i found it very helpfull.

  • vdgsd

    I think that it should automaticlly delete your profile after a year or so of constently not going on it.

    • wa-wa-wee-woo

      nope–i just checked one i made in ’05.
      I haven’t been there since I first made it.
      It’s still there.
      Fortunately, I didn’t use my real name or age or much else in the way of real personal info — i always knew that these social networking sites would end up being used for bad purposes.
      They’re a gold mine for “big brother !

    • Rheanna Buckley

      it hasnt deleted mine i had my since 2005… and it is stupid!!!

  • debbie

    i delited my account , i cant sign in now but every is still going on my profile page. when will my profile be gone?

    • april

      I tried deleting myspace and it told me to go to my email and follow directions I tried going to my email and i didn’t have any mail to follow directions i went to forgot my password it gave me a password and the password that they are giving me is not working to sign in I don’t know where to go from here.CAN YON HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

      • deb

        I did exactly the same thing. The email came to my inbox, I clicked on the link as directed (to confirm the cancellation), it just took me back to the myspace home page. I didn’t want to log in yet again. So I clicked on the second link in the email, sent the required info and it said technical error or something.
        This is really really frustrating. It’s not even my account, it’s my daughter’s and she wants it gone.



  • kiley

    omgh thank you soooooooooo much you saved my life

  • Dawn

    i hate myspce

  • Mieka


  • Megan

    Thanks. Myspace just isnt my thing. Im glad u guys were here to help bc I was getting mad about it freezing and crap. again, thanks!

  • demis

    i have a problem guys, i can login on my account, someone hacked in, so now they send me the new password still doenst login in, i dont know, how to access again, othwerwise i have to cancel it ..


  • Sara

    This was very helpful!

  • tom

    really helpful thank you

  • Ashly

    Thanks so much you are awesome!!!!!!

  • brookie

    thanx that has really helped

  • lol

    thanks 🙂

  • tatiyana

    how do u delete a myspace

  • shanti

    your introctions suck my dang myspace accout shall didnt delete i hate networts

  • morgan

    this is a bad way to find friendss


    thank you this worked like a charm! i HATE MYSPACE…ITS TO DRAMA ORIENTED!

  • Woot

    well…for those of you who deleted it, or had clicked the confirmation thingy, did u guys read?? it said it would take 2 days or so for your account to be able to get deleted.

  • jenny scott

    myspace is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rubbish i realy want to delite it your tips helped me:)

  • sarahi

    thank you

  • Carly Robertson

    I did the instruction, but my account can’t delete…
    the last comment are :
    Your request to cancel your MySpace account has been sent. You will receive an email shortly with instructions for confirming that you wish to cancel.
    You must follow the instructions in that email to complete cancellation of your account. Thank you.
    But nothing confirmation email coming to my inbox, so.. what should i do now ?

  • hiriona

    i don’t like myspace because i am 9.

  • Elaheh

    not really because after that it will ask you to go to email you have registered the acct with to click on what ever address myspace have send. That I am not even able to open my yahoo email acct any more, obviously yahoo sucks just as bad. I hate myspace.

  • princess

    i hate myspace

  • Cumerdis Looney

    I tryed cancleing out of my space account on Jan 30th /09 I don’t no Longer want it any more thank you for removing it.

  • Kim

    this is the best website ever!!!!without this website i will be no where in life figuring out things by myself!!!!thanx tech recipies!!!

  • thank you

    thank you so much for how to delete the account. i thought myspace was really boring, and i never went on anyway, so i wanted to delete it, but didn’t know how. thnx…(:

  • lisa

    need help

  • jasmine

    I can’t receive the confirmation email for deletion from myspace. Myspace are not sending me any emails. How can I delete my myspace account. PLZ help! I want to remove my profile/

  • rania

    yes thanks i was trying for ages 2 delet myspace its really boring i think msn is betta

  • josalyn aponte

    hey..i really want to delete my myspace but i dont have that old email address anymore so i cant confirm what can i do cuz i have to delete it??

