How to Open and View NFO Files in XP and Vista

Posted August 17, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Windows

Many users who download program files on the internet find it difficult to open or view NFO files. These are just text files and using them is very easy.

NFO files are really “info” files. These text files frequently contain information regarding the installation or use of downloaded packages. Here is how to open and use these files.

If you click on an NFO file without following these directions, you will probably get this error:

System Information
System Information cannot open this NFO file. It might be corrupted or an unrecognized version.

You can download many programs to view these text files; however, why not just use Notepad to view them?

1. Browse to the NFO file on your computer.

2. Right-click on the file, and click Open With.

(If you are given several options in the menu here, select Choose Program…)

3. Select Notepad under Other Programs.

(In Vista, you might need to actually click the Other Programs drop down arrow on the right of the Open With window.)

4. Make sure that Always use the selected program to open this kind of file is checked.

5. Click OK.

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  • Krishna Kumar

    Nice info(nfo)…lolz

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        your a loser cause you say to folks that need help then GAL (Get A Life)

    • Decryptor

      I’m going to reply to this one to get it at the top. when all you see is garbled stuff, then maximize your notepad. People use these .nfo files to hide giant pictures made of junk letters.don’t look at it as pictures, maximize the notepad and disable wordwrap.

  • Celeste

    Very helpful – been confused for months.


  • Kirk

    I can open the note pad but what do I do from here? There is no information only symbols etc??

    • Bridgitte

      those symbols are just what people put in the nfos actually, to start it off. If you read further there will be info. They try to be interesting or creative that way but thats most of them. SOME of them keep the info clear.

  • Rod

    In Vista, I don’t have any problem opening NFO files that accompany downloads however, all they ever contain is my own PC system information.

    • Andrew

      Thats not what is in the nfo tho, thats what comes up when it doesn’t open peroperly. open it with notepad like it describes above and you’ll find that something totally different opens! 😉

      • wheelie

        notepad doesn’t know how to display that type of information, that is why you get the funky symbols.

      • Raa714

        So how do you do it, because like you ,I have no files that are just .nfo at present in computer and quite a few titled info but when right click give me all kinds of files and adobe different files which I thought maybe read or something but what am I really to do. and which file to click on. thanks

  • popaye

    Many many thanx …i just came to know it from u …..
    previously i thought it might be really a corrupt file ….
    it really open with notepad or wordpad…
    one more question … why windows by default dont open that nfo file by notepad …
    didn’t he recognise that …

  • thnx Im already using this!!

  • Rudy

    Ths didn’t work .How else?

  • Graham L Farrell

    Bollox… It just pops up “Access Denied.

  • Gogu Ologu

    if you have total commander installed then click on .nfo file to select it then press F3 or click the button F3 View. The file will open in a window. In that window press the key S to switch from ansi to ascii. Click the key A to switch back to ansi.

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    Lol i donwloaded a movie but it has totaly no sound … my pc gives that error thing
    but could it countain sound ???

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    Thank you for the advise, works as you said.

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    wow, its that simple :S
    thanks alot

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    for my NFO file WordPad worked instead of NotePad, by the way thank a lot for usefull post

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    sorry.. but this WONT work on ANY Computer.
    just download and instal :


    Good Luck!


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  • Toni

    I’ve always copy/paste the file and rename the new one to *.txt and then it opens

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    very thank you!!

  • dc

    I don’t understand why people don’t just export it as a .txt file if that is all you can get when opening in notepad? It’s much more coherent when you do so.

    Why can’t you open it in the System Info Dialogue? What’s the purpose of having the “open” option?

  • ghee

    thanx, works just fine

  • ghee

    thanx,,,works good

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  • UFV Student

    thanks. the idea worked but I had to first go to notepad and then open the .nfo file from the “open” browser because notepad wasn’t on the list of other programs

  • Bunghole

    If you use Windows 7, you have to go through the Control Panel, and find Default Programs, and then click “Associate a file type or protocol with a program” .

    Then go down the HUGE list of file types, ’till you find: .nfo (& follow the above instructions)


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    Thanks a lot! Works perfectly!

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    It was helpful, friend. Sometimes internet needs of this basic info, in a simpke language, just like in this post. I know hot to do a lot of things in computer, but don’t had used NFO files before.

    See you!

  • Bishno

    Thank you very much, great explanation and it’s so easy.

  • Anonymous

    Well its nice but there is another way to open a nfo file.
    Simply… rename the file as “.txt” instead of “.nfo” by right clicking on d file & now open it… here u go…its that easy…..

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    I followed your instructions…this is what notepad presented ܲܰ Ü Ü
    ßÛÛܲ²ß ²ÛÛÛ²ÛÜ ßÛÛ²²ÜÜ
    ÛÜ° ²ÜÛÛÛܲ þÜ ±ÛÛÛÛÝ ²ÛÛÛÛ °
    and then some 🙁

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    What if it says the file is too large and I need to use another text editor? Any you’d suggest?

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      didnt work. got a bunch of letters

  • A handy use for the now seldom used .nfo file extension is to save your user|pass lists for sites etc… as a BlackBook.nfo to a SDcard that you don’t leave on your laptop. Just pop the SDcard in and use your handy dandy text editor to open ‘er up and access your passes once you’re done pop the SDcard back out and store it away from your laptop until needed again. For heavier security, encrypt your SDcard with Trucrypt volume(s).
    Since .nfo’s appear “invisible” on most sytems its a nifty way to hide your .txt files and affords a small measure of privacy you can always use your text editor to view it as Open/All files (*.*)

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    Great advice thank you don’t have to install .nfo viewers like damn nfo viewer

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    i does not work in vista, jus a bunch of letters

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    yah i open it with notepad and all it says is cd keys and “enjoy” at the bottom. can someone help?

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    Yes, but somtimes the format of the .nfo wont go with notepad. Is there any good software to open it the way it should be showed?

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    Cheers for that. Any idea why i’d need this info if file already extracted? I have had some with info explaining contents of files and i’ve had some that are just line after line of nmbrs ltrs and symbl, i keep wondering what am i missing, other than a brain

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    When I click ‘Open With’ it says “Windows cannot access the specified device etc etc” What do I do?