DNS Cache Flush, Clear, or Reset in Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Posted August 27, 2006 by Hack_Vista in Microsoft Vista

Frequently web connection problems can be traced to a corrupted DNS cache. Flushing this cache is an easy fix to many of these problems. This is how to flush the cache in Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Here is how to fix that corrupted DNS cache.

1. Click the Microsoft Vista Start logo in the bottom left corner of the screen
2. Click All Programs
3. Click Accessories
4. RIGHT-click on Command Prompt
5. Select Run As Administrator
6. In the command window type the following and then hit enter: ipconfig /flushdns
7. You will see the following confirmation:

Windows IP Configuration
Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

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  • Jimbo

    Thanks for the helpful tip 🙂 I wasn’t sure if was the same as XP or not but it looks like it is.

    • Donna

      > I followed those instructions & I STILL have the problem! Did ‘someone’ leave out some ‘other’ important instructions? I’ve never done anything like this before . . . . I know NOTHING about how to fix things on the computer, so those instructions seemed incomplete to me. It doesn’t say anything after you get to : #7
      7. You will see the following confirmation:

      Windows IP Configuration Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

      Well, I saw that ‘message’,so what was the NEXT step? I still had the problem . . . the DNS flush didn’t work! Why can’t someone give the FULL step by step instructions. We’re not all computer literate here.
      I need instructions for ‘DUMMIES’

      • Dagerlay

        > well if u are on window’s 7 try typing this in start %temp% wen it opens delete all file’s in it it will not let u delete any thing u need. and clear out your recycle bin after you are done. windows vista and xp u can do %temp% and just temp and clear them out then recycle ben that will help with net speed as well

      • stuntslider

        >hi im using windows 7 tried : ipconfig /flushdns and it did nothing just opened another line so what now?

      • Jon

        Flushing the cache will almost never help with internet browsers poor connectivity. This is always the first thing everyone suggests – almost never works.

      • Mizah

        Thanks for the helpful tip 🙂 I wasn’t sure if was the same as XP or not but it looks like it is.

  • http://www.eztv1.com adis

    thanks 🙂

  • erik

    thank you for the help. Did not know about this. It did the trick though.

  • jason

    i need elevation to complete

  • c

    did not work it say requested operation requires elevation

    • Freaked

      you are not running as administrator if you are getting “requested operation requires elevation”. RUN IT AS ADMINISTRATOR as this guide recommends.

      • KurodaShun

        My account was “Admin” type…
        but when i tried flush dns,
        the “Requested operation requires elevation” message still came out!!!

        • Anonymous

          right click it then click run as admistrator….( i think thats what you name your computer/user…)

          • Miss Understood

            > right click WHAT? Me too, I am on admin and it’s still needs Elevation.

          • Miss Understood

            > Forget it found out. Go to Start Menu, right click the Command Prompt to Run as Admin…that’s the missing part that worked for me. Discard my previous question.

  • Pippin

    I experienced internet connection problems. While Skype and pinging ip numbers worked (even connecting to ip addresses in the web browser worked) just addresses like http://www.google.com often did not work.

    After a lot of fiddling I found that disabling NetBIOS via TCP/IP helps. Go to the Network Center, Network Connections, properties of the connection (wireless or LAN, whatever you use for this connection). Then properties of the IPv4 protocol, Advanced, WINS tab. Select Disable NetBIOS via TCP/IP. For good measure I also enabled Use DNS suffix of this connection in the DNS registration (DNS tab). The latter I also did for the IPv6 protocol. In my experience the NetBIOS setting did the trick for me.

    Maybe this helps some of you.

    • Joe

      Your advice rocks !!
      Thanks !!

  • brian

    why does mine say “requires elevation”?

    • Roy

      Click on Vista start menu logo and start typing cmd. when you see it, right click and say “run as administrator” and verify by selecting okay and then type configuration.

      • James

        I’m not some newbie. A+ certified. I’m starting to think half of my problems are some kind of HP specific BS settings. Nothing I run at the command line works normally on this computer. I use my (NON-HP) VISTA laptop and my results vary. I can’t even get Python to run correctly. DNS flush gave me all kinds of errors. Double checked my typing. Never buy another HP again. I’m building my next rig just like I did all of my previous rigs.

