Vista: Should I Install 64-bit or 32-bit Version? (x64 vs x86)

Posted June 12, 2006 by Hack_Vista in Microsoft Vista

Deciding which Vista version to install can be a difficult decision and can really limit what you can do with your system. Here are practical hints which should help a user decide which version to install. I decided to write this guide after installing 64-bit and 32-bit vista systems on several test boxes.

With the gaining popularity of 64-bit chipsets/processors, many users now have the ability to run either 64-bit versions (x64) or 32-bit versions (x86) of software and operating systems. However, if you only have a 32-bit processor, your choice is easy…

You can only install the x64 version of Vista if you have a 64-bit processor.

For those with 64-bit processors, it seems obvious that installing the x64 version of vista would be ideal. The x64 version has increased security based around the 64-bit structure and programs compiled for 64-bit processors will likely run faster.

What’s the problem with installing Vista x64 on a 64-bit system?

1. Most hardware does not currently have 64-bit drivers.

Out of all the boxes that I have installed x64 Vista on, I could always get it to boot up. However, the lack of 64-bit drivers for many hardware devices typically left me without any chance of burning DVDs or listening to audio. Networking devices and card readers were frequently not supported as well. Vista x64 is pretty but it’s not very fun without network access or audio.

2. In Vista x64, any driver that is not properly signed will not be able to enter the kernel and will fail to load.

Think how many times you have ignored that warning that a certain hardware driver is not properly signed. With vista x64, if your driver has not be blessed by Microsoft, it will not work. Forget about it.

I have tired to get around this by booting with the F8 option Disable Driver Signature. It doesn’t make a difference.

3. Vista x64 currently does not backward support most x86 (32-bit) drivers.

For the most part 64-bit systems run 32-bit applications very well. However, vista x64 doesn’t run x86 drivers… at least at this stage.

4. Vista x64 does not support 16-bit software.

You may think that you never, ever run 16-bit software. However, XP actually handles this legacy fairly well.

5. Very little x64 software currently exists.

x64 software runs better on a x64 system with an x64 OS. Currently, however, there is very little x64 software out there. If you have that magical combination, you do get a nice performance boost. Currently, however, this combination is way to far ahead of the curve.


Most users with 64-bit hardware should install the 32-bit (x86) version of Vista.

Vista x64 is the turning point for operating systems as they transition to 64-bit. Currently, however, the majority of users will be very disappointed by installing Vista x64. The lack of 64-bit drivers for most current hardware will be very disappointing and frustrating to most users. Why push for 64-bit now anyway? The performance gains promised by 64-bit will not be seen for years until 64-bit compiled versions of software is the norm.

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  • Tashannie

    Aehm, I installed a 64-bit Vista on my Desktop, and it hasn’t got any problem. Indeed, it can emulate the 4 GbRAM I installed, instead of 2.5 XP x86 emulated. I think it’s more powerful, and I got no problem with the drivers. Anyway, nice review, I still keep thinking Windows XP is better than Vista, but if you have a VERY powerful PC, go ahead with Vista x64. Byes!

  • dick petty

    I recently built myself an AMD dual processor pc with an ATI video card, audio, networking, 4GB ddr2 memory and 320 GB hard sata hard drive and dvd rw, media reader and wireless keyboard and mouse, usb ready boost drive,windows mobile interface to dell x51v,lexmark all in one printer. I have Vista 64 bit premium installed and it works great, does anything I want, Video, gaming, internet, etc. etc. I love it. I run chrome, Fast and Faster.

  • Alishboy

    i got my computer with vista 64-bit SP1 on it. is it possible to switch to 32-bit and how would i do so if i can?

    • Mitigation Elf

      This article is more than 2 years old at this point. Vista 64 certaily runs a lot more at this point than it did when the article was written. For those still likeing XP… remember how you hated XP when it came out. Change is hard.

      HOWEVER, althought I have been running Vista since its beta days, have really gotten to love its quicker performance and easier functionality, the 64 bit system still has some hiccups that, quite frankly, with Microsoft’s emphasis on 64 bit technology, I do not understand. If you can shed some light, I would appreciate it.

      MS Groove 2007 does not allow full program functionality when running on a 64 bit machine (file-sharing spaces are unavailable). Additionally, there are somecontrol pannel features that are only available in the 32 bit view – Mail and Text-to-speach for example.

      Thanks for any input. An update to this article would be really cool!

  • WJS

    I have Vista x64 installed because I have plenty of RAM on my system – 6GB. I had expected that with 6 gigs of RAM, I can run 32-bit programs in WinXP SP2 compatibility mode (Vista x64 runs 32-bit programs in protected memory space) and they’ll be much more stable, with more system resources at their disposal.

    However, that isn’t the case. I’ve had plenty of compatibility problems with 32-bit programs, especially those that do low-level hardware calls. For instance, DVDx doesn’t work well with my system because it uses ASPI to call the DVD/CD drive. It’ll crash after a while.

    Command & Conquer 3 constantly crashes between 15 minutes to 90 minutes of gameplay due to the display driver crashing (it’s the latest Catalyst 8.9 x64 drivers). I’ve had no such problems running these applications under XP SP3, but I’m limited by the amount of RAM that XP can use.

    Other than that, I’ve had no driver problems whatsoever because my hardware is still relatively current – P43 chipset, E2180 processor, Radeon 3850, a few 500GB and 640GB hard drives, etc.

    File transfer across my home network are blazing fast compared to XP. Heck, I think the TCP/IP stack has been reworked also because my downloads (BitTorrent included) are much faster than with XP (torrents that regularly slog about at 20kB/s in XP now regularly hit 70-80kB/s in Vista X64. They’re the same downloads, I just continue them in Vista x64 after uTorrent finish checking the files).

    Multitasking with applications that do not cause compatibility problems is simply superb. I have uTorrent running while I use Office 2007 to do my stuff, at the same time the antivirus is running a full check and I’m ripping a DVD with AGK. Everything runs smoothly, no hitches, no slowdowns. Simply amazing.

    • Anonymous

      > File transfer across my home network are blazing fast compared to XP

      That just demonstrates how bad XP is.

      So you have a choice a slow 32bit or an incompatible Vista 64. Personally I uninstalled Vista 64 and installed Ubuntu 64. My IT manager wasn’t happy but could not match the flexibility / stability / software choice.

    • Anonymous

      HI, i bought a pc recently with Vista x64 with intel T9400 and comodo and having problems with utorrent working, notice ur on x64, do you have the same problem how did u get it to work. my ports and router are ok

  • dmanshead

    Look at the date of this article (above 6-6-06) something seems suspicious here, or else it is way out of date. So it either is very old info, or incorrct info at best.

  • You guys requested a follow-up. This article describes which specific type of user would receive real benefit from vista 64-bit.

  • KSP

    I was not able to install vpn client at all on windows vista 64 bit. I did not get client tool for sonic wall compatability to 64 bit. I tried Nortel not able to install. Finally I tried web based vpn I was able to make connection but I was not able to get into the network. Still I don’t know what to do, I can return my laptop and get the laptop with XP OS.

  • Kate

    I wish I’d read this before I bought my lappy and before Future Shop installed 64 without even telling me how incompatible it si!!!

  • JbCvlove

    Thank you this info was vary helpful

  • AJ

    I found alot of this information misleading. I am runing Vista 64-bit, I have DVD, DVD-R, and alot of other gizmo’s and gadgets. There is NOT one piece of hardware and/or software that will not run with Vista 64. In fact i find it to be more stable than the 32-Bit version. I have been burning DVD’s left and right, I have been gaming with it… no issues at all. I have been able to find drivers for 100% of my devices and they’ve worked flawlessly.

    • Mark

      This was written 2 years ago – things have changed …

      • It may have been written a while ago, but things for many people really have not changed. I got a call from a neighbor last night who couldn’t figure out why his printer wouldn’t work with his new laptop. Turned out that the printer didn’t have compatible drivers.

        • Vista64 is OK now

          No , they **DID** change. Unless you are using an old, very low spec, nobody ever heard of hardware, you DO have now Vista 64bit drivers for almost every single well known brands. Heck, even my Creative Labs Extreme card sounds WAY better with 64bit divers than with 32 ones.

          If you do have a 64bit CPU **AND** at least 2GB of RAM (which becomes the norm nowadays anyway), there is hardly any point in going for the 32bit version any more.

    • bell

      I have just bought a new pc, and am trying to decide what OS to get for it. Its an intel core 2 quad Q6700 with 4GB memory. Firstly I need to find out if this cpu supports 64 bit. But also i have heard people saying that 32 bit only utilises upto 2 gb of memory – is this right? I’ve only used xp so have no knowledge of vista at all and all the articles seem pretty confusing!

      • 191john191

        32bit versions only utilize up to 3gig , i have 4 so thats why i went to 64bit It supports up to 6 or so i think

        • Mikael2002

          32 bit version supports 4 GB RAM (but will only display around 3.2 GB available as the upper memory are used for drivers/display memory).
          64 bit version supports 128 GB RAM.
          Both versions upper limit must be supported by the computer BIOS and max RAM capability.