  • AEPI




  • MySpace has added a few steps to the process, you can find them outlined in the tutorial on how to Cancel Your Account at

  • darius

    how do i remove something that pop up when i started my myspace account saying that i cant add no friens send any messages at all it says that my email is wrong.also i want to use my same email address and password

  • leerik

    iwant off myspace its not for me

  • Sofie Paredes

    I am extremely concerned about my minor child (15 years old) having created a Myspace without parental consent. I do not approve of the content that my child has on Myspace, nor do I approve that he has a Myspace account. As an extremely concerned parent, do I have the right to have my child’s Myspace removed from the website? If so, will you help me remove it? My child refuses to give me the password or e-mail address that was used to create the account; therefore, I cannot access Myspace. Can you PLEASE HELP ME?

  • i need help to cancel myspace’s not send me the cancellation email for me to’s keep said that it’s sent and i don’t get it.what to do?

  • Jody

    I have a myspace account but when I type my name in to search ( by name ) for it I can’t find it ?

    • Carina Hernandez14004

      i what to cancle myspace

  • dana hollenbeck
  • Jejomar Sobrepena

    i want to delete/remove my MySpace account. But the problem is i forgot my password and email address, please help me to delete my account ASAP

  • acit

    thanksss i dh dpt delete myspace

  • Nathan

    Is there a way i can deleate my myspace if i dont know my password or email to it cause seriosly i dont remember it last time i went on was 3 years ago and i didnt even make it

  • spencer walker

    i want to delete my myspace and it wont let me its sooo wondering how to delete it

  • Rosanna

    In order for me to delete the account I need to confirm it thru the e-mail accnt. Now the probelm I have is that the e-mail and myspace accnt was set up for my 9 year old daughter by her 9 year old friend who claims she can’t remember the e-mail info. What else can I do to delete this myspace accnt?

  • carla martin

    i cant log into myspace please help me bc what i do is not working out

  • mickey

    uqhh myspace is soo wack and full of drama .. i wana delete my account as soon as possible.. can you delete it for me ?.

  • mickey

    uqhh myspace is soo wack and full of drama .. i wana delete my account as soon as possible.. can you delete it for me ?.

    • gfgdfgdfgd

      No you have to delete it yourself just follow the instructyons

  • beatrice

    it was fun

  • Unkown

    How Do You Change To Profile 1.0??? Ive Tried To Click Go Back But It Just Says Start From Scratch??????

  • dd

    i cant delete mine because the e-mail adress i started with is canceled

    • kristen

      hell yeah i’ve got the same freaking problem here!
      somebody help me please, i really wanna get rid of my myspace!

  • Moobt

    What if the e-mail you signed up with doesn’t exist anymore…

  • star’quaza

    i want to delete my account now

  • sara

    why my account myspace cnnot delete ?

  • How do you cancel your myspace account if you don’t have access to the email address that you registered with? My old email is no longer accessible… (an old work email where I no longer work).

    • Sissy

      According to the myspace site you have to send them a SALUTE and email requesting account deletion. The details can be found in their help section. It involves sending a photo of yourself holding paper with certain info on it. A pain, but I don’t have access to my old email, so I’m going to have to do it. If there’s another way, please post.

  • darius

    thanks because im afraid that some one would really get in and i would get in trouble

  • aj

    ill do it but ill need ur myspace email and password even ur yahoo i swear i wont stell your yahoo but if i cant delete ur myspace can i have it please

  • Kari

    how can i cancel myspace account if i have already cancelled my e-mail account it says that they send you something to your e-mail to confirm the cancel but now I do not have an e-mail address anymore. what can I do

  • Just Bored With Myspace I am Done With it

  • Karen

    Thank you SO MUCH. The only reason i even thought of getting a myspace was because of a guy i liked who had one and he went to my school. i kinda wanted revenge….or not really but whatever…..i just wanted to post vids and music on my profile of Green Day because I am OBSESSED WITH GREEN DAY! yeah and my parents don’t want me to have a myspace so 20 minutes after i joined myspace i canceled my account

  • amber

    your a life saver

  • amber

    i messed up my myspace n for all u who say myspace sux ur rong b/c u play games chat have club look up people and soooooooooooooooooooooo much more you can make ur myspace sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awsome

  • Jennifer

    I cannot delete my myspace. Help.

