How to Access Meebo behind a School or Goverment Firewall

Posted August 21, 2006 by bulletcatcher221 in Instant messaging

Tired of not being able to talk to freinds at school or work?
Meebo lets you connect to most of the important chat networks
but it is often blocked by the network firewall. Here are a few tips.

First of all if you have never tried using it before, very few corporations know about Meebo right now due to the fact that it is a new up and coming corporation focused on instant messaging. So try going to first just to see if the firewall blocks it

If it doesn’t block it, then use it to your hearts content but expect it to be blocked soon.

Now if it has been blocked there are two regular options from here:

One is using a proxy based website that redirects you through the firewall to allow you to view blocked sites. Examples…

If you cant find a good proxy website that works properly, next comes the easiest and most hilarious solution.

and add an S to the http part resulting in this…

By changing the http to https, many firewalls will consider it a secure connection and allow it to pass through.

Editors Note:

Another option that I would try is described here on the meebo blog as well. The software there allows you to setup a personal proxy from your home computer. By going from the school to your personal computer, the firewall will never know to block it.

Setting up a personal proxy like that, however, can be difficult. If nothing else works though, this method is almost unblockable.

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