          • Anonymous

            I would like to point out that the statistics on the memory are only partially correct. I currently have 8 GB of DDR2 installed on my computer running Vista 32 bit and it sees all 8 GB (8096 MB). The difference is the version of Vista you run. In order to see more than 4 GB you have to be running Vista Ultimate….any previous version of Vista will only recognize 4 GB (unless you are using 64 bit). Just thought I would share.

          • Anonymous

            vista 32bit will see all the ram but only use 4 gb and some gets used by video and driver memory. 64 bit sees 128gb and can use 128gb. this even applies to Xp 64 bit editions vs. 32 bit editions. The fact you have Ultimate does NOT make a difference. Althought good choice cause I love it to.

          • PCTechGuy

            I might agree with you if the Bios read 8 GB and the OS only said 4 GB. But the OS is recognizing AND using all 8 GB. I know this because when you put the same memory in and run it on a lesser version (ie Vista Home Premium….) it doesn’t show the full 8 GB in the OS it only shows 3 GB. BTW, yes the anonymous post above is originally mine, i didn’t have an account when i posted it.

    • Anonymous

      You’re one of the following.

      1. Lucky
      2. Only use a very limited number of uses for you computer.
      3. Bought a dog and want everyone else to be as miserable as you

  • tony boy

    canot install 64 bit vista my cpu does not support

    • dave

      I have a new core2 quad/6GB/Nvidia Quadra/2x150GB(raid to 398) with a clean install of x64. So far I have not had to provide so much as one driver for any device I have connected and everything has just come straight to life first time. This thing just flies.

  • ANON

    I have a 3 year old, average machine with Vista64 installed. No problems whatsoever πŸ™‚ I recommend Vista 64bit!

  • Anonymous

    I know this post is old, but it is November 2008 and I still cannot get my HP Photosmart C7250 to work well with the 64-bit version of Vista. In addition, Quicken 2008 AND 2009 do not work properly with either the OS or the printer, and Photoshop Elements 6 seems to have problems with it (I just bought Photoshop Elements 7 today, don’t know if that will work any better). I am not a gamer, nor an OS expert, and from my point of view 64-bit systems are STILL not ready for the “average” user (and I consider myself well above average where many applications are considered). If it wasn’t such a time-consuming process to reformat my hard disk and start with a 32-bit version of Vista, I would certainly do it at this point in time (I may do it even though, with all the various applications I run, it takes about a week of pretty steady effort to get it done). If you don’t build computers for a living, stay away from 64-bit systems for at least a few more months (or years!)

  • 191john191

    my brother has decided to order all parts for my soon to be computer and build it himself
    (a very, very good way to save up to $500 bucks or more) . he got 64bit vista premium and 64bit processor. he also told me when i asked if he got 64bit drivers for my hardware he said that everything came with 64bit drivers and that i shouldn’t worry; i’ll just wait and see..
    my soon to be computer specs-

    22” screen ( 1650 – 1080 resolution)
    gaming keyboard (show system performance, time and what game your playing)
    gaming mouse (with weights to make it more realistic)
    intel core2 duo E8400 ( i think its 3.0 GHZ for each core)
    600W Power supply
    Sapphire hd 4870 video card ( ati radeon hd 4870 )
    4gig of ram ( 2×2 )

    • Nach

      i spoke to hp sales representatives in the US and they strongly recommend 64 bit. They say that any software that works with 32 bit will work better with 64 bit vista and thats its perfectly compatible. I guess if u r having a driver for 32 bit vista home, it should be working fine with 64 bit vista as well …. any thoughts on that ?

  • brian

    vista 64bit is the best.more performance.if it does not work well with you get a new pc

  • Chris

    Great, just one thing to ask, i have 4G of RAM at the moment on a 32-bit OS. I have heard that all of this memor is not being used because 32-bit only takes 3GB of memory. is this true?

    • Gareth

      Yes thats correct (if oversimplified) – the whole addressable RAM issue is down to what 32bit actually is.

      we can simplify the issue by saying … what is the difference between 4bit and 8bit.
      4 bit means a number up to a length of 4 digits where as 8 bit is a number up to 8 digits… clearly the maximum decimal number that is representable by 4bit is 9999 and by 8bit is 99999999. Now, that is the total number of places that are available to be used by the computer for assigning to any device (e.g. RAM, Graphics Card, etc).

      Now, every computer has graphics memory and things like keyboard etc etc so this reduces the number of addressable spaces – lets say from 9999 down to say 7999 spaces. This is then the maximum amount of RAM that your PC can see.

      Now whether you have a 32bit or 64bit OS, the computer still takes the same number of addresses for core system components, so this leaves more available for the RAM.
      In the instance of 32 bit, the usual remaining amount of addresses available to be assigned to the RAM (to enable that part of the RAM to be used) is about 3.2GB.

      In 64bit, there are so many addresses available to be used that the computer is able to assign an address for every place on the RAM module, so it will be able to send data to and from all of the available places on the RAM – giving it access to the full 4GB. In fact, from memory, I think that a very large amount of RAM is addressable using 64bit – something well above 10GB.

      So – short answer is “Yes you are correct”.

      Hope that helps.

      • sayrequest

        Thank you Gareth. I appreciate your explanation. My laptop has 2 gig of ram and I upgraded to 4 gig, with a 32 bit system. It only sees 3 gigs of the four that I installed. Now I understand. I hit control.alt.delete and went to the task manager performance tab and noticed that my two 64 bit CPUs are not being used to their full potential when I operate on 32bit system. The CPUs are overloaded with CPU usage at 70 to 100 percent used, when I edit video and my ram memory used barely goes over 1.0/1.5 gig. I should have upgraded to 64 bit os before spending the 90 bucks on the 4 gig of ram. Do you think adding the 64 bit upgrade will correct some of my performance issues? Thanks John

        • Trevor Lane

          32 bit computers can utilise 3gig per core. Therefore if you have a 32bit dual core system it will utilise up to 6gig RAM

      • Mikael2002

        64bit you can maximum adress 128 GB.

        • shawn hart

          No 64bit can handle16 exabytes of RAM. That’s 16.8 billion terabytes

        • Anonymous

          my 32 bit addresses 138 GB. Is 64 bit more laggy when it comes to games?

  • Moazzam

    great article

  • jason

    THIS post is to old all the info has changed now please update

    • a g

      I agree. This is too old.

  • jay

    ive had 64 bits on my dell and i couldnt installl certain antivirus and programs
    so i converted to 32 bits and it gave me a better experience with it
    i just wished that microsoft would talk to programing companies to make them 64 before unleashing vista 64

    you were luckyy

    • malequin

      what mehtod did you use to convert form 64bit to 32 bit?

      • jalam

        It is very helpful.

      • Gt4steve

        Google setting up a dual boot system

    • Matt L

      NOD32 is available in both 32bit and 64bit versions and is the least resource-intensive antivirus application I know of.

      • Anonymous

        AVG 8.5 Internet Security Also Aviable in x64 ….

        • douchenozzle

          AVG blows man. Get MBAM

  • BizKoNSoN

    i got me a new acer pc and it has windows vista home preimuem its 64 bit
    and i have a dvd with autocad architecture 2008 which is 32bit,
    i tryed to run the install in compatible mode to windows xp sp2
    but its still says i cannot install a 32 bit program on a 64 bit windows
    any sugestions????
    pleasse help me i cannot do my work becuase of it…

  • Bob

    All things should come backward compatible. What’s the uses of making a new operating system and not making it backward compatible?

  • Guest

    “Conclusion: Most users with 64-bit hardware should install the 32-bit (x86) version of Vista.”

    Thank you! This is exactly the information I both wanted and hoped to find before I bought a new computer. I own a genuine Microsoft copy of 32-bit Windows Vista Home Basic, and I plan to buy a new Windows computer off the shelf soon. Your helpful experience and advice has saved a lot of time and effort for me and I’m sure for others. Season’s greetings.

    • Matt

      Dude the conclusion you are referencing is 2 and a half years old i am sure the author of the article would not even advise you to get 32bit any more. Look at my comment below (author Matt).

        • Matt

          Quote: “In a blog post this week, Microsoft’s Chris Flores noted that 20 percent of new Windows Vista PCs in the U.S. that connected to Windows Update in June were running a 64-bit version of the OS, compared with 3 percent of new computers in March.

          Put more simply, usage of 64-bit Windows Vista is growing much more rapidly than 32-bit,” he said. “Based on current trends, this growth will accelerate as the retail channel shifts to supplying a rapidly increasing assortment of 64-bit desktops and laptops”

          It went from 3% to 20% of new machines in 4 months… Its now December… I just took a look at the new Dell studio XPS machines and they all shipped with 64 bit… as well as their higher end inspirons…

          Staying 32bit is a sure way of holding back advances in both hardware and software. Im sure if i look i can find some programs that dont run on 64bit but that is the exception not the rule and based on the if above company’s want people to use their software (which im sure they do) they will make it compatible VERY soon or loose market share which no company is prepared to do.

