MySpace: Download Any Song for Free — Again!

Posted September 15, 2006 by MickeyMouse in MySpace

Yes! This tech-recipe describes another method for downloading music from myspace for free. As myspace wants to soon charge for music, I wonder how long before this is patched.

Update. 9/17/06. No longer works… 🙁

Hacking myspace to download music has long been a fun challenge. Previously authors here on tech-recipes have described two other methods for grabbing music files off of myspace. Both of these methods have since been patched by myspace.

Original Hack

XML Variation Hack

Here is the newest hack called MySpace MP3 Gopher. This works for files that have not been marked for download as well.

1. You may download the files from here. It doesn’t need installation.
2. Then input the FriendID from the profile you want to get the music. Often the quickest way to do it is just to mouse over one of the profile links:

3. Click Get Song Listing

4. Double-click the file you want
5. Click Download
6. Wait for the file.

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