MySpace Hack: View Pictures and Comments on a Private Profile

This code (hack) will allow a user to view pictures and comments on a private profile.

This hack no longer works. This hole has been fixed by myspace.

These hacks will allow you to view pictures and comments on a private MySpace profile.

First, you must find the ID for the myspace profile. In the hacks below, include it where you see the following… insertID

To view pictures in a private profile:

To view comments in a private profile:

Mad props goes out to xxrachelnicolexx at the The Grown Up Geek for finding these hacks.

The Conversation

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  • Just a girl with a dream

    can we get a new hack for the prive pics pleasE?

  • Ghost

    that doesn’t work… I have been to different sites and tells me to use the same code and it doesn’t work at all. It makes me go to my own and I have went to my friends page to get his friend id and still doesn’t work…

  • davak

    The hack no longer works. Sorry, Guys.

  • s

    You can’t.

  • katie
    • s

      There used to be some tricks, they got fixed.
      That’s it, end of story.
      I don’t think that viewing photos on a private profile will be possible anymore.


      • Anonymous

        You know rhat that statement is never true in the world of hacks. There is always a way to counter the other no matter what! We just need to look in the right places and be patient, as I hope it wouldn;t be that easy to just pop on into mine or your account just to validate a hunch. It is a weird line to put moral emphasis on, as far as right or wrong goes, so i will not judge anyone for their own choice to snoop. So on a lighter note, does anyone know how to view people who are logged into Myspace but have their chat status as hiding so nobody would know they were there. I get frustrated a little when people don’t respond even with just a “hello” would be nice. I just want to know for sure they are there when I am on a hunch that they are just ignoring rather than being straight forward. Thanks a bunch!

  • david raiford


  • Cj

    to view hidden comments just go to where it says view … at the top and type in what u want to see i.e comments

  • brit

    these arnt working

  • heather

    that view pictures code doesnt work unless im doing it wrong

  • Anonymous

    show me how to view hidden pics

  • Anonymous

    hey where can i find friend id

    • hjk

      there the bunch of numbers in the url box

      • Anonymous

        not unless they have a URL set to their profile, if they do right click the display pic click “Copy link location” paste into Notepad and at the end of the link theres some numbers, thats the friend id

  • i[M]


    if you use mozilla firefox..
    Go to your friends profile that block comment..
    click alt+V
    go to page style and set into “NO STYLE”
    it will show all the comment..
    warning that people must be your friends or else it will NOT WORK! !!

    If you use internet explore then help yourself..
    i dont got time hanging with idiotisme people..

  • DahWillsta

    Works With Google Chrome

    (Comments only as far as i know, tried with pictures but got an invalid link)

    • DahWillsta

      Never Mind My Bad


  • xalaiagorex

    its fckn obvious how to view private comments.

    using firefox:
    view//page style//no style
    you can see hidden comments and friends.

    or if you have internet explorer:
    go to the URL bar and where it says, “viewProfle” replace “Profile”
    with the words “Friends” or “comments”


  • uk

    copy this into the url bar :

    then paste someones myspce id (at the end of the adress bar when you press one a profile)

    • fucker

      this doesnt work jerk

  • kcs

    Sure sounds like a scam to me. Hey folks, private means private. Why can’t you accept that. Sounds like many of you have trust issues. You need peace in your lives. Stop trying to snoop. Do what’s right.

    • Jewel

      U know sometimes its not trust issues. And sometimes people arent trying to snoop. Like me my account was phished and was private so all im tryin to do is get my pictures. Is that so wrong?

    • Anonumous

      If someone hasn’t logged on in a long time and you THINK you know them from their profile picture, but you’re not sure, and their profile is private, tell me what you’d do.

  • sarah

    freaking gorgeous ;]

  • Erika

    this code does not work at all and all it does is nothing…… so where do u even put da code anywayz????? omg

  • Courtney.

    How can you get a persons friend ID if that persons profile is set to private?!

