Cisco 2950 Switch: Create a VLAN

Posted July 28, 2006 by CISSP06 in Cisco switch

The commands for creating a VLAN vary from one switch model to another. VLANs in a 2950 switch are configured in a manner similar to configuring an interface. This configuration is substantially different than a 2900 switch.

To create two VLANs on a 2950 switch, one with ID 5 and the name “engineering” and the other with ID 8 and the name “mydesk,” use these commands:

2950# config t
2950(config)# vlan 5
2950(config-vlan)# name engineering
2950(config-vlan)# exit
2950(config)# vlan 8
2950(config-vlan)# name mydesk

In the 2950, the “vlan database” command is being phased out. It will still work, but a warning will be given. The commands above are the preferred way to configure VLANs now and in the future (until Cisco changes it again).

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