Change Firefox’s Define Word Extension to Search Auction Sites

Posted June 18, 2006 by AMCDeathKnight in Mozilla Firefox

You can add a new option in the Define Word Extension option in Firefox to be able to select a word, right-click, and search other websites, such as eBay and Trademe, without having to type it.

The extension can be downloaded here:

Remember to restart Firefox after the install.

1. After you install the extension, go to Tools, Extensions, and then click Define Word Options.

2. Under Define Word Options, click New.

3. Choose what engine name you want. For example, I will choose the New Zealand auction site Trademe.

Engine Name: Trademe

4. Now, you can select a word, right-click, and select Define and Trademe. It will then search Trademe for the name you want.

It should work with other search sites and auction sites like eBay. Just replace the term you searched with {search}.

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