  • mati

    it said that the ,yspace account will be deleted within 48 hours so hopefully this will work

  • mikeo_03

    hey i tried deleting my account and it always tells me they will send a confirmation email so i can delete my account but it never came…i also tried a salute and i did the other thing they told me which was to delete all the stuff on my profile and type in my about me “REMOVE PROFILE” and let them know i did it and they would delete it but they never did…so is there any other way to delete my account? im pretty sure if i had the link they send you in the confirmation email i could delete it by messing around with the url and stuff but i really dont know what else to do i tried is there any other way to delete my account?

  • Lorenzo


  • Kevin

    Im getting tired of canceling my myspace account but it doesnt work. Can you help me, please?

  • Saria The Dragoness

    Yeah Ive had the same problem, I’ve been trying to delete an old myspace Account that I don’t want anymore, Since I have a new and better one, Kinda want it gone, and i’ve tried sending it to the my old email address and it doesn’t work I’ve even tried switching the email to get it onto a different email to delete it, it just doesn’t get it on my old email address. I suppose I’ll just leave it until some body hacks it or it get’s deleted from inactive use from Myspace. Well so pointless. -Saria The Dragoness

  • Saria The Dragoness

    Oh you can remove yor profile by doing this aswell…. Important stuff to know:
    if you don’t have access to the Email address tied to your MySpace profile, but you can still log-in, mouse over Profile (in the upper nav bar), choose Edit Profile (from the drop-down menu), remove all the content from the About Me content box, type “REMOVE PROFILE” in the About Me section and Contact MySpace (on the right). Tell us to delete your profile (be sure to include your friend ID or URL)
    if you can’t log into your profile or delete the profile on your own, Contact MySpace, attach a salute and ask us to delete the profile for you
    Just contact them after putting Remove profile.
    -Saria The Dragoness

  • mikko

    how can you get an account you forgot your info for deleted

  • Sarah

    Thanks. That did the trick! Even though the pictures you provide are no longer up to date 🙂

  • tae buckhanon
  • big babe

    thx you realy helped me out!!!

  • t- girl

    perfect help

  • Davis

    The e-mail wont come to me

  • Davis

    The e-mail wont come to me

  • walter


  • Anonymous

    Okay, my boyfriend made my account. My EX. Haha, so i have his e-mail of course to log onto myspace, but i don’t know his e-mail password! GAH, and i wanna cancel my myspace. Any other way to delete it without knowing the password? Shiiit, i’m screwed. PLEASE HLEP!!!!


    I dELETed My Myspace BUt yoU CAN StiLl SEe My PicTURe BUt When you CLIck It It SayS iNvalID FrieND Id I WANT tO DELEte The PicTURe sO U CANt see my DEFAult BUt It dOSENt LEt ME go IN..What Do I dO!

  • DEST

    wat if u do not know the password the user wat do u do HELP ME PLLLZZZ= [

  • Anonymous

    How can i cancel my myspace account when the email on that account is not active anymore…?

  • Anonymous
  • miss_sabeela

    thanx, the above helped my cancel my tedious myspace account

  • Anonymous

    I cant find the “CANCEL ACOUNT” button.

  • Anonymous

    I have forgot my password so cant login i need to delete my acount but obv cant get into it to do it /??? also they said they send my password to my email but i still havnt recieved it 🙁

  • Anonymous

    thank you for telling me how to delete a myspace!

  • Anonymous

    Love the site it really worked

  • Anonymous

    Hello my name is Cynthia i recently came out from being incarcerated three years ago i got word that my pictures in still up on my space…. which to find out it was true im soooo upset due to the fact a friend of mine set that up for me before i went to do my time and i no longer speak to her ..and was told that she had took it off…. i am living a new life and want no part of that my space i have nothing against it just aint for me i dont know my login password email whatever it asks for please help me take it off thank u

  • Anonymous

    How do you cancel your myspace account if you can not log into the email account that is linked to the account??????????????

    • StjartGosse

      Create a new email? Log in to Myspace, change the email that your Myspace is associated with, to the new one?
      Might be the best thing to do….

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hello, I have a HUGE problem, my cousin ex got into her myspace account and he changed her email to his personal email and all the security question and passwords… now he is slanderring her making untrue comment and all sort of things? how can she delete the account ..if she can’t log on or who can she contact ……PLEASE HELP….

