Hacking SoundClick to Get Free Music Files

Posted July 19, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Internet

Soundclick is a popular music site on the internet that allows users to listen to many high-quality music streams. Any file you can play on the website, you can keep to play on your system for free forever. This tutorial gives directions on how to extract the free mp3s on your system.

Soundclick saves the streaming music files within your hidden Temporary Internet Files folder on your computer. The tricky part is finding them easily.

Hacking Soundclick in IE:

    1. Visit SoundClick.com in IE.
    2. Click the hi-fi links of the songs you want. You can skip to the next song once the song begins to play. When you hear it, it is downloaded onto your computer.
    3. Click Start.
    4. Click Search.
    5. In the All or Part of Filename box, type the following: .m3u
    6. In the Look in: dropdown box, click Browse.
    7. In the Browse for Folder box, paste the following after replacing username with your XP username:

    C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

    You will not be able to directly browse to this folder; therefore, you must enter it manually.

    8. Then click the Search button.
    9. The files you originally clicked as hi-fi above will appear in your search box.

    Move these files out of your temporary directory.
    10. Rename them to mp3 files, as right now they are labeled as m3u files.

Getting SoundClick Files in Firefox:

    1. Visit SoundClick.
    2. Click on the hi-fi links.
    3. In the Firefox address bar, type the following and hit Enter:
    4. Look for files ending mp3.
    5. Click on the key of the mp3 file.
    6. Click on it again on the next screen and save to disk.

You now have the unprotected mp3 files on your computer!

The Conversation

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  • pissed off

    I am one of the SoundClick artists that you are trying to rip off. I’m just trying to earn a honest dollar for my hard work. I have one thing to say to you……
    BUY IT!!!!!!! If you can’t afford it GET a JOB.

    • dellbeatz (DB2)

      > I agree with you. but if this keeps up on soundclick, add a copyright to your music, or a hook, or tag the song. Plus, the guy who brought up this idea is pathetic. @MickeyMouse, you still fail because most of the songs on soundclick are tagged, so still, there’s no point.

    • Jim

      I was wondering if I buy a song from sound click will I get the drums and guitar tabs too? ?

  • Rob

    This does work and vry well I might add, using Windows XP. The problem is, I use Windows Vista and there are no files stored in Vista that I am aware of, so this technic does not work with this version of Windiws.

    Whats the chance of you coming up with a solution in Vista? Or do you have any ideas?

  • Eric

    How could you do this on a mac.???

  • Pram

    Way to STEAL FOOD RIGHT OUT OF THE ARTISTS’ mouths, guys.

    Because everyone just assumes music is free, I’m losing my home next month. I put a lot of time and money and effort into selling my work, and unthinking jerks like you make it impossible to get any money.

    What is your message, exactly? Besides “I’m selfish and want it NOWWWW”, I mean.

    • Dmote

      I’ve been curious about doing this, and my research led me to this site. I’m glad this actually looks like it works, though I haven’t tried it. However, I have to address something that is really upsetting me. There is a huge amount of disrespect and misunderstanding going on between the producers on these sites, and the people finding a way to hack the player and steal that “beat”.

      I am a musician on soundclick, and i’ve been doing it many years. Here’s how it works from the independant writeres view, more specifically rappers (since the theft of beats has been clearly mentioned). Beats need to be purchased if you actually plan on selling your songs, say, on a cd. But, if you don’t have to legally purchase a beat to write a song to it. And if you write/record a song and make a cd; then give it out to as many people as you can, your not breaking the law.

      Stolen beats can really only harm the producers 2 ways:

      – If the artist takes credit, no one is really gonna know who’s making that sick beat.

      – If the artist sells there cd, without purchasing the beat, or even giving proper credit, the producer loses would be money.