          But hey maybe we should have just stuck with Atari 8 bit machines

          • Only 20% of new machines are 64-bit? Wow. I first penned this article over 2 years ago and 64-bit is still in the minority of even new computers.

            Huge beasts such as photoshop that actually would benefit from an 64-bit OS still do not have a 64-bit version.

            BTW, Atari rocked.

  • Eli

    very helpfull article

  • Frank Pinkney

    Thanks. Confirmed my suspicions – really appreciated.

  • Larry Black

    What about a wireless router to work with the 64 bit VISTA? i just bought a gaming computer from Sager with Vista 64 bit and I can get the wireless router to work if I’n sitting right hext to it. But soon as I move the lao tp three feet; the iwreless stays connection but the Internet Explorer does not work (and tends to freeze up). I have the Intel 5100 AGN wireless card and a 3Com 11g router which works fine with my 4 other computeres which run Windows XP. Is it the Vusta 64 bit causing this issue?

  • Matt

    Look at it like this…

    Soon no new machines will come with less than 4gb of RAM and before long systems will be coming with 6 or even 8 GB’s of RAM as standard. Therefore pretty soon no new systems will come with a 32bit OS as they cannot utilise more than ~3.2 GB of RAM. Therefore everything will be designed for 64 bit OS and as said above pretty much all 32 bit hard and software is ok on 64bit vista (due to WoW64).

    This is why i just ordered my new dell XPS 1530 with 4GB of ram and 64bit Vista (2.4Ghz 200Gb 7200rpm HDD) Will post back if i have any unforeseen problems with the 64bit but i doubt i will. HTH

    • Gabriel

      So are you saying that with WoW64 32 apps are compatible and should work on a 64 bit processor with obviously Vista 64? I just dont want to buy a machine and have to get a lot of new software because its not compatible because its not 64bit.

      • Matt

        “WoW64 (Windows-on-Windows 64-bit) is a subsystem of the Windows operating system that is capable of running 32-bit applications and is included on all 64-bit versions of Windows. WoW64 is supposed to take care of all the differences between 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows, particularly involving structural changes to Windows itself” From wikipedia

        • Anonymous

          There’s one minor flaw to the Wow64 premise. In order to use 32-bit software programs on 64-bit systems, the software developer needs to first develop a 64-bit installer. Many developers haven’t reworked their installers to allow the programs to be initially loaded into the 64-bit OS. Be very thorough in checking things out before stepping over to 64-bit. It should be done, but alot of effort should be put in beforehand, including asking developers to provide 64-bit installers. See MS Article:

  • Vikkie R

    Thank your for the brilliant explanation! That is exactly what I needed! I have bought a new pc with 64 bit processor, but ordered a 32 bit system (by mistake!) and was very disappointed, started looking for the 64 bit one. And I am very glad that I have read this information (accidently!) that prevents me from making another mistake! Thank you very much. All the best !

  • How about the RAM issue? For those of us who do audio recording (or other intensive stuff) – the extra RAM possibility with Vista 64 is important.

  • I’m Really Happy With My 64-Bit…My Friend Who Has A 32-Bit Has More Computer Problems Than I Do

  • euclidav

    Wonderful article.. Thanks buddy !!!

  • Niranjan

    thx u very much for this artice… helped me on my decision

  • Salal

    u can add more RAM (more than 4GB) in 64bit vista

  • chris

    If I have Vista 64 is there a way to downgrade to 32

  • John

    This article primarily adresses hardware driver isssues, which makes sense since w/o hardware drivers most other considerations between 64 vs 32 bit Vista become a moot point. As time has elapsed, I believe ~2 years since this article was initially published, hardware driver programs exist for all my Thinkpad T61p driver needs. I have a T43 and R50 Thinkpad running Vista 32 and IMHO (i.e. non-scientific or tested opinion), WinVista 32 seems to run faster and cooler. This article’s point (5) speaks to this and there still not many 64-bit software programs. All 32bit programs running on a computer w/Vista 64 can only do so thru WoW64 (Windows on Windows, which you may have noticed if looking at what processes are loaded). I enjoy getting the latest and greatest technology, and have 4Gigs of RAM (2Gigs, or 1Gg, not recognized by any 32 bit OS), but my notebook runs so “hot” that at times it will go into sleep mode. I have even decided not to go with Vista 32, due in part to the same problem caused by so many TSRs and process that make Vista really cool but stress my machines hardware and hurts performance. I’m going back to WinXP 32 and will await Windows 7. WinXP 64 has the same driver software issues as WinVista 64 used to have, but I think this version of Windows is an afterthought and not going anywhere.

    It would be interesting to get your thoughts on this same subject now that some time has passed. Thanks for the very nice article!

  • Amazing peice of article and very well xplianed with detials in all these comments !
    I like to see vista x64 in my PC.

    • devilgodspeed

      If only OS VISTA 64 bit can run 32 bit programs as well then OS Vista 64 should be installed now. But i think we should still patronize the 32 bit Vista and just wait for Windows 7. By then, i think every program will already be 64 bit.

  • Jack

    What if you have 4 gigs of ram? Is x86 Vista like XP where if you are running a 32-bit OS with 4gigs, it will only read as 2.99? I had that problem with XP Pro 32 bit and as a last resort, I turned to 64 bit XP which has horrid support and even more horrid bugs with the games I play (Namely Mercenaries 2 and Prince of Persia).

    If 32 bit Vista can support 4 gigs, I’m sold, but if not…. bleh, I dunno what I’ll do.

  • Anonymous

    Wht is a 64-bit system and a 32-bit system?

    • Much Wasted Time

      Have spent over 20+ hours trying to upgrade son’e new Xmas present (Acer Aspire 6530 Notebook – added additional 1Gb DDR2 Ram to get to 4Gb) from shipped OEM Vista Home Basic 32 bit to Vista Ultimate 64 bit (full program DVDD – not ‘upgrade). Boy was the Microsoft Vista site unhelpful/confusing.

      Just loaded 64 bit with official Windows accepted install – good handholding support (surprised me actually considering its Microsoft). But, my Acer Aspire Wireless Network Adapter & Ehternet Controller are from Atheros Communications Corp. Guess this is why my Acer laptop was such a good deal (cheap components) pricewise. Microsoft Vista Update Analyzer correctly told me to get driver updates before loading Vista (did not specify whether the issue would be 32 or 64 bit problem which I think this is) by contacting Atheros directly (Acer does not even list this product on their Tech Support list). Waiting to hear directly from Atheros after ‘general e-mail’ to them. If they do not have a 64 bit driver for these 2 components I will have wasted $300+ for Vista 64 attempted transition and then must get ACer to send me DVD for Vista 32 bit Home Basic re-install. My gamble (did do alot of research & thought I had correct Atheros drivers but guess I did not really after all) so cannot complain about that aspect – but what a murky world this all is – unbelievable really in this day & age.

      Anyone have any insights on Atheros 64 bit drivers for these 2 components?

      thanks & will keep you posted on progress, if any (son really upset as this was his Christmas present I am trying to optimize for him). Happy New Year

      • Xero

        check the toshiba laptop support site, they use artheros in a lot of their low end stuff (read satellite a215 series) you should be able to find something compatible there

      • Anonymous

        Try the netgear website cause they use the Atheros chipset and dont knock a good chip as cheap just cause of a driver issue. Those chips work and last along time. I’v got an old netgear wifi adapter in my custom built desktop. The only prob I had when upgrading from XP to vista Ultimate 64 was the driver disk didnt work. A quick dowload took care of that from there site. I broke up with my wife and she neglected to give me the antenna 4 it so I couldn’t use it at all and was gunna buy a new one. Then one night i was wanting to go online and i used a peice of copper wire and covered the end wit tin foil. Would you believe i get 50-65 % signal strength. Atheros is a good chip its Acer notebooks that are cheap.

    • Liverbird
  • dan

    Wish i had of read this b4 i installed 64 bit, ther are no drivers for anything, lol.
    the blunders of technology………

  • Conrad

    I am also thankful and will stick with the 32 bit version on my new laptop, though it also comes with an XP Professional downgrade that I’m expecting to take advantage of.

    how is it that with all of those answers, no one has made a joke about “will you still need me? will you still feed me? when i have 64?”

    • Anonymous

      I had no issue wit drivers at all. My budget build is as follows:
      Motherboard- Biostar TF8200 AM3/AM2+ with intergrated Nvidia 8200 and Hybrid Sli
      CPU- AMD athlon 64×2 2.7Ghz Overclocked to 3.1Ghz stable as a rock- Brisbane Dual core 1mb of L2 cashe. (it was only 50 bucks this is where i saved some money)
      4 gb OCZ DDR2 800 high performance gaming memory (overclocked to 900Mhz stable)
      Video: XFX GeForce 9800GT 512mb DDR3 112 stream processors( ofcoarse its overclocked) and its Hybrid Sli with the Nvidia 8200 built in to the Mother board.
      Powered wit 625 watt PSU
      500 gb Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm SATA hard drive
      2 Lite on lightscribe DVD burners- also saved cash wit these
      Raidmax Case wit glass window and 3 80mm + 2 120mm blue LED fans
      The mobo has HDMI,DVI, and the old D-sub, The 9800GT has 2 DVI, and S-Video- Thats 6 monitor support. I only use the HDMI to go to my 42 inch LCD.
      I have windows Vista Ultimate 32bit, 64bit, and 64 bit linux Ubuntu all on the same hard drive. Thats a triple boot.

