XP: How to Burn Files and Folders to a CD

Posted August 4, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Windows

Pictures, songs, and documents are just some of the files that our computers contain that we frequently need to burn to a CD. Users can burn files or even whole folders to XP very easily without additional software. Here is how to do it.

Use the following steps to copy some image files from your computer onto a CD:

1. Insert a blank CD–R (CD-RW) into your CD burner.
2. A dialog box will appear. Select Open writable CD folder using Windows Explorer, and then click OK.

3. An explorer window representing your blank CD-R will open.
4. Next, click Start.
5. Click My Computer.
6. Browse to the drive, and select the folders or files that you want to copy.
7. Drag those files and folders over to the blank CD-R explorer window.
8. When you are done, click the Write these files to CD in the left pane of the CD-R explorer window.

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