    • Anonymous

      code doesnt work anymore, and right click the display pic click “Copy link location” paste into Notepad and at the end of the link theres some numbers, thats the friend id

  • df

    the second code will let u see UR comments, and the first one doesnt work

  • jan

    how do you view private myspace blogs????

  • kris

    i tried this but it says the url is unavailable

  • Stop stalking me

    You people need to stop.. the code no longer works it has been reported to myspace custom care.. you people are nosy and need to get a new hobby seriouly!!!

    it’s private for a reason try adding them.

    it’s private so you dont stalk them=(

  • Cumerdis Looney

    I have tried to delete my space . unsucessful many efforts .

  • paul

    i caught my girl talking to another man on myspace how do i get in here private profile to see if she is still sending him stuff please help

  • Anon5

    I have tried the Private Photos URL and get a File Not Found, but thats not a 404. The URL structuremay have changed but this is still part of the database, its just been MOVED…

    File Not Found
    Request /user/viewPicture.cfm

    BlueDragon Time @ Server: 07:20:35.369 Saturday, 7 February 2009

    Basically, find the new URL structure, find the pics, right?

  • brandi

    these dont seem to work, a new page comes up as “page not found”

  • j…

    well im pregnant and suspect my boyfriend is cheating…can i get code to view his myspace inbox…??

  • Hailley

    the picture one doesn’t work

    • 0PaQue

      None of these will work. Quit trying & asking. Get over it!

  • jd


  • adrian

    i just wnat to get a code for private comments!!!!

  • it didnt work

  • Riaan

    please help me with this. i am trying to view private profiles comments but this code brings me back to my own

  • jen

    doesnt work

  • christine aponte

    hey best buddy dis is me sum how hacking ur myspace lol dnt worry idk ur passowrd but dis gurl is da best eva!!!! she is mad kool 2 b wit nd we alwayz hav mad fun wen were 2getha i hope we’ll alwayz b tight luv ya bestie!!!!!!!!

  • hanner

    this shiz dont work!

  • Nova

    What if your not friends with the person. WEll my dad he deleted me and i want to see his latest updat with his new girlfriend and stuff :C

    • Nikki

      Please give me a cheat so I can see a private profile I want to check out something

  • sda

    dead now

  • crazywhitechic

    you really have the codes..i need to get into a account that this bitch is stealing pictures of my kids and posting them on her page..i would like to see if she has them on there..

  • Annonymus

    I need help.
    I wil hack a myspace friendlist and dot’t find the right code-
    thanks vpr help.

  • neveen lopez

    privacy comments

  • neveen lopez

    good day!!

  • anthone

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  • melissa

    You people need to get a life!!!!! Sounds like alot of people have real jealousy issues..just because you suspect someone of ‘cheating’ does’nt mean you have a right to their private property.You’re the worse kind of stalkers ever!! Pathetic!!Private means private ,get a clue.

    Just because someone has their profile to ‘private’,does’nt mean they’re special,just means they don’t want people snooping at their shit. It’s a sign you should move on and get your own life instead of spying on other people.

    • nobody

      the word ‘private’ doesnt exist in hackers dictionary except white hat hackers.. keep in ur mind that internet is not perfectly safe to keep ur private things..

  • guest

    wat is frind ID ?

  • anonymouse

    it dosent work

  • LaCarinosa

    these codes never seem to work! Does anyone now a way that REALLY works??? Please let me know!

  • anonymous

    omg !
    not working

  • sEXY

    How can i hack this space profile *~+siMpLy mE – siMpLy uNiqUe+~*

    • Sexybitch

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  • Ashley

    Didn’t work at all.

  • DUBT!

    HAHAHAH COMPUTER DESIGN??? WTF IS COMPUTER DESIGN! YOU DESIGN COMPUTERS?! how would that get you into MySpace….. Not even web designers can get into myspace(i am one)…. Dumbass, dont listen to this douche its a scam.


  • Anonymous

    take the code given, go to the profile right click the profile pic click copy link location, than paste it to Notepad and the friend id is at the end of link, take the friend id and put it where it says “InsertID” in the code and there you go, wont be much help unless you have the person added though because Myspace fixed that little bypass

  • oshieana


  • a

    codes did not work at all

  • Tanner Farttter

    you could just send them a friend request? :D

  • Anonymous

    how do you view a private myspace profile?

