XP/Vista: View and Change the Computer Name, Domain, and Workgroup Settings

In many situations, knowing to which domain a computer belongs or knowing the computer’s workgroup settings is important. In both XP and Vista, these directions will easily display this information for you.

Knowing your computer’s domain membership is usually required so that you can access other computers and resources on the network. This frequently comes up in systems that use Active Directory domains.

1. Right-click on your My Computer icon (or just Computer in Vista).
2. Click Properties from the context menu.
3. The information will be on the window that appears.

Here is a copy of the example area in Vista:

The Conversation

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  • jake

    how do you change it

    • den

      Yeah, How?

      • nicholsquarters

        Expand the screen and you’ll see the Change box. Click that box and type in the new name for your computer. If joining an existing Workgroup, Change the Workgroup box to the name of your workgroup. You’ll need to restart afterwards. I had the same problem until I read this posting.

  • Goddo

    thanks, i couldnt remember.