  • robert

    i have a copy of 64xp, will this make a difference on the software i can run as apposed to vista64. i am a graphic designer and use the adobe suit and Autodesk max. I would like to add more RAM which would be very useful, would like to run around 8GB ram. currently run 3gb (max under 32bit)

    I know that there is meant to be a performance boost whilst rendering in max but currently run 32 bit and will need to upgrade all my software. do you think it is woth it.

    Any suggestions

  • Computer Engineer

    The real difference between 32-bit and 64-bit… Recommend running 32-bit as long as you can (until you need to run a 64-bit application). If you upgrade to 64-bit, recommend doubling your RAM capacity to get the same performance as you received on a 32-bit system (unless 64-bit windows has a way to store and process 32-bit applications using the full 64-bit string, ie. putting two 32-bit lines of code to each 64-bit line of code to keep memory usage compressed).

  • paul

    bought6 a new laptop 64 on it thinkink ahead for future. now having problems with buisness websites/software being able to communicate.with 64. what is the best answer?

  • Brent

    I have 8GB installed on my computer. Vista 32bit will not address more than 4GB.

    • AwarE

      lot of ppl here dont seem to see difference between these two:-
      1/ installed RAM memory- up to 8Gb depends on mobo
      32bit=3.2Gb 64bit=128Gb
      2/ virtual memory available to each application –
      -in 32bit=2Gb
      …unless the 3G patch is installed + the application must be made “largeaddressaware” in it’s .exe header
      …then up to 3G can be used by program.
      there is a hard limit at 3Gb, all mem above 3Gb up to 4Gb is system reserved.
      mem beyond 4Gb can be used but it takes a special memory manager controller to do it. there are very few ppl out there playing games using more than 3Gb..or even 2.5Gb.

      -in 64bit=2Gb you still need a patch to use 3Gb

      the current “64bit” is just 2x32bit or(36bit) not true 64bit

      so imho better to stick with 32bit and wait till 64bit is here instead of running using no-execute bit in 36bit.

      • Ripzer

        I agree! If you know just a fair bit then a little about computers and software you can make any hardware function correctly on the 64bit. Doesn’t mean you are getting what you paid for though. It’s almost like saying I’m going to take my new dragster to the local gas station and fill up with 87 octane unleaded. Makes no since to have such a beast if you don’t have the right fuel to drive it. Just wait till true 64bit is main stream. This second rate knock off isn’t worth the trouble, hassle, money, or loss you will actually take.

        • Minkx

          With Costco now selling Vista 64 exclusively on their shelves, I think its about to become mainstream. I doubt many folks realize that they are entering into a potentially frustrating purchase. But this may be just the kick in the pants this OS needs to get off the back burner. I remember when MS brought out Win95. Overnight they left Win 3.1 in the dumpster. and the transition to Win 2K/XP was quick. I wish they’d just do it with Vista 64 and leave the 32 bit apps in a heap. I hate waiting for 3rd party prgs. I have so many devices that will become useless with Vista and I’m about to take the leap. If they want my business, they better realize it’s 2009 and the tech world keeps moving forward, in spite of the economy.


  • Cal

    I’ve had excellent performance on my 64 bit Vista Ultimate. No issues other than 64 bit IE issues. It loaded all the drivers, no problem. System is as follows:
    AMD X2 5200 processor on gigabyte mainboard. 4 gigs of gskill ram. Nividia 9600 GT KO video card. SATA hard drives. p.s I am a gamer and it runs all of my games fine as well. I should note that I have been in the IT field for 23 years though.

    • Matt L

      The one issue I had with 64-bit Vista was getting Media Center to work properly with video codecs. I had no success, even after trying several walkthroughs and numerous 64-bit vista codec packs.

    • Anonymous

      your in IT 23 years and that means what you can in stall vista?? that means nothing. the reason for your “excellent performance” is the 4 gigs of ram you have installed!!! i have worked for apple and red hat and found that the mac os is the only os to use 64bit to the full and on native hardware second to that is linux 64 support is fantastic ..!! one more thing mate its IT there is something new every week 23 years 23 weeks its all the same!!!!

      • Smiles

        You had me chuckling. I’ve been in the Information/Communitcation/Technology field since the 80’s, and it does make a difference, “23 years verses 23 weeks.” One the other hand, if one in any technology field does not keep stay current then that’s their bad.

        These just out of college or technical school hotshots or worse basement hackers and crackers just don’t have the experience to troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve real word client/customer issues like a analyst/consultant/technician/engineer with 5+ years under their belt. Ask a client who they would rather have working on their systems. I take the rookies along with as apprentices as it should be so they can learn what trade journals/websites, acedemic courses, WAREZ, etc. does not teach them. For those just starting, learn as much as you can from websites, books, and courses, and then latch-on to someone or an organization that can share their wealth of experience with you.

        As far as Mac OS versus Linux versus Microsoft Windows 7 or Vista, I agree the Darwin core of Apple’s OS’s is superior to Linux and Windows for 64 bit but not by much.

        As far as Vista x64 verses x86 (32bit), I have a new client who had to buy all new printers and scanners because the models he had with the exception of one, would not work with Vista x64 and 7 x64. He thought that he was doing a good thing upgrading all his workstations a few months back to 7 and Vista from XP. He didn’t consider the printer and scanner drivers. Check what kind of hardware you have before making the switch to x64.

  • me

    Only issue with 64 bit I’ve had is i cant play ZZT

  • Arif Aziz Dhamani

    i say the same dude
    i have a dell studio wid the 64 bit version of vista and it works so great………
    visually there is not much difference btn the 64 bit and the 32 bit versions but i still enjoy the 64 bit more…..
    and as for the software compatibility part…….it doesnt seem to affect since all the latest versions of the softwares support the 64 bit version…….
    so all i can advice the users is to go fr the 64 bit versions without and fear…..

  • Jay

    I have no problems so far with x64 vista version, with drivers, 32bit programs, etc. Had it for 7 months already.

    • Anonymous

      I just bought a 64 bit laptop (HP) and upgraded my OS to Ultimate,then installed the 64 bit version. Now I find that I can’t use my Tungsten E2 or my Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred (they re not supported, no date for when they will be!!) Can I change back to 32 bit version? Can anyone tell me how to do that?

  • my vista ultimate x64 experience: beautiful so far minus the unsigned driver factor (can be worked around).

    enjoying running 8GB of RAM! works great for all of my VM machines πŸ™‚

  • JJK

    If you want support for ALL of you new/old device DO NOT install x64. I have a Canon Scanner, it is old but a great scanner the CanoScan 8000F; I have a new Treo 755p phone; I have some software programs that I love…I also have a new tower with Vista x64 and none of those devices or SW are compatible. It sucks.

  • Fred

    I am not sure about your expierience, my personal exxpierience with boht PCs at home with Vista x64 have been great. Configs: MSI K7Platinim Mobo, AMD 3000 socket 745, 2GB Corsair RAM, MSI VTD 128 FX5600 VGA and Sony 16x DVD burner as the handy system for everyone use, and my own computer that is ASUS M3N78 Mobo, onboard VGA that is nVIDIA 8200, 4GB Corsair Dual Channel RAM, HP 16x burner. None of them had a slightest issue with x64 applications nor with dirvers.

  • anon

    just so all you know i am stealing this for my research project at tech thanx


  • Peg

    hae a new Vista 64 and my programs are NOT working, printer preview for graphics is horrible

  • Filippos

    Thanks a lot for your information,they were very usefull for me because i have an asus g1 and i ws thinking to install the vista 64bit.But i can say i changed my mind. thanks.

  • Mike

    The future is 64 bit computing and applications that are written for 64 bit, however I don’t see the critical mass hit until Windows 7 get released, plus one year. Contrary to popular belief, 99% of 32 bit Windows XP applications work perfectly on a 64 bit OS (Vista). Also, CD burner applications, Scanner drivers and more. I even found (I think:)) a work around for a Linksys wireless adapter. The reason for 64 bit computing it that can handle access and use far more RAM than 32 bit XP and run fast with a Quad Core processor. You can always dual boot your system with Windows XP and Vista 64 bit. Load Windows XP first if at all possible. You can create a dual boot environment if you use Ubuntu as a boot disk . You can google on how to set this up.

  • Bubba de LaRue

    The problem with your post is that it doesn’t state what that “vista 64 bit awesome experience” is. What exactly am I “denying” myself by not upgrading? As I understand it, there is very software that is optimized for 64 bit, or is only available in 64 bit. So what exactly is the point of “try[ing] it out for yourself on your own system”? I’m relatively hapy with my Vista 32, so why go through the expense and trouble with so little payoff?

