Select Nonconsecutive Items in Word

Posted October 6, 2003 by winslow in Microsoft Word

Any version of Word will allow the user to select nonconsecutive items and words.

We all select, copy, and paste. Repeatedly.

This little trick will likely save you a lot of time. Now, with the latest versions of Word, users can select text and items that are not connected or even near to each other.

1. Select a word or passage of text.
2. Hold CTRL on a Windows machine or on a Mac system
3. Select a distant word or text
4. Repeat until all text is selected
5. Copy, manipulate, or whatever.

For example, you could select the title and then skip down and select the 4th paragraph. Pressing copy here will put only the title and the paragraph into your clipboard.

This has been tested in Word 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011 versions.

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