  • Anonymous

    This doesn’t work!

  • Anonymous

    this does not work!
    i tried it and it said file not found.. so
    if there are any other ways to view the profile and all that other stuff then please.
    put them codes on here(:

  • Anonymous

    hey poeple sorry private

  • BLAH

    They don’t work anymore. Try to get some new one why won’t you? If you put them on the web myspace’ll see ‘em and fixx e’m!!

  • Anonymous

    how was i hack my my myspace back from the person who hacked my profile

    • Kalepa Kani Kalei

      i mean how do i hack my my myspace back from the person who hacked my profile

  • margie majors

    hey i lke yall comments!!!

  • Anonymous

    please show me how I see a private photos on myspace thankyou

  • jariel coney

    I will thank you if you will delete my myspace page.

  • Anonymous

    thts great trick thts works but u shoould know how to make it work.

  • bill

    i want private codes for myspace

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    MySpace Hack: View Pictures and Comments on a Private Profile
    I was looking for 2 days
    How To View Private MySpace Profiles .
    and I FOUND IT!
    Check This Out!!

    • Anonymous

      how do u use this myspaceFBI!?????…
      i did download it.. but i just dont know how to use it…
      can u help me?? tnx!

      • Pchelp

        Just delete system 32, that should have the program running smoothly in no time.

  • Name

    hey do u know the code to view hidden pictures on myspace?

  • Anonymous

    Cool tip, but I’m trying to get View Private Myspace Profiles to work because I want to hack into facebook and friendster private photos as well. HELP!

  • Anonymous

    ja ja

  • Anonymous

    This didn’t work for me. PLEASE HELP me, ASAP. I really need help. My e-mail is and I usually go on once a week. Please e-mail me how to hack or view private pictures/profiles/comments & what not. I’d VERY MUCH appreciate it. & if there’s a way of doing it without downloading any software.. e-mail me how. I REALLY would appreciate.

    kthankss forr reading… hopefully you’ll respond back at this comment or e-mail me

    • Enzo

      yes i don’t think that it will be possible soon…but there are still many other ways to hack a Myspace…you have to hack the e-mail adress and the passwort…there are lot of programs which this allow to you…I searching for a way to see private images on profile since 4 days now…and what I found out is that you have to pay a Pro-hacker who s find the codes for you…programs which made for are “Hacks 4 sale” but a little bit price 90 € , …its to much to myself just to get one only Myspace account…PLZ help thank you…

  • Anonymous

    Dude ALL you have to do is type ur url in ur inbox.
    type the intergation and then ur friend id and press enter..
    and wahhh laahhhhhhh! u got ur self there password and email for free!
    EASY sstuff man!!
    go to this website————>!!

    haha there is no way you hack myspace
    there is a special block on it where none of that is prone..
    you can try all these stupid website.. and take surveys and stuff..

  • Anonymous

    wow stupid

  • Anonymous

    None of this is working O.O i tried it on mine just to see and it kept saying file not find??

  • kiki

    its nothing
    i hve use it
    its nothing

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    it didnt work

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this is stupid ok wen u do all that were do u paste at

  • Anonymous

    i want to know the code for the myspace viewing of the photos beacause they have taken it off some of the profiles

  • chelsea

    i can not get my myspace id can you help me find it ?

  • chelsea

    how do i get my myspace id

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  • Zzby123

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  • Gettogirl12354

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  • Dontmatter

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  • ajackie

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  • guest

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  • PH

    were is the id code

  • help!!

    my pg is at 2.0 but you cant see my profile pictures there what codes are there??

  • Asdasdas

    not working

  • Rip_michealjackson09

    my myspace wont let me login and its pissing me off

  • Rwerds

    not working ……………………………………………………….

  • Ryzombie619

    Hey, any new codes to view private photos on myspace send to, PLEASE!!! thanks


    this does not work

  • Excuse Mee

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