    The funniest part of your post is in the last sentence: “would be a grave error.” Nope, there is no “grave error” for not switching. At worst, software that is optimized for 64 bits will run slower. The grave error is actually in upgrading and then discovering that it wasn’t completely compatible with your hardware or software. Then you’ll have to take the trouble of reinstalling Vista 32. Not only have you wasted time but also the money spent on the Vista 64.



  • lopve windows vista

  • Jonas

    I got Vista Ultimate 64bit on my HP, iTunes won’t install (Installer errors), .Net 3.5 SP1 update won’t install, Windows Live Messenger 2009 update won’t install… tried every fix I could find on google..(and there are thousands of people with same problems)… none of them worked. I’m fed up with it. Going to install 32-bit Vista.

    • Kitty

      Jonas, There is a special download for ITunes 64 bit. Did you try that one?

      • AA



        • Narg

          What I’d do is download the free Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 program. Then install run XP inside a virtual machine with this software on top of Vista 64-bit. That’s how I handle outdated software, works like a charm.

    • cj7

      Internet explorer 64 bit helped me with msn live. I use 32 explorer and 64 explorer.

    • Narg

      Go to and re-download. The web site will see you are on 64-bit and send you the right installer files.

  • cj7

    I bought a hp bundle that is preloaded vista 64. OMG this is a sexy sexy system and runs like a dream. Now that my girlfriend has fallen asleep i tryed slidding my farstone gamedrive 8 in. DOSENT WORK!!!!!Failed to load! that makes me sad ’cause all my games are vcd!!! LOL cant wait to get the new farstone product hope it really works!

  • info|.Boy

    thanks for the info!
    i think turboC compiler cant run in 64 bit OS right?

    • Narg

      Time to update. Get Visual Studio and you’ll be up-to-date.

  • Steve

    2 1/2 years later, are there any changes to this reccomendation?

  • MadJizza

    Vista is awesome now. If you have the hardware to run it properly. UDATE this article it is TWO years OLD. geezz

  • hush

    hi , can any one help me please?? i have toshiba laptop A200 with vista 32bit, with 4GB Ram, OS uses 3GB only, my processor is x64 Family 6 model 15 stepping 13 Genuine Intel , can i install vista ultimate 64bit, provided that i have all 64bit drivers for my laptop,
    i use internet, downloading videos and files, chatting,any problem with softwares like massengers and file sharing?? hope i get the answer .. and thanks 4 ur time..

    • Narg

      hush, 32-bits memory addressing only allows a TOTAL of 4 gig memory access. So, in order for the system to use all the components, like video, the motherboard, drive access, etc etc, those devices must reside within the 4 gig memory space. So any RAM inside that space that is needed for other devices cannot been used. 32-bit computing doesn’t gain much over 2 gig of memory anyway, 3 gig is just icing on the cake. If you truly need memory, go 64-bit. But, your computer’s BIOS must also be 64-bit capable, and some machines, especially laptops are not 64-bit BIOS enabled. For instance, I run 64-bit Vista on a laptop with 4 gig, but also only see 3.4 gig available. It’s because the BIOS was not written to address memory over 4 gig either, even though the CPU and OS can. As far as the drivers, go to Toshiba’s web site and find their support and downloads. If you find 64-bit drivers, your good to go. If not, plan to upgrade your laptop and ensure it supports 64-bit fully. Dell and HP are very good at 64-bit support right now.

  • Narg

    Wow this article is sadly outdated. All points are now nullified and incorrect.

    64-bit computing is the way to go, without a doubt. All drivers available today are available in 64-bit, as required by Microsoft to get certification. All programs and games written and having the “made for Windows” logo are also required by Microsoft to work in 64-bits, even if they are 32-bit programs.

    If you have a choice, go 64-bit!

    • Name

      You suck Narg must software and freeware are not certificate.

  • chris

    i would like to point out to the small mindedness of some people in this world who believe the big bad 64 bit days of computing has finally arrived im sorry to imform this individual above me that 64 bit can be a royal pain in the arse as i have been learning over the past month with 64 bit vista ultimate.
    1. i cant get audio even though there is a 64 bit driver it dont work!!
    2. i have also had problem with network
    3. i just downloaded microsoft software to allow me to use xbox 360 controller with windows games guess what it wont install even though its 64 bit
    4. crysis warhead is supposed to be 64 bit out of the box on your assumptions all games for windows are well it dont work either just crashes
    my advice to all is stay away from 64 bit unless have more than 4 gig ram and you really need all of it such as extreme gamer or someone editing multiple photos or videos at a time
    wait for windows 7 when that comes round maybe that 64 bit operating system will be more stable and all software shall be written specifically for 64 bit rather than 32 bit and then being rewritten for 64 bit.

    • kenny

      Hey thanks for that backup, I was thinking I might have made a mistake getting a 32bit with 4 g ram. Its actually I didn’t make the decision, when I was selecting the configuration for my hp laptop, hp “recommended” me to get 32bit instead of window home 64bit.

      I do have another question, I know the 64bit process things faster, but does it allow pirate copy of software to be run on the computer? I have a torrent copy of microsoft copy of office 07 and I just want to make sure it can run with my os system 32bit and does it run on 64bit? Just wondering.

  • Gary

    This info is about 2 2/3 years old!

  • Donna

    I just bought a Bell & Howell Slide & Neg. Converter that I used with my XP Windows computer. I had to buy a new computer because my computer crashed. The new computer came with the Vista 64 operating system. I cannot use my converter with my new HP computer because of the 64 operating system. Is there anything I can do to get my converter to work? Do I need a driver, or can I convert my computer to a Vista 32. I have called B&H regarding this problem and they don’t have any new software for the Vista 64 system. I hope someone can please help me with this problem, because I have approximately 3000 slides I wanted to convert to CDs.

    • Cindy

      Hi Donna – I’m having similar problems with the Hammacher Schlemmer converter and XP and Vista 32. Spent days researching on the internet and found a blog about all the issues with these converters being made by the same mfg and sold by different 3rd parties. I was able to solve my XP and Vista problems by changing my vista to xp service pak 2 compatability mode. I then purchased another converter from Sharper Image that I found out was the Bell and Howell and it worked for about an hour then crashed. Not sure if you can change your 64 bit to XP compatible but try it. It’s a long tedious process when it doesn’t work but when it does it takes about 5 seconds per slide and I’ve done probably 1800 already and another 1800 or so to go. Really need to figure it out soon and get the mess out of my basement – have slides everywhere!

  • Allen

    Why get 64 bit Vista?
    32 bit doesn’t support 4GB memory plus 1GB video card that’s why.

  • Joel

    x64 isn’t the norm because nobody is using it. Waiting for the market to go ahead and the users follow isn’t a good idea. The market probably sees that the users are not using x64 systems, and don’t want to spend the time upgrading. So in the end they’re both waiting on each other.

    Imagine if nobody used typewriters when they came out. Nobody uses it, even though it exists, so there wouldn’t be much paper designed for the typewriters.

  • hansamu

    mind you, i happen to installed a 64bit vista onto my machine which originally 32bit (which came with the machine)

    it seems find but the aero and rating of the machine will not function and i realised that it has response delay problems with some softwares such as media players(not windows media player)

  • connor

    ok seriously all youre information is out of date. most drivers work now and most programs are designed with 64 bit as the main os. the majority of the troubles that will still be there can be solved by right clicking the program and selecting “run in 32 bit”.

    • Kanji

      Would purchasing a new 64bit home premium still be worth it if I just bought a laptop that has 32 bit home premium??? Especially with Windows 7 just around the corner???

  • nebras

    i wanted to know if the face that my computer is vista 64 bits have anything to do with the fact that when i PRINT SCREEN a web page and try to past it in office 2007 it comes out as a blank empty box without the snapshot ? thanks .
    if so could you please tell me how to change it without sacrifising the advantages of having the 64 bit computer? and what else could it be if its not the reason thanks. please email me with your answer i appreciate it.

  • Fakia

    whoa such a straight forward and simple explanation dam wish you did OC and ram timing

  • jean

    thanks! you explained why i am having problems. back to 32 bit!

    • x64OooooO46x

      Meh, x64 roxx.

      • TheTruth

        You, sir, are an idiot. And a 1337-wannabe. And you have NO idea what you’re saying – you’re simply easily dazzled by any “new tech” bling.

        Go back to Pirate Bay and download some warez since you’re sooooo 1337. lol

  • MJ

    Thank you so much for the most valuable information and sharing this with us. To those who shared their opinions, thanks to you too. But my utmost thanks to the person who put this up to enlighten us. I understand your point completely. For those who are curious, those with intent to run a 64bit system with a 64bit OS, you are at the mercy of the manufacturer if their drivers are WHQL. So if all drivers are signed then best run things 64style.

  • Joe

    If I have a 64 bit machine , they tell me I can run 32 bit programs yet I don’t get vidwo from many soucrces is there a fix?

    • hi

      yes, a gun

      • Vista NO!

