Windows Media Player (WMP) 11: Customize the Window Color

You can easily adjust WMP 11’s look to your tastes. Here is how you can customize the appearance of the player.

Changing the color of WMP 11 is a simple. Follow the steps below.

    1. Open Windows Media Player.
    2. Right-click the Now Playing tab.
    3. Click Show Enhancements.
    4. The enhancements section will appear at the bottom of the player. Click on the right or left arrow until the color chooser is on the screen.
    5. Drag the hue and saturation bars to adjust the color. You can also pick a preset, or reset it back to the default.

The Conversation

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  • charles

    This is a really great trick, thanks for this. I didn’t even know that you could do this until I converted to wmp 11 and it carried the settings through. 🙂