Mozilla Firefox: View Installed Plugins, Cache Information, and Advanced Config

Posted July 4, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Mozilla Firefox

Using the about command in Firefox, you can view three important sources of information. If you are an avid Firefox user, then you should be familiar with the use of these commands.

Firefox uses an about command system that allows you access to numerous amounts of useful information. Here is an introduction to the three most helpful about commands.

To perform one of these commands, just type the text into the address bar, and hit ENTER as you would any URL.


    This command will list all currently installed plugins in your Firefox installation. Are you curious about which version of flash you have installed into Firefox? Are you wondering what version of Adobe Reader you are using? This command will give you your answers.


    This command will show you a synopsis of Firefox’s cache. You can also easily browse the files stored in your cache from here. This also displays your cache statistics and the directory location of the cache directory.

    You can focus on your Firefox memory cache by using the following command:

    You can view your cache stored to disk by using this command:

    This starts the GUI for tweaking your advanced configuration options and user preferences.


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