        I got a new 64 vista HP Pavillion. It has been 2 months. I have not been able to do anything without it crashing. I have called Hp and they have turned off the sleep mode, installed some other software, Taken over my computer from India (3X} and as soon as I start to work on something……blue screen! I am beside myself with frustration. I have reinstalled 64 and everything I am running is listed as compatible. I want to like it, but truth is, it stinks. Microsoft should be ashamed.

        • DR J

          That isnt a vista thing that is an HP thing HP things crash often!!!

  • TechGeek

    Well the biggest advantage I see is the ability to have more then just 3 gigs of ram installed, which is the most you can use for Vista 32. Norton Antivirus wouldn’t work nor ZoneAlarm firewall. I had to search for compatible replacements for these programs.

  • Nancy

    I hope you can help me. I have a 64 bit processor on my dell studio 17, and have been pretty sure that all my drivers are right, and performance has been good. However, I have both 32 and 64 Microsoft Internet Explorer on my machine, and I can’t figure out which one is running as default. Is there any way to check to make sure 64 runs as default? Thanks. Any other tips would be great. By the way, I use the Adobe Digital Reader and Windows Media Player all the time.

  • rocky

    The thing about this discussion is that… those who are still on the brink of buying a laptop and those who already have “THE” hardware with all the bells and whistles.

    Well those who wanted to buy a new hi-tech lappy is quite dazzled by the news about 64. hhhmm, so wots your prob if you buy a 32? youre not “in”? Those who wanted to try to use 64bit then go ahead try it… dont worry about the rest of the damn drivers for the fear of not running, because drivers these days are designed in a forward type of development (sheeessh).. but if you still wish to use 32 cause youre comfortable about it.. then go ahead… doesnt matter.. atleast you’re happy!

    Those techies who wanted to have more juice on the hardware they already owned are the people who would love to dive in the 64s. coz their hardware can do it. Running 64bit OS means your hardware is 64bit compatible (procie boards and stuff). Thats why others run into things when they do not know what theyre doing and blame it to whoever sits beside them… painful!

    Should I install 64bit or 32-bit version?
    So the answer would be? can your hardware meet 64bit requirements?
    if YES, then 64 indeed… its good to max out the things you have paid for.
    if not, then its not bad to run 32s.

    So you dont throw stones on a glass window.. use a bat and hit it with a ball.

  • James

    Just spoken to dell, and if I dont updrade to 64bit i wont be able to put more than 4GB RAM in my machine!

    • JohnDoe

      You can put as much ram as the motherboard allows you to, its just that a 32 bit OS won’t see more than 3Gigs of ram. So why would you want more than 3 Gigs on a 32bit processor? BTW…3GB of rams a plenty!

      • Bill Gates


        32 bit will support more than 3 gigs. My current Vista 32 laptop has four.

        WIndows Server 2003 Enterprise supports up to 16 I believe. (32 Bit)

        But 64 bit ram capacity is unimaginable.

        • Anonymous

          no bill, 32-bit CPU can’t adess more than 3,8 GB ram

  • sunny

    how to find that my pc is 64 or 32 bit processor

    • Boni

      you can use vista manager to see system information it complete enough.

  • Anand B

    I like this article. unfortunately, i read it after i installed x64 vista by reading many other stupid articles…i was kind of surprised to see that my computer was little slow compared to 32 bit…although i had 4GB memory. There were 2 program files folders in C drive …the new one was ‘program files (x86)’ and all the programs were distributed between these 2 folders…it was kind of confusing to find things…Also, the control panel has a sub folder called ’32 bit items’ and had some items in there …i had difficulty in finding them too. Major problem with drivers too..even HP did not have a 64 bit sound driver support for my PC.

    For a normal user, i don’t really suggest to migrate to 64 bit yet…

  • Carol Hobbs

    What printer goes with Vista 64 bit?

  • Dennis O’Dea

    Who Knew that getting the 64 bit Operating System would create so many problems? I bought a new desktop at Best Buy without any appreciation that essential 32 bit programs were incmpatible. I must now replace the 64 bit Vista OS with a 32 bit OS and reinstall everything. I can stop purchasing at Best Buy, but cannot escape Microsoft.

    Live and learn.

    • Nigel Curtis

      I have found all my drivers have installed on Vista 64bit with no problems. I have a Canon IP90v printer, now prints so fast compared to XP. I also have a Casio PDA running Pocket PC2002, with the new Microsoft software for mobile items, I can sync it. The only problem I have is I used Lotus Smartsuite 97 on my old XP machine. This will not work on Vista 64bit. I have been advised that Smartsuite 9.8.2 only works on 32bit. Has anyone tried it on 64bit? One problem I had was installing my broadband modem – I had to get a new driver from Orange, however, it failed to detect the modem during installation. i went into the device manager and checked the USB ports – hardware disabled! Clicked on enable and it installed no problem – i thought Vista would have told me it was disabled.

  • Anonymous

    Hy everyone i need help from all of you, my problem is that i am trying to install a software in windows vista 64 bit which always give me an error when i try to install it but it installs well on Vista 32 bit and on XP . Can you tell me that how can i install it in my vista 64 bit.

    • Anonymous

      I have had the same problem, however, there is a way round it. Is the software on a disc (cd)? if so, go into the computer, click on the drive it is in and view the contents. Find the set-up program and run it from there. It should install no problem then. I had problems with Smartsuite 97, it is the run installation software that does not like 64bit. i installed it this way via the drive and have no problems.

      • Anonymous

        well first of all thankyou for reply, i have tried to install it through that way but it gives me an error and aborts the installation, can you tell me any other way through which i can install it?.

        with regards,

        muhammad umar

        • Anonymous

          I do not know any other way. I had the installation error message when installing from auto run. I then cancelled and went into the drive and the set up file and had no problems. Sorry, I do not know any other way to run it other than download Microsoft Virtual PC, get a copy of XP and install in Virtual PC. This then gives you a PC within a PC and you can run older software.

  • Roger

    I have a New x64 based laptop with Vista and want to change it to XP. Do I need to get a x64 based XP version if ther is such a thing? Will I be able to find drivers for that?
    Thanks much.

    • Anonymous

      Windows Vista Ultimate is The Best x64 bit its Great…
      and Windows 7 Ultimate x64 bit..
      Better u have atlest 4Gb of RaM for x64 bit O.S.
      for x32 bit 3Gb of ram Maximum of usage
      in x64bit u can do all u wanted to do.. Maximum Ram can Handle with x 64 Bit…
      like 16Gb Max MMRYRAM…
      Quad Core too… and High End Grapix or 8800 GT to 250GTS NVIDIA Platform..

      Tnx ^^

      • Anonymous

        With Ultimate can you find drivers for HP Printers and Quickbooks? I have the Home Premium Version 64 and nothing works with it, having a real nightmare.
        Thanks T

    • Anonymous

      By now you my have seen that Windows 7 can run Win XP downgraded. Myself I hate doing the upgrade versions. By the end of next year I would guess that most programs will be up to speed…except for our old games(Windows 7 sounds like a great idea to run the x64 with 64 bit version and XP and have smoothgarity.)

  • Name

    I think you’re a little ignorant on the subject. Which L are you though? The “lucky” or the “liar”?

  • Anonymous

    32-bit OS recognizes only 3,8 GB of RAM, so if you have 4 GB RAM or more, u have to install 64-bit version.

    • Anonymous

      Well, you really don’t HAVE to install 64bit if you have 4GB ram — just you ‘lose’ some ram with 32bit when you have 4 GB……..

      Of course if you have 8GB ram (and I don’t know any average or even above-average user that needs that much), you would want to go for 64bit otherwise you are wasting all that memory, but with the problems with 64bit who wants to do that? So nix anything over 4GB in my opinion. I have 2 GB ram on my laptop with dual core running vista 32, and my meter here hardly shows over 60% ram being used. (Granted, I’m not running spreadsheets and browsers and Word and other programs all at the same time. I generally just have have multiple browsers, and perhaps Word, and another a program open at once. Anyway….) And Windows 7 has an even smaller memory footprint than Vista.

  • Skibs

    I’m glad to see current comments here lately. I need a new laptop (old one has developed problems otherwise I’d wait), and am really torn between getting the 32-bit OS and the 64-bit OS (both are Vista, and both would come with an upgrade to Windows 7). It sounds like in a couple of years 64-bit may well be the thing to have, with probably anything new that comes out working with it and adding 8gigs or ram or so to may it fly like the wind.

    However, right now I don’t want all the hassles of a 64-bit machine. I want to use my external hard drive, which I’ve Googled and can find no proof it works and only stories of other people have problems with different models of Seagate external HDs. I’d also like to use Photoshop 7.0, and can find nothing to say it works, though I did find something that said version 8.0 didn’t work. So it’s a real dilemma for me. I’d love to wait at least a year to see how things go after Win 7 comes out, but will probably buy something this week before my machine is kaput.

    Please keep sharing your stories, it’s helfpul!

