Use Windows Explorer to Make Notes on Files

Posted July 20, 2006 by butercup in Windows

Be a power user of Windows Explorer with comments on files.

I have numerous files that people have sent me which all have similar names such as abcd004.rar, abcd005.rar, defg004.rar. While they are all related, I need to classify them at a more precise level than just folder level. Otherwise, I will find myself searching through countless folders when all I really want to do is simply tag a file without changing its name, location, or other properties.

In Windows Explorer, you can customize the folder view with different detail columns. Additionally, there is actually a column called Comments. To use it, follow these steps:
– Open Windows Explorer.
– Click on View-> Details to show the detailed columns.
– Right-click on the column headers, and click on Comments in the pop-up list. This will instantly load the Comments column.

To add comments to files, use these steps:
– Right-click on the file name, and choose Properties.
– Click on the Summary tab.
– Add your comments in the big comments field, and click Ok.

The Conversation

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  • dan

    I don’t have a SUMMARY tab when I right-click on Properties. This is the case on both my XP & Vista PCs. So apparently it’s not “that simple”.

  • Siarning

    This works for regular files. How can I do the same for a directory?
    If the solution requires Windows PowerShell, that would be welcome either.
    Thanks, Andy

  • doooodles

    What SUMMARY tab? I tried this on a few PCs and none have a SUMMARY tab under PROPERTIES.

    • Malvink1

      right click -> properties -> details -> comments

      I wish I could put comments on email in outlook in simmilar way

  • Gunslingor

    These feastures are far to slow to be of use. When I add the same comment to 100 files, go in to that folder, the 100 comments takes about 30 seconds to load. It’s not a performance issue. The issue is stupid Microsoft. The only data that the OS is designed to handle quickly is the default columns. All others like Artist, subject, comments are an affectation of MS Word file properties, applied to all file types, to hold the OS together like spit and glue.

    Or… Tell me how to speed up this comments column popullating.

  • Rock and Roll Refugee

    Andy –

    This is cool feature… but, unfortunately, it is lacking. I need to be able to add comments to the folders since each folder will contain different things. If anyone has used a good 3rd party comment/post-it tool that can do the same thing, please post.