      • Blake

        Thank you so much. I have been searching online for a solution. You’re the man!

  • Evolex

    it writes: function execution error

  • http://mtsen.com mtsen.com

    fantastic ! some old dos stuff will never go away ..

  • mary

    i switches from verizon to comcast now on the pc which is an ibm older model the ip address is zeros i connect and work fine on my laptop with the comcast modem etc so any ideas i did ipconfig renew etc still zeros all the connectoons are fine it was foine on verizon the comcAST AND NO IP ADRESS WELL YAH BUT ZEROS??? ANY HELP APRECIATTED

    • wayne

      do you have a router conected if so reset the modem and the router and try to plug them back and see if that works if not pulg the modem and the,pc no router in between and check your ip if that dont wrork do and inetwiz if that dont work do a flushdns as check ur ip address. if you are a homenetworking comcast customer you need to call them and ask them for an static ip. I hope that by fallowing this steps you get what you need. Later

  • Dakota

    I flushed it out for Itunes and it didn’t work. I did everything sucessfully, and it still says that the internet couldn’t connect with the store and that I need to check my settings. I don’t understand!! I have done absolutely everything that there is to do. Please Help!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      hi try ipconfig /flushdns press enter then put in (net stop dnscache) wait for that to stop then put in (net start dnscache) press enter see if that works for you

      • http://twitter.com/3shAbeleda Trish

        OMG! your a genius! Hugz for huggy! Thanks.

      • Jorge

        Omg this worked ty very much. I just had ti restart computer for it to kick in.>

  • hege

    I tried this but got the message :”could not flush the DNS Resolver Cache: Function failed during execution”

  • http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/1600/vista_dns_cache_flush/ Ryan

    I am having issues connecting to Server 2003 with Vista Ultimate. I keep getting the error :
    “An attempt to resolve the DNS name of a DC in the domain being joined has failed. Please verify this client is configured to reach a DNS server that can resolve DNS names in the target domain.” Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • concerned guru

    thx this worked great

  • steph

    thanks a lot i worked with the XP one but didn’t know how to work the vista cmd.

    p.s. the computer newbs are great to laugh at.

    • Kali

      The only difference between a “newb” and you is experience with a pc, Steph. Oh wait… you didn’t know how to work the Vista cmd…..

  • Munyi

    What if the message you get is “could not flush dns resolver Cache: Function failed during execution”

  • Jen

    Fantastic Fix! Thank you soooo much!!!

  • Anonymous

    Great Help, Tx!

  • http://www.idolmasti.com/ Aryan Mughal

    Thanks 🙂

    From A Very Long Time I Am Searching For This

  • eric

    This does not work. I ran the command and got the confirmation message, but when I type : ipconfig /displaydns it still shows that everything is in the cache and nothing has been removed.

  • Mark Bunds

    My Vista installation corrupts the DNS cache so frequently that I wrote a batch file and placed on my desktop.

    • Anonymous

      I found that a DOUBLE ipconfig /flushdns seemed to do the trick (and it doesn’t waste cyber-water) to resolve the Vista DNS problem.

  • Anonymous

    This didn’t work in my case. Tried several times, but never got response in DOS window or any change whatsoever. Funny thing…the “instructions” for how to fix this on the Microsoft website pretty much say you need to reset the dns functions, and that the “error” message MUST be the result of the dns processor being “not on automatic” and yet when you look at the system functions it IS what it says it should NOT be.


  • Anonymous

    yeah i did that and now when i have to do a system restore to even use my internet exploerer,so i can’t shut off my computer at all or i’ll have to do a system restore

  • steve

    ipconfig /flushdns doesn’t always work under all circumstances with Vista, unfortunately. sometimes you need to do a restart of the cache: net stop dnscache, net start dnscache (or use the services snapin to restart DNS Client)

  • Anonymous


    I just wanted to share this information so that it may help others who have a had my issue.If you have tried the various other fixes and vista is still not working then please try disabling your IP Flood Detection in the router. This did the job for me.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I’ve been on the phone with mu ISP over some trouble with my DNS. We tried alot of different things including:

    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew
    ipconfig /flushdns

    unfortunatly nothing has worked.
    The problem is that my DNS isn’t reading hosts but only IP adresses. I’m really stuck and about to smash my Acer off the ground : )

    Any help would be great


    • JOSH

      DID you ever resolve this

  • Anonymous

    yours is the first that worked! bravo!