  • Anonymous

    I am using 64bit Vista Ultimate
    This Page should be deleted its Irrelevant, Usb external Drives work with VISTA 64 so do Ipods use Itunes other stuff that worked in 32bit like Anapod wont do 64bit for me anyways others say its working, 32bit vs 64bit simply if your CPU capable and you gots more than 3 gig of ram go 64bit or Dual boot your old 32 with 64 etc, 32bit app Performance is great stuff still loads quicker tho 64bit XP was odd with Viewing jpegs NFI Vista 64 seems quicker at jpegs, If your using dos apps simply run a xp32 install next to your 64 if you need a Dos app that bad you can even make a Dos boot USB stick if but pretty much most Dos apps are covered except for those Junk Serial connection things, Oh and if you want to use a Game port or a Midi Port dont use VISTA 64 it wants only USB no MIDI or GAMEPORTS work there are modded drivers for some devices but not everything so you may loose your stupid joystick or DODGYTECH wheel to VISTA 64 but USB is easy enuff you can get a USB DONGLE for these things but sometimes they dont comeback

  • Joe C

    I REALLY wish I had read this before buying my new Lenovo. I have had HUGE problems running:

    -Treo drivers (Palm says it has no intention of writing 64 bit drivers…. so nothing but workarounds)
    -Time Matters also requires several steps just to start program, or turn off UAC completely
    -Symantec Corporate 64 doesn’t Live Update automatically no matter the setting

    Lenovo says no Vista 32 “downgrade path” other than buy a whole no OS for another $400. “Too Bad, so sad”

    I’m sure glad I spent the extra money to get the top of the line system…. not. It’s more trouble than my 4 year old Dell… and that’s a lot of trouble!

  • Anonymous

    I will say that with my 64 bit dell xps, I have had nothing but driver issues.
    Quick books, Creatacard, and HP printer drviers all have been a night mare. As I try to run my business.

    Dell sold me this operating system and when I noticed problems right away their tech manager, tells me to take it up with microsoft. Yet they sold it to me, they could hve sold me the 32 bit version. They did offer to re install it- I still can’t figure out why they would re install a system that doesn’t work?? Just didn’t make sense.

    So now I have to buy another whole OS, I think thats nuts!
    anyone have any advice?

  • PCTechGuy

    I posted this further up but it seems that no one has read it since people keep commenting on the fact that you can only get 3.2GB of memory with 32 bit OS. I currently have 8 GB of DDR2 installed on my computer running Vista 32 bit and it sees all 8 GB (8096 MB). The difference is the version of Vista you run. In order to see more than 4 GB you have to be running Vista Ultimate….any previous version of Vista will only recognize 4 GB (unless you are using 64 bit). If you have more that 8GB of memory than go with 64bit otherwise just purchase Vista Ultimate. BTW 64bit is a PIA to install/work with. It is incredibly slow on install and boot-up. I guess it works fine after it is up and running, but why mess with all that crap when you can get 8GB of memory on 32bit install.

  • Anonymous

    so your saying that vista x64 is worthless at this point in time even for gameing pourpouses. Consider the fact that with x64 basied systems gameing is idealy way better than runningx32 bit by far, of course if you have all the right hardware and advanced knowledge. I dont understand why they released x64 bit if its barly supported with the right drivers and or softwear!

    • Anonymous

      The problem with Vista 64bit is the installation software of most programs. I have installed Lotus 97. To do it, you have to go into the contents of the disc and select setup manually, it then installs. I have been running 64bit for a month now and have had no problems running various software. I can even use my Casio PDA with PocketPC2002 and sync no problem.

  • Name

    Vista 64 bits is worst than hell, it’s a **** in a dvd box

  • Anonymous

    i am using 64 bit hp touch smart iq 526 series with vista but its very slow about print and open so what i will do, few guide me dont use vista , vista always slow with excel, world and with printer.
    its take 5 to 10 minutes for print with cad file, pdf file.

    • Anonymous

      Hey all,

      I’m currently running a 64-bit system with vista 64. I have many old games, i.e Master of Orion 2, Warlords Battlecry 2 etc, that aren’t compatible with 64-bit vista. Is there any way to fix this without reinstalling XP or 32bit Vista? Or duel booting? If it’s as simple as using a program in the System32 folder, which one to use? (Lol at me, the PC noob).

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • I know this may be unrelated, but it is still an informative piece of information. When I ran the Windows 7 64bit OS, I could install both softwares 32bit and 64bit. I also had not problem with installing drivers for my PC. I was running an AMD X2 5000+ Black Edition, ATI Radeon 4870, LG Super Multi Drive, and an MSI Mobo. Everything I threw at it worked included a Microsoft lifecam, Logitec speakers, and wireless mouse and wired keyboard. I am not sure if this is what anyone needs, but I will definitely go completely 64bit with Windows 7.

  • Anonymous

    clear but then why having produced already 64 bit already two yaers ago as my Sony Vaio VGN-FE41M ??

  • Anonymous

    The Dell Studio 17 laptop with 4GB memory and 64bit Windows Home is now a stable machine. There were driver problems early on but now it is fast and stable. I feel no need to move to Windows 7.

    • Anonymous

      I have an HP Pavillion dv6 notebook with 4GB RAM and Core 2 Duo (64bit) processor. the machine came pre-installed with Vista Home Premium 32bit. The OS could utilize only 2.97GB of my physical RAM so I decided to upgrade my OS to Windows 7 x64.
      It has been over a month now and so far I have faced not even a single driver/software issue. whats even more exciting is that Windows Update automatically searches for most x64 drivers. I was worried that my Oracle Database 10g wouldnt work on this but found a separate x64 version for download on Oracle website.
      as of now (September 2009), x64 is fully supported by almost all major manufacturers. One may face issues with very old softwares and games but then future RAM requirements should be taken into account so why not upgrade now.
      If one is still skeptical and would want to stick to 32bits, then I would advise not to waste money on the extra GB of RAM, 2 to 3 GB shud be enough for your machine.

  • hi,
    there can anyone please tell me that does Abobe illustrator,photoshop, dreamweaver,Flash,indesign CS3 version works in Vista64 ultimate or any suggestions please,
    my processor is AMD phenom II X4 965 black edition AMD64
    i will be really grateful if anyone can share their own experience please.
    thanks Mo

  • Derek J

    If i have a 64bit vista disc and a 64 bit processor is it possible for me to install 32bit?

  • EddieK

    Many people have old hardware and software that can not be used with 64 bit Vista or 64 bit XP. With 32 bit Vista or XP on a 64 bit PC, they all seem to run. I think all companys selling a new laptop or desktop, should clearly indicate that it is Vista )64) bit (not just Vista home or Vista home premium). Some companies are doing that. Also the ones that offer the 32 bit vista as an option should not charge extra for it. In the case where the default PC or Laptop being sold is 64 bit, there should be warnings regarding the hardware and software incompatabilty probabilities.
    Some companies are offering xp downgrades, however I think $150 extra is a little much.

  • Anonymous

    I’m getting a new laptop today and I have been looking into all the problems that Vista has. Both the 32bit and 64bit. Honestly I want just regular old XP. The thing is that the newer computers are all coming out with 64bit only. That kind of sucks.

    • EddieK

      As far as I can see, If the Laptop does not say it comes with 32 bit: IE: Vista Home Basic-32 bit, or Vista Home Premium-32 bit, you can assume the system on the laptop is probably 64 bit. In addition to calling and asking if it is 32 or 64 bit, a good clue is, if anything states that it includes a 64 bit program, or 64 bit service pack. If it states just Vista Home Basic, or Vista Home Premium, it is likely 64 bit and you will may have to pay xtra to get 32 bit. It is probably worth it, if you have any amount of older hardware, or software that you have already paid for. If you are a serious gamer, you probably want 64 bit. I would not throw away your older 32 bit system. While you can usually find 64 bit drivers for the 64 bit system, and you can sometimes download or purchase 64 bit software, it can be a hassle and very time consuming.

  • uu

    thx alot for this
    i forgot i caanot install x64 on my x32 pentium

  • Anonymous

    hey man i think you might be able to help me, i have am acer that had windows vista starter edition and i just installed windows vista ultimate edition, it says is x86 wich i dont know what that is, anyway i installed this, installation went fine as far as i know, then windows was about to start, i typed in my password and when it was going to start i got black and said there was a problem, my computer is an acer aspire 3690 with 1.86 processor, 2 gb of memory ram and a small 80 gb hard drive in two partitions half each, anyway i wanted to know why it doesnt work, any suggestions? im totally screwed because i need my laptop for work… i need help.

    im leaving my e mail because im not sure i can find this topic again…

    [email protected]

  • albert

    how do i change from 64 to 32?

  • Anonymous

    i run a 64 bit with 4 processors and 2 gforce 9600 video cards and my bro-inlaw runs a 32 bit system, we play TW08 and my system when loading game or disk and courses is so much slower than 32 bit, he run 2 processors and 1 video card, i disk i got when i bought comp said 64 only. Any ideas. Thx

  • Anonymous

    You did not mention x64 OS can access more RAM.

