Use Windows Explorer to Make Notes on Files

Posted July 20, 2006 by butercup in Windows

Be a power user of Windows Explorer with comments on files.

I have numerous files that people have sent me which all have similar names such as abcd004.rar, abcd005.rar, defg004.rar. While they are all related, I need to classify them at a more precise level than just folder level. Otherwise, I will find myself searching through countless folders when all I really want to do is simply tag a file without changing its name, location, or other properties.

In Windows Explorer, you can customize the folder view with different detail columns. Additionally, there is actually a column called Comments. To use it, follow these steps:
– Open Windows Explorer.
– Click on View-> Details to show the detailed columns.
– Right-click on the column headers, and click on Comments in the pop-up list. This will instantly load the Comments column.

To add comments to files, use these steps:
– Right-click on the file name, and choose Properties.
– Click on the Summary tab.
– Add your comments in the big comments field, and click Ok.

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