  • Luisa

    I am having trouble with logins. I have the correct login info and it doesnt prompt me that I have incorrect user or password however it will keep asking me for login info.

  • Brian Pace

    Thanks, worked great. This, indeed, was the problem.

  • HB

    very helpful tip
    i was looking this….

  • http://www.animepalm.com/ Anime

    Ah, awesome. I tried doing it without running as Administrator, but it kept giving errors. Who’d have known the fix was so simple? lol

  • Matt

    should there be something in the command window already?
    I dont want to add something and screw up vista any more than it already is.
    I have no idea when it comes to working with dos,dag,dog,or whatever other abbreviations there are.

  • http://systems.takizo.com takizo

    You can type another command “registerdns” after flush, it will do query to the DNS server again.

    • Radutwitter

      I have a lot of weird websites that I see when doing : ipconfig/displaydns. Sites that currently are redirecting some of my requests to them. What a hell should I do to erase those ?

  • Alice

    I have a 2008 Dell Inspiron running windows vista and i tried SOOOO many things to make it work and this ended up being the deal breaker. Thanks for the info!

  • http://davidmiretti.com Dmiretti

    Thanks for the tip! Worked like a charm. Didn’t realize that quirk about Vista..just another reason why Vista is like a lump of coal in the proverbial stocking.

  • Falken751

    worked perfectly.

  • Shanenagg

    thanks this worked 4 me

  • http://www.seohocasi.com Seo

    thanks. but does not work

  • BrandonL

    Hello. I have completed the flushdns and went back to displaydns and it shows all the cache that was there originally. I tried doing it twice in a row and it still comes up. I also did a restart of the cache: net stop dnscache, net start dnscache. What are my next options? Thanks!!!

  • Kdouat

    That’s what I just did. Now, I am waiting…. Thanks for the validation!

  • Dave

    I try to do this but can’t. When I click Acessories to expand it, the start menu I have open closes before I try to click anything in the accessories. Also every 2 seconds the screen is sort of refreshing or changing focus to another program or something because the title bar is flashing in and out of focus.

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    thanks for share.very nice post

  • http://www.maydin.com.tr araç takip

    hi try ipconfig /flushdns press enter then put in (net stop dnscache) wait for that to stop then put in (net start dnscache) press enter see if that works for you

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    thanks for this useful information I was looking for it

  • brian

    I have a reseller hosting site, to login to the cpanel I was always promted with: – SSL encryption is required for access to this server, I could login using this. But now when I trying to login using this I got connection to this server was interupted, now I just get can not connect. I have the flushdns and several of the remidies on this page but unable to resolve. Any suggestions would be mutch apprechated.


  • John Lectroman

    I tried over and over again to flush my dns cache. Nothing suggestede here works on my Vista PC….HP. The dialogs always say it was successful but when I display it shows the same entries as before. I stopped the service and restarted but to no avail…nada. There has to be a way to get rid of these websites. My 16 YO nephew was here for a week and went to several porn sites…I want them off my PC. Someone must have a viable solution. HELP

  • Moulinex Fresh

    thanks. but does not work

  • http://www.kolayesyam.com Moulinex Fresh

    I have a reseller hosting site, to login to the cpanel I was always promted with: – SSL encryption is required for access to this server, I could login using this. But now when I trying to login using this I got connection to this server was interupted, now I just get can not connect.

  • Muhammad

    slow internet on my sony vio was resolved in seconds. many thanks.

  • http://www.systemsit.co.uk Ian Brownlee

    well done defineately worked for me wuldnt have thought netbios over tcp/ip would have been the issue but there you go

  • xxxwatch

    thank you for the help. Did not know about this. It did the trick though.