    • Anonymous

      I am extremely demanding on a System. I knew XP well & was wary about switching to Vista. Upon market force (and not desiring an Apple), I picked up a Home Premium 64 bit Model to try. I have not had one software malfunction. [Even when software was made for 32 bit] It’s zippy & fast. No freeze-ups switching between multiple windows or applications– EVER. I have gutted the “running processes” GREATLY to speed the computer further. No Problem there. I have never had to “restore” the Vista, which I was having to do ALL the time with XP! Honestly, I’ve had the thing for a year & I’m still thinkin’ of it as new, waiting for something to sh*t the bed!!! I’m NOT gonna say that I LOVE my Vista, because I was supremely p*ssed off to be FORCED to buy it (to get the speed/memory I wanted)–when all I wanted was a nice familiar XP. LOL. HEY–some people do NOT like CHANGE!!!

      • Anonymous

        I am using Windows 7 RC 64bit. It is much better than Vista x64.

      • gizmo

        for people that dont like change switch your views to clasic view for all windows this makes for easier navigating in familiar suroundings dating back to win 98 . i have changed to clasic view when need to find things in hurry and cant find in xp or vista view so this works for me ///
        Im running intel e6750 core 2 duo asus board 4gig ram 6- 500 gig sata2 hds evga 9600 superclock 512 vidio card vista 64 bit ultimate hp laser c printer &photocopier ethernet version every thing runs fine except ie exploer 64 bit adobe flash stillnot avail yet bu ultimate vista come wit both versions of ie

  • Anonymous

    Very helpful, I’m a computer technician but was a little confused as to install the 64 bit ver. or not. You have made that decision quite easy for me! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Very Helpful, many thanks’

  • true as is said 64bit rimes with sh.t.

    • Anonymous

      So do “32bit” and “96bit” and “Kerr’s a twit”

  • A

    WELL 64 ROKKS……
    GO 64……..

  • Anonymous

    if I ninstalled 64 bit vista software can I change it back to 32 bit vista.

  • Anonymous

    How do I change back to the 32 bit?

  • blew

    going back on x32 again… =)

  • Anonymous

    i had 64 bit operating system on hp pavilion dv5 n how can i change it to 32 bit without changing my current window vista…

  • Anonymous

    I have an HP laptop 64bit itseems to have reversed back to 32 bit after playing a game how can I put it back to 64 bit as every thing seems bigger on 32 bit. Using vista ultimate.

  • Anonymous

    i think the author has it spot on… i work in i.t, going round setting up networks for companies and have to usually buy anything from 100 to 1000 pc’s and laptops and have never been asked to buy 64bit systems; cant imagine anything worse than setting up a printer for 100 users and finding out a 64bit driver doesnt exist…

    i’ve come across 64bit systems and have never really found a noticably increase…. personally, i would still recommend if someone wants a fast pc go for ram and not 64bit

  • Anonymous

    I have a 64 bit dell system with a 64 bit windows 7 home premium installed. Can i install a 32 bit xp prof on this system ?

  • Anonymous

    vista is kut vista sucks

  • Anonymous

    vista sucks

  • Name

    can i know which vista can i use from the type of my processor

  • Anonymous

    It’s now 2010 and I have installed Windows 7 64 bit.and I can not find any dependable video capture card that works on 64 bit. USB cards are junk they keep dropping frames and no PCI cards exist. What a waste of money Windows 7 is.

  • Anonymous

    I have a Vista 64 bit programme installed…………………how can I change to 32 bit, will I lose documents, photo’s etc ?


    • Boni

      You cannot change your Windows x64 to x32, you just have to install Vista x32, i mean a fresh installation. And you should backup you data first before doing a new installation.

      • Anonymous

        Nothing is as frustrating as arguing with someone who knows what their
        talking about.

        Hi juanbravo,


        In a message dated 09/04/2010 01:34:29 GMT Daylight Time,

        juanbravo wrote, in response to billytwosticks:

        You cannot change your Windows x64 to x32, you just have to install Vista
        x32, i mean a fresh installation. And you should backup you data first
        before doing a new installation.

        Link to comment:

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        To turn off notifications, go to:

        • Boni

          sory, i think something wrong,
          i mean not x32 but x64, yeah you just have to do a clean of windows Vista x64. Sorry for that πŸ™‚

  • ambuj kishor singh

    how to know that we are installing os is that 32 bit or 64 bit?

  • saral

    I have a 64 bit operating system sony vaio, however, as said above we don’t have device that support 64 bit. If i change the 64 bit to 32 bit as of now, can i change back the same to 64 later when sofware will be readily available.

    • Msmagicmom

      okay, me to sony vaio, brand spanking new, so how in the heck can I change to the 32 bit? go to some computer geek and have him reinstall my OS or wut?

  • someone

    disagree…. 64bit is way better… you just have a crappy pc which ony has crappy old hardware yup..

    i have windows 7 x64 and i have sound and internet connection and everything… i got 4GB of memory… you guys stick with your 3GB limitation which windows x64 will never have xD it’s obvious that you had NO idea what you were talking about xD

  • Ross

    haha … vista …

  • Tyrone

    This article is over 4 years old. Someone please bury this article. 64 bit is the way of the future and many if not ALL software and hardware now support this architecture.

  • Postman
    “When will 64-bit versions of Flash Player 10.1 be available?
    The 64-bit versions of Flash Player will not be in the initial release of Flash Player 10.1. We remain committed to bringing native 64-bit Flash Player to Windows and Mac in future”

    Ha Ha, 64-bit is still not ready for prime time.

    • ross

      I’m using x64 on 2 out of 3 computers, and flash is the only significant drawback i’ve found. Having separate x86 and x64 browsers depending on whether u expect to use flash or not is ridiculous, adobe need to get their finger out, they are holding a major technological improvement back for everyone!
      Aside from that, its x64 all the way!

      • Tmfx

        I thought Adobe CS5 has Flash for x64 Bit maybe I am wrong.

  • Tjmarcus

    help! i have 64 bit vista .but this is the problem ..i have one program that is old that i want to run on my vista but it wants 32bit so what can i do?its a pe design emboidery palette ver.1 that has to have 32bit so i can upgrade to a ver.7>>>help thanks peggy

  • Msmagicmom

    I have a new sony, that has 2 program files, one says 32 bit programs, and the other is the 64 bit programs.. What sux big time, is my work software is freezing up on install, saying “invalid code”, I have tried everything, including having my IT department remote into my computer, and they can’t seem to figure out how to get this to install.. I tried EVERY COMPATIBILITY MODE KNOWN TO MAN.. I looked up the “codes thing,” and see this can be a problem.. Does anybody know how to make this dang program install? W/o, I have to send this beauty back, and good luck fo rme finding a laptop with 32 bit vista home premium, which works beautiful.. HELP!!

  • A simple but ubiquitous issue. Thanks for the advice.

  • Machoma

    my friend somehow installed the 64 vista-version on his 32 msi laptop.. now he is complaining about it getting too hot and sometimes running off. can this be the reason?

  • vista 64bit is the best.more performance.if it does not work well with you get a new pc

  • Tenbears

    Now I’m confused. I’m replacing one of my laptops which is a 32 bit. Should not conside a new laptop with a 64 bit?

  • Flacooo1

    well guys here is my update both systems can do the job lets say that you have two ford mustangs one is automatic and the other is standard and you have to cross the city in the automatic you can be sure you wil have a nice ride all you have to do is use the gas and the brake pedal ( 32bit) use the mouse and the keyboard and drive the trasmission will do the job for you easy of use easy of drive the (64bit ) standard for mustand is goint to be more dificult to drive across the city to mmany trafic lights you have to use your brake gas pedal and cluch more often and you have to do the job of changing gears and spead up your car up and down so you have to find your software that works on 64bit and updating your system is going to be more dificult but not impossible so if you want a system that is easy to use get the 32bit (automatic transmission) or if you are an expert on updating and installing your files get 64bit and ones you have a good control of the gas cluch and gears on your mustand you can run faster thant automatic transmission the same goes for 32 and 64 bit systems onces you can handle and get your system up and running 64 is better

    • Therayster2010

      god almighty, does no one use punctuation anymore?

  • thankS very Nice

  • Ace

    I have a 32 bit processor and i want to run 64 bit windows, is this a good idea? I am one hardcore gamer and i enjoy it when my computer is fast, having this said, will I encounter any problems while doing so?

  • Nathaniel

    x64 is far more superior to x86 as long as your processor has at least two cores and you have at least 4gb of ram! this is what i have found and if im wrong please share. i have Intel Core 2 Duo with 2x 1GB Corsair Dominators 1600MHz with two PNY Nvidia GeForce 7900GS in SLI, MSI Creative X-FI Extreme Sound Card, 2x 250GB Sata HDD’s all Packed On to a MSI P7N2 Diamond SLI Motherboard powered by a G7 Power Extreme SLI 780w PSU Wrapped in a XCLIO A380 Case. and i don’t know why but its S**t with x64 lol but they quad cores ive built with at least 4gb ram are lovely with x64.

    p.s. If you struggle to get the drivers for X64 versions of vista/7 use driver genuis pro 9 or 10. they have never failed me!

    Thank you for listening to my waffling and please share.

  • Precious Nunoo

    Β i want to change my 32bit resolution into 64bit resolution as system type now.

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