Convert Mac OSX DMG CD or DVD Image to ISO Format to Burn on Windows

Posted August 1, 2006 by macster in Apple Mac

If you download a DMG file and need to write it to a CD or DVD but you do not have the necessary drive on your Mac, you can convert it to the Windows-friendly ISO format using the hdiutil command.

The hdiutil command is only available in Mac OSX, so these steps must be performed on the Mac side, not on a Windows host.

Open a terminal window (Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal). Given the disk image image.dmg in the current directory, it can be converted with the following:

hdiutil convert image.dmg -format UDTO -o image.iso

This will actually create a file called image.iso.cdr in the current directory (even though we asked for the output to be image.iso). This file can be safely renamed to image.iso, copied to a Windows server, and burned with your CD/DVD burner of choice.

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