      So, in both these situations, lets consider the cost of purchasing beats for an album containing 10 songs. Most “cheap beats” which can be leased for around $20-$40 dollars will still cost you $200-$400. Then you have to consider the cost of pressing your cd; 200 cds will push $400 dollars. Add in any charges you might encounter along the way and to put out an album, legally enough to avoid prosecution, will cost you almost a grand. Which, for someone making $400 every two weeks, is out of the question.

      The producers on soundclick.com range from incredibly talented people, who have made tons of money and charge $1000+ a custom beat, to newbies making tons of beats, charging money for them, then getting upset when people don’t buy them. They are in the same spot as the artist.

      So, with that said;

      Producers – If they’re stealing your beats and making tons of money off their music, i’m sure you’ll find out. In that case take legal action and get your money. Otherwise, why not be greatful and flattered they are using it. Even for students making web videos and what not. People just want good music and don’t have the means to get it another way. Step up your game, if you were one of those guys selling beats to industry artists, willing to pay thousands, you wouldn’t give a damn about a nobody stealing your stuff.

  • jay

    how do i changed the m3u to an mp3

  • d3ee

    Download a freeware program called audacity and the codec it says u need and u should be able to open the file with it and export it to an mp3

  • rap-for-life

    use nero wave editor to put them to mp3.. just open it on that or sumfink like that program and save as mp3 🙂

  • korven

    ty very much ;>

  • TheAppleGeek

    Here’s a good way… go to My computer and in the address bar type in your drive where windows is installed… E:Documents and SettingsYour User Name HereLocal SettingsTemporary Internet Files do this for Win XP versions… older versions should be simple as cherry pie…

    • AMER


  • ME

    found a new guranteed way to work for IE users…as a matter of fact…if u use firefox…jus use this new IE method i’ve found…open IE…go to soundclick..play whatever file it is u wish to obtain…when the player opens up…u’ll notice that as the file plays and the little diamond marker moves along the music timeline…the file is still loading up…once the file is all the way loaded (u mite have to listen to the entire song before the song is completely loaded) go to tools and select internet options in IE…under browsing history…select settings…then click view files…a window will open up…scroll until u see the file u are looking for…jus look for any files that say mp3 sound format…select the desired file…copy and paste it into the folder of your choice…and there you have it…the mp3 of the file u were just playing in your browser…its very simple and sure to work everytime….

  • Mystic

    or… instead of listening to this dumbass.. just get firefox and download greasemonkey then get the user scripts for it or u can get another addon to download straight from the site…

  • Anonymous

    for firefox users…

    1. play the song
    2. in your main window, go to tools.
    3. move your cursor down to ‘downloadhelper’
    4. the song should be at the bottom of the list.

    • Anonymous

      I tried your method Justlisteninglove but have a MAC computer. so it doesn’t work.
      how would i do it on my MAC cus no one else’s method works for me.

      • SoundClick artist

        Well, I could tell you how to to this on your Mac but I’m not going to and guess why….

        Because I am one of the SoundClick artists you are trying to steal from.
        Why are you trying to take money out of my pocket. What you are doing is no different than shoplifting at the local convenience store. Sure I’m pissed that you are trying to steal my hard work from me but I also find it quite amusing that you are willing to spend your precious time trying to steal a 99 cent MP3. Your time must be worth far less than mine!


        • Get over yourself. Sure, 99 cent is not going to break the bank, but it’s not going to do any harm if someone decides to take it for free. I’m honored when someone likes my music enough to download it. People like you are the reason the music industry is so stale these days. Music is about expression, not money. If your music is truly worth anything, there will be those who chose to pay for it.

          • Anonymous

            There’s no issue of stealing here in any case. If a streamed music file is automatically saved to the hard-drive of you PC, then it is a defacto free download – you are simply moving it from one folder to another.

          • Miffed

            Yeah, saved to your PC. Like deep enough in your PC that half of these users can’t find it, and it required a “how to” manual that only half of the people understand. If it went straight to your desktop, or some obvious “my downloads” folder, that’s one thing. But an m3u is such an obscure file type they figure most people wont know how to abuse the system. verwo your logic is tragically flawed.

