XP: How to Change the Default Application Used to Open a Certain File Type

If you double-click a file and it opens in the wrong program, here is how to change what program opens up that file type.

1. Right-click on the file type you want changed.
2. Select Open With.
3. Select Choose Program.
4. Select the program you wish to use to open that file type.

If the program is not listed, click the browse button, and browse to the program that you want to use.

5. Click the Always use the selected program to open this type of file checkbox.
6. Click OK.

The Conversation

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  • Arto

    Point 2 does not work. There is only the Open.

  • Fwrndl

    But where do you “Right-click on the file type you want changed”–in what window? in what column or on what icon? How does one get to where the right-click is done?

    • Kittybuns2010

      View the File you want to open in explorer window. Right click and open with….program. Also check the box “always open with”, then click ok.

  • Semleander

    but with wich progam?