  • walaa

    thanks alot…

  • steve f

    Thanks a lot HV I’ve been experiencing all sorts of crap this week with DNS issues; I don’t know if this has fixed it indefinitely, but it’s definately made a difference so far – nice one

  • http://www.auto-oil-change.com John

    Doesn’t work on my computer with windows 7

  • John

    doesn’t work

  • Hary

    Thanks! I’ve been looking for this info. I am using OS Vista.

  • Kastamonu


  • Som

    If a user wants to flush DNS cache and if the user uses Internet via LAN connection ,the best way to do so is changing the DNS address manually . He just needs to alter the DNS entry .Setting alternative DNS address as primary address will solve the issue instantly. This trick worked for me . I faced the same problem . I am aLinux user .so , I installed NSCD client and tried to flush the cache . But , it could not solve my issue .i solved it myself just changing the DNS entry . It worked for me instantly .I kept the new entry for two days without any problem and later reinstated the older entry

  • webmaster

    thank you …

  • bank

    thanks for the article. But this cmd command didn’t worked for me.
    I am still unable to see the changed DNS site.

  • ionebacero

    thank’s, I followed those instructions but I still have the problem !

  • Tammy

    Pippin’s advice from June 2012 helped my slow running BRAND NEW Toshiba. It runs fast everywhere but at my parents house, have tried everything, that’s the only thing that worked. Still not perfect but definitely faster,

  • Missy

    Thank you from me as well !!

  • antalyamtv

    I like very much a command for

  • Draga

    I would just like to sincerely thank the author of this how-to piece. I was becoming extremely frustrated with trying to clear my Vista’s dns cache by using other instructionals on various different websites…..not a good way to start off a day to say the least lol. Then I arrived here and my problem was resolved very quickly and very efficiently.

    One of the snags I kept running into, and could not get past, is receiving the message that said “Requested operation requires elevation”. I didn’t understand this because I *thought* I was already “running as admin”, *but misunderstood* :).

    The sites that I had visited before this one did not cover this at all…..there was no mention of this particular error message and apparently they also left out a couple or so vital, and I do mean vital, steps, or at least it seems to me that way. It wasn’t until I followed the directions exactly as given above, including right-clicking on the Command Prompt and selecting “Run As Administrator”, that I finally received the following message- “Windows IP Configuration Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache”, instead of the ever-loving bang-head-on-desk “Requested operation requires elevation” one :). I definitely recommend! Thank you again to the author; your work and your help is much appreciated and will be shared with friends and family :). ~God bless!~

  • Tun Mohd Hilmi

    TQ greaaat !

  • Hasan

    Magic, thanks I have tried many times to clear my cache but your magic helped me sort that.

  • V Tweet US

    Thanks for your guidance I have Flush DNS Cache of my Windows 7 and I feel a little change in performance.

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    thank you very much

  • iconstoc

    after use this DNS Cache Flush I can access my website again, thanks

  • deva

    Type Cmd in the Start Search text box.

    Press Ctrl-Shift-Enter keyboard shortcut to run a Command Prompt as an Administrator. Allow elevation.

    Type netsh winsock reset in the Command Prompt , and then press the Enter key.

    Do the same process for refreshing the TCP/IP just replace the typed command with.

    netsh interface ipv4 reset press Enter

    netsh interface ipv6 reset press Enter

    ipconfig /flushdns press Enter

  • Avto

    Thanks for this. Works amazing

  • porselen diş fiyatları

    Thanks for the helpful tip 🙂 I wasn’t sure if was the same as XP or not but it looks like it is

  • Ali Mese

    Exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks.

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    very well thank you

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    thanks it works well

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    very handy especially with software with crack.

  • Brian Clancy

    You MAY be missing something. Throw the whole kitchen sink at it:

    How to Flush DNS Cache

    Click on Windows START button>key CMD in the Search Dialog Box > then right click on the CMD.EXE icon that appears and right click…
    select Run as Administrator
    and press Enter. (This will open a command prompt. You may have to give permission for this to run. Say OK.)
    At the command prompt,
    Type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter.
    Type ipconfig /registerdns and press Enter.
    Type ipconfig /release and press Enter.
    Type ipconfig /renew and press Enter.
    Type netsh winsock reset and press Enter.
    Reboot the computer.