Flickr: Mass Remove Tags from Photos

Posted July 31, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Internet

Here is a hack you can use to delete a specific tag from all of your photos that contain the tag. It is easy once you know how.

If you use a tag frequently on Flickr and then decide you do not like it anymore, what can you do? Using the method described below, you can remove the unwanted tag from all your photos at once.

1. Log into Flickr.

2. Type in this link into the address bar of your browser:

(Of course, change tagtodelete to the actual tag that you want to remove from your pictures.)

You will get the following confirmation screen:

Delete this tag?

(0 of your photos use this tag. Deleting it here will remove it from all of them.)

3. Confirm to delete the tag.

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  • Arvind

    excellent article worked like a charm for me !

  • Anonymous

    I’m getting a Filckr tag on images on my computer – specifically a logo used in Yahoo mail. How can I get that removed? It shrank my logo so that it is now unreadable.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks Alot

    Visit My FLICKR

  • Norman Fellows

    This is a very useful tip! It also enables one to edit or delete as indicated on the website URL I have posted above.

  • Norman Fellows

    Alternatively, you can go to a list of all of your tags at and edit or delete tags.