How to Get Your Blog into Google in less than 72 Hours

Posted August 12, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Internet

Getting into Google is the most important step a blogger can take. Luckily, Google gives users a fastlane to getting indexed quickly. This step-by-step tutorial explains how to get your blog spidered as soon as possible.

Getting a blog into google frustrates many new bloggers. Just submitting the URL of your blog to google may not yield quick results.

The key is to use google sitemaps to give google the exact information needed to index your site.

1. First, create and log into your google sitemap account. If you already have a google account, even better. You do not need a separate sitemap account for every site you have.

2. Add the full URL to your site in the Add Site textbox.

3. Next you need to verify your site. You can verify it either by uploading a certain file to the root of your site or by inserting a particular metatag into your blog. If you are able to upload directly to the root directory of your site, this is the easist method. Putting a metatag into your blogs is typically not very hard but will obviously vary based on your blogging software. For example, here are the directions for putting metatags into WordPress.

4. Next, you need to point google to your sitemap. The most simple method of doing this is just to use your RSS feed for your sitemap. DagonDesign has a nice sitemap generator plugin for wordpress. Arne has released a nice one as well.

The advantage of a true sitemap versus a RSS feed is that a true sitemap will contain all your pages while a RSS feed will only contain the pages in your feed. For older non-indexed sites, sitemaps are preferred. For new or already well-indexed sites, RSS feeds are fine.

5. Once spidered, you will also benefit from all the extra stats and SEO information that google sitemap uses as a reward for using their service.


Google’s adsense spider now adds (ads?) information to the main index as well. Therefore, if you already have an adsense account, placing an adsense box on it will also increase your chances of getting spidered. I have had amazingly quick results by placing an adsense for search on my new sites.

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