Hacking SoundClick to Get Free Music Files

Posted July 19, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Internet

Soundclick is a popular music site on the internet that allows users to listen to many high-quality music streams. Any file you can play on the website, you can keep to play on your system for free forever. This tutorial gives directions on how to extract the free mp3s on your system.

Soundclick saves the streaming music files within your hidden Temporary Internet Files folder on your computer. The tricky part is finding them easily.

Hacking Soundclick in IE:

    1. Visit SoundClick.com in IE.
    2. Click the hi-fi links of the songs you want. You can skip to the next song once the song begins to play. When you hear it, it is downloaded onto your computer.
    3. Click Start.
    4. Click Search.
    5. In the All or Part of Filename box, type the following: .m3u
    6. In the Look in: dropdown box, click Browse.
    7. In the Browse for Folder box, paste the following after replacing username with your XP username:

    C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

    You will not be able to directly browse to this folder; therefore, you must enter it manually.

    8. Then click the Search button.
    9. The files you originally clicked as hi-fi above will appear in your search box.

    Move these files out of your temporary directory.
    10. Rename them to mp3 files, as right now they are labeled as m3u files.

Getting SoundClick Files in Firefox:

    1. Visit SoundClick.
    2. Click on the hi-fi links.
    3. In the Firefox address bar, type the following and hit Enter:
    4. Look for files ending mp3.
    5. Click on the key of the mp3 file.
    6. Click on it again on the next screen and save to disk.

You now have the unprotected mp3 files on your computer!

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