Duplicate Tab in Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)

Posted July 23, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Browsers

Duplicating tabs in both of these browsers is accomplished the same way. Here’s the shortcut to do it.

As much as they are different, these two tabbed-browsers do a lot of things the same. The most useful thing in common is the shortcut to duplicate a tab. Here’s how…

1. Open either firefox or IE7
2. Click in the address bar
3. Press ALT-ENTER
4. Your current tab will be duplicated.

Yes, this works in both tabbed browsers.

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  • Martin

    Thank you! 😀

  • This was very useful, thanks for posting!

  • Thank you!!!! I spent hours on my own! I should look first! We all make mistakes…

  • Kaervas

    ctrl+d instead of clicking in the address bar, works with ie7 and ff

    • Anonymous

      ctrl + k works in ie9 but ctrl + d instead opens a favorite dialog box in both browsers.

  • A

    ooh! thanks a tonne!

  • Some Guy

    I will say thank you, because I never knew how to do this and this helps a lot. But I wish there was a way to duplicate the tab AND keep the history for that tab. I remember a long time ago in the IE 6 times, you could open a new window with the same URL and history as your current one.

  • Doug Hansen

    Does not duplicate the history, tho. Just the current page.

    Ctrl+N duplicates history and everything but in new browser iteration.

    Would love to see that in a duplicate tab.

  • csaba

    I love you

  • Anonymous

    Works indeed, but history is not duplicated. For that, press ctrl-key while dragging tab accross; works for FF only.

  • Asweek

    Instead of step 2. (Click in the address bar) you can do Ctrl+L

  • admin

    Thank you! It may be an old posting but still very helpful.

  • Tom

    There’s ANOTHER way to DUPLICATE TABS:

    While holding down the control key (Windows), click and drag the desired [TAB] over into the blank space next to it.


  • IE9 have a new “duplicate tab” functionality that keeps the back history as well! Right click any tab and click duplicate tab!

  • joseph

    Thanks for this post. i will try that.