  • elle

    I want to delete my myspace account but I can’t because the email that I am using to login, I deleted that email account.& it says I can’t change my email without a verification email. same with deleting your account! help!

  • Anonymous

    i do not like it

  • Anonymous

    WOW this was great help out alot thankssssss

  • ara

    i can’t sign in my account..there some problem problem to open my account..when i about to open my account..there was an error report from microsoft that my account having an error..and cannot decided to cancel it!

  • Anonymous

    i dont remember my password or my password to the email adress the account is connected to because my ex changed the passwords

  • Anonymous

    What if you do not have the email anymore that you used to set up your mysapce page how can you confirm the cancellation

  • hedy charley
  • Anonymous

    ok i have the biggest issue… i HAD an email that was only for myspace… sso i deleted the email before the myspace (opps) and now i dont have anywhere else to send the cancellation link to…
    what should i do…. HELP i dont want the myspace anymore….

  • Anonymous

    how can i get rid of myspace comedy red bar?

  • Anonymous

    i did that but they didnt send me no msq

  • Anonymous
  • melissa scott

    i want my myspace deleted but i dont know my password…=[
    please delete it!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    hi, im trying to delete my myspace account to hide all the pictures of the glory days. its been awhile since i used the site, and my email address has changed. when i try to cancel, it says it sent a confirmation to my OLD email address not the new one. since i no longer have it, im not sure how to delete it. please help!!!


  • Anonymous

    What’s up people.

  • susan

    I deleted my mspace but when my email address is searched my profile pic and a little info. STILL shows up!! How can I stop this from happening????

    • kristi

      same thing is happening to me!!! 🙁

  • kristi
  • Anonymous

    I want to delete my myspace but the problem is i can’t remember the password to the email i used to register my account, is there any other way i can delete it?

  • Anonymous

    hi, i have 3 myspace accounts! 1 i use, and the other 2 are old and i haven’t signed into them forever now!. well i just so happend to see one of them on people u may kno, i looked at it and wal-ah! someone hacked into and and put a bunch of crap on there, i kno who it was.. i hate them!!! i do not even remember my password let alone the email i used!! 🙁 help please!! idk what to do

  • Anonymous

    What do u do if u cant remeber your user id or your password? I have been on since 2006..

  • Anonymous

    Thnx bra i didnt know that haha 😛 nwo i know to delete my account cuz my account sucks 😛 thnx Lol.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    no htis doesnt tell me how you delete your myspace

  • Anonymous

    it doesnt work!!!

  • i have done all that, but where is the goddamn e-mail that i`m supposed to receive??? i`ve been waiting for a week now, and i need the e-mail, because i`m gonna use the same e-mail adresse, with my new myspace

  • Anonymous

    good post most definitely

  • Anonymous

    This is a great write up. Clean detail, needs a it of updating but it swings. i’mma browse around tech reciepts more

  • Anonymous

    i would like to delete four my space accounts in the name jessica collins of richmond kentucky i do not know all my email address’s or passwords.

  • Anonymous

    What if the email is not real when I created the myspace account so I have no where to confirm that I am cancelling my myspace account

  • Syed Ahmed


    I am in the social marketing team for the last 1 year.

    I need lots of myspace accounts everyday for my client..

    But when i creating accounts now, Maximum number of accounts are deleted..

    I don’t know what is the reason?? Please send me if you have any solution for that..



  • Anonymous

    but how do i delete my myspace.but i cant even log in?help!

  • Anonymous

    I typed in the wrong email add.(switched 2 letters around) and it says I have to get the confirmation code from my email to correct the problem-help

  • Anonymous

    what if u cant access ur account

  • Anonymous

    is there a number i can call

  • Guest

    Please let us know why you’re cancelling your account. You can really help us improve MySpace!

  • AshleyK

    what if i cant access my confirmation email?

  • kris

    thanx so much

  • person

    this stupid thing wont delete i hate it omg

  • jonathan

    how to delet yuou myspace can sombody do this for me

  • Lili


  • fergus


  • Karla

    wtf evrytime i log in into my myspace
    that thing pops out and it says that i have to
    confirm my email password and that a confirmation
    msg was sent to my myspace omg what do i do help meh

  • Miss_christina_baby

    is there a way to get an email telling u what myspaces ar connected with that yahoo id cause im trying to delete all of my old myspaces that i dont remember the info 4 msg me @ miss_christina_baby plz thanx

  • Hirisrojas

    i already did that but it doesnt delete!!!!!!

  • tanya

    thanks that helpe a lot

  • Ciara Kipple

    I Did That And It Didnt WorK

  • Nicolenkilo41

    someone help, i am trying to delete my myspace but i don’t remember my password to the email i had made my myspace account for, .. i have a new email. and i tried to change it and its just not working .. please help me,.. i dont want my myspace anymore its just causing problems and drama in my life im done with it, or atleat i would really like to be. so some one please help me.

  • Gomez15lizeth

    why cant i delete my myspace i got in trouble so i cant:(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aniyahbrown

    thanks lols lmafo

  • zsssszzzz

    i followed the instructions and went into my email and there was two links i picked the first one and it said to please wait 48 hours for this transaction to be completed… but if you wanted to make another myspace account would you be able to use the same email address.. i havnt tried it yet but i was just wondering if anybody new… just in case i wanted 2 make another myspace account.

  • Carla

    How do I delete myspace profile/account? My friend created this profile without my knowledge and I don’t have any info to sign in to delete it. Please help me

  • Scottie4

    i made up a fake email to get a myspace because i didnt have one and now i cant delete it…what do i do now??

  • poohsmom

    I have been trying to delete my myspace account. But I don’t have that email account anymore. So how do I delete it?

  • Null

    How do you delete your account if your email no longer exists, and MySpace is to ignorant to let you change to a new email, without having to confirm the change in the extinct account?

  • Onet_72


  • angel alejandro

    i want to delete myspace acount

  • Ankit D Best

    thnxxxx broo u roxxXXX 😀 😀 love yaaa :p

  • Lauramack29684

    did all that stuff my profile will not delete… contacting an attorney next!

    • shyenne

      this is shyenne you asking your satf and then you asking us like lol

  • Nite0wl35

    how do you close your myspace account when you have closed your email 1st??

  • Missgvl

    Hi I have been trying to delete my myspace for a long time. I have a new email address and couldn’t remembermy password. When I contacted myspace they said I had to send a photo with my url and my hand showing. When I asked where the url was I was told it is on your myspace page. The problem…I can’t get to my page for the reasons mentioned above. Needless to say it became an incredible source of frustration. I still need to delete it. Can anyone help.

  • shyenne

    i can help youwith myspace my name is shyenne ican help you

  • toshia


  • Leon Wheeler

    will not mneed this account,moving overseas

  • tona

    How do you delete the myspace if you do not remember your user name and password?

  • bellapalha

    please can anyone help me I want to delete myspace account and have forgotten my email at the time as well as my password , thank you bellapalha

  • Michael C

    I can’t get my account deleted either. No confirmation email. I’ve tried to manually delete the account. I’ve written to them. NOTHING! Can you help?

  • randycuadra


  • Yhadira

    I want to remove Myspace but I do not see account setup on the top of the page.

    I would like your help please assp

  • kary

    Someone hacked my space account and now there sending messages to ppl idk it’s also causing me problems. How can I report it and make em delete my account! I can’t login because I have no asses to my email and the new password they made! Someone help me out ASAP!!!

  • Nilofher

    i want to deelet myspace account i dont know my email or password to the account i use that long time ago i want it delete now and my pictures off their and my details could you please delete it for me forever removed permantly please.

  • nilofher

    i can’t remove myspace account i don’t remember my email or password as i have made that account long time ago and i am getting annoyed with my pictures on there can you please remove the pics and the information and delete the account please i be grateful it’s really annoying me the pics.

  • Ricky

    Someone is pretending to be me, and set up a myspace profile! Whats the best way to get it removed? I am from the UK, and have already gone to the police who have provided a crime ref number, but they advised i need to contact myspace directly….

  • Alexa Jimenez

    I was .piss off ! My pictures iou s DELETE or not! I don’t kmow

  • Gail

    how do i get an account removed that has my picture but that I didnt create