Create a Mirrored Volume in Win2k Server

Posted August 15, 2006 by mikejc in Windows

The following tutorial explains disk mirroring on Win2k in just a few simple steps.

You must have two hard drives with the same spec or even just a separate HDD, but they must have the same sized partition and be installed on an existing Win2k server.
1. First, right-click My Computer, and select Manage.

2. Select Disk Management.

3. Right-click on an area of unallocated space on one of the drives that will be a part of the mirrored volume set, and select Create Volume.

4. When the Create Volume wizard starts, click the Next button.

5. In the Select Volume Type dialog box, select the Mirrored Volume radio button.

6. In the Select Disk dialog box, select the second dynamic disk to be part of the mirrored volume set, and click the Add button.

7. In the Assign Drive Letter or Path dialog box, accept the default.

Then, check in the Disk Management utility for the result.

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