Yahoo! Email: How to Close Out or Cancel an Account

Posted July 10, 2006 by Hack_Vista in Internet

Are you tired of your Yahoo! email account? This tutorial explains how to delete your account from their servers.

I recently needed to remove myself from the world of Yahoo. To delete your account is actually rather easy. However, considering many of Yahoo’s features are tied to your Yahoo account, you should delete your account only if you want to lose everything related to Yahoo.

In other words, you cannot simply close out your Yahoo! email account. By closing out your account, you lose all your Yahoo! services for that account. The following statement from Yahoo explains this:

    By terminating this account, you will lose your Yahoo! ID, Mail address, and Profile names. You will also delete your account data and settings across the Yahoo! network. This includes the contents of your HotJobs, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Address Book, Yahoo! GeoCities, Yahoo! Briefcase, My Yahoo! and more.

After clicking the link below, you will need to login and confirm your wishes. With all of that out of the way, here is the way to close your account:

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  • Melissa Living

    Help!! i just added a new yahoo account. I did not mean to delete the old one. Please advise. When i ask for Yahoo Mail; it does not give me an option; it just assumes i want the email account i just created.

  • Glorious

    I tried to add an email account and not close out my original account but it says my original account is closed. How can I retrieve my old account name. I do not want to delete that account

  • Blanc42

    how can I delete my email account, because someone as hacked in to my email account??

    • lora baggett

      some one has hacked in to my yahoo email acc and i need to close it and open a new one can you please help me with his>

  • Lindasafarian

    how do I close my e-mail yahoo account?

  • Blue dolphin

    I have changed my password as yahoo told me to do. I answered the SECRET question. They said wrong answer….I think I know the answer to that question. So I still can’t open my e-mails. I opened a new e-mail but it won’t help me get the e-mails from the above account.

  • Md.Sirajul Haque

    I want to delete my yahoo email id.