  • AsianBoyZ 1226

    Doesn’t work for Vista.
    I searched the whole computer for .m3u


    This is an old method, however. Guess it’d outdated.

  • Anonymous

    yea i did eveyr ting up to step 5 but when that cums up how do u get the file

  • Anonymous

    im not really sure i got vista so i dont no if it works da same im using inter net explore too…. cud u do me a fav an hack the same file i linked in the about comment

  • rus


  • Michael

    Wow! Giving people information on how to steal music? Why not just pay for the track or download the tons of free beats online? I just really have no sympathy for someone who would rather steal music because that is what it is as opposed to paying the 20.00 for a beat! Stop being cheap and invest in your future!

    • Not a freeloader

      I’m with you Michael. Although everyone knows Soundclick is haven for beat-jackers….its fairly sad to watch them convene like this, like a bunch of pirahnas at some bloody meat. Half of them criticize us for being uptight about our money, but then sell our material, insinuating that they created it. “Anybody wanna buy this beat? i made it” I can’t wait till someone says “ok, lemme get the trackouts”

      • CB

        I am also a SC artist…although I choose to give my music away for free, I find it appalling that people want to steal and take credit for other peoples creativity and I’m talking to all you lot on here who instead of learning how to make your own music are too busy trying to work out how to plagiarise other artists….you are the lowest of the low!

  • Shostakabit

    These people are pathetic. Its no wonder they are all anonymous.

  • Sdsdsd

    I just want to download a beat that I really like, not to use it or take credit for it, just listen to it. If it was on itunes i would buy it but to pay almost 30 for a song is a bit much…

  • Me

    You guys think we are all trying to steal your music to say it’s our own? It’s because we LIKE your music and want to put it on our IPODS to LISTEN to IT! Not to bloody use it for stupid reasons. And I am sure you guys are being hypocrits as well, you are probably all cheap one way or another. Plus most of the music on the site is FREE MUSIC, we aren’t able to download it to our computer so we need a way to take it so we can listen at home or in the car. It’s no different than the people who easily download torrents for HUGE artists! I bet you all do that too, and don’t go out to BUY their CD. You’re all full of it.
    Who would be stupid enough to take your song and say it’s their own? Are you insane. It’s not hard to call someone out on that.
    You should be proud that we are going as far as to hack the songs so we can listen to them for our enjoyment. If you really loved music, you wouldn’t care about money anyways.

    • eddie

      @me, i am a producer and refuse to put my music on SC because of people like you. I partially agree with what your saying in the sense that producers and artists on SC can’t complain if they steal music as well, but i think that point is also stupid because if millions of people steal music from HUGE artists like you said, it wont matter because they’re HUGE artists and will make millions anyways bcus they’re money does not come from record sales its primarily from doing concers and shows. SC artists arent huge and dont do concerts and shows especially if your just a producer. that why we want to get paid for our music because it is a source of income for our hard work and time put into this. if you want free stuff, theres thousands of FREE downloads on the site.

  • sagar dubey

    hiiiiiiiii iam sagar who are you can you friendship me so send me friend request

  • producer

    Good luck to people who think they can make money off of my copyrighted music (:

    p.s Every good producer allows free downloads of their music for promotional use so you really don’t even need to do this.

  • aryz

    dont charge so much for a damn beat then….not like any of us is famous enough to spend that kinda money

  • anonymous

    downloads using about:cache?device=memory doesnt seem to work on pay to download songs. soundclick.com has closed the loophole

  • anonymous

    this hack does not appear to work on songs that you have to pay to download . when i listen to a song that says pay to download and the song doesn’t show up in firefox cache. when i listen to a song that i don’t have to pay to download the song shows up in firefox cache. looks like either it is dependent on your firefox version or maybe the site admins have updated something to make paid music less vulnerable.