Vista Bug: The Sun Version of Java Causes IE7 to Lock Up

Posted July 10, 2006 by Hack_Vista in Microsoft Vista

In builds up to and before 5384 (beta 2), installing the official Java installation from Sun will cause IE to freeze. It will also use 100% of the CPU clock cycles. Uninstalling Java’s Sun will return IE7 to normal. The following tutorial is updated to include the latest fix.

In trying to use my favorite RSS aggregator, BlogBridge, I needed to install Sun’s Java. In two separate installations, this has caused IE7 to seize up and use 100% of the CPU clock cycles. Firefox is not affected.

Removing the Java references in IE’s internet options does not help. Uninstalling it completely through the Add/Remove option of the Programs section of the Control Panel will get your system back to normal.

Other people have reported this issue as well:

If I discover a work-around, I will post it here. Installing the old Microsoft Java Virtual Machine did not allow me to run BlogBridge so I am assuming that it is not an appropriate work-around.


This bug is fixed in Vista build 5472 and after. After upgrading Vista, just uninstall and reinstall Java.

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