PowerPoint: Compress and Optimize Presentations (ppt) to Decrease Size

By default, PowerPoint will save pictures in a format that is inadequately compressed. By setting PowerPoint to compress your pictures, you can optimize your presentations more efficiently. With this decreased size, you can email them and transport them more easily.

To allow for the maximum amount of editing later, PowerPoint saves pictures within presentations in a poorly compressed format. When working on a presentation locally, this is highly desirable because it gives you the most flexibilty in editing later. However, when trying to get your huge ppt file small enough to fit into an email message or on a USB drive, this can be a problem. Here is how to decrease the sizes.

Please note that many users use a rather painstaking, manual process for this. This tutorial shows you the quickest way.

Compress PowerPoint in Versions before 2007:

1. Open your PowerPoint presentation.
2. Click