Cisco 2900 Switch: Create a VLAN

A VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) makes a single physical switch behave like several separate switches. A host connected to one VLAN cannot communicate through the switch to a host connected to another (although a router can permit communication between VLANs, if desired). Here is how to configure a new VLAN on a 2900 switch.

To create a VLAN number 5 called “engineering,” use these commands:

# vlan database
(vlan)# vlan 5 name engineering
(vlan)# exit

The “vlan database” command is necessary to enter VLAN configuration mode (analogous to entering an interface configuration mode when configuring a router or switch interface). Note that the switch’s prompt changes after this command.

Once in the VLAN configuration mode, more than one VLAN may be created using multiple “vlan id# name vlan-name” commands, one per line. The exit command leaves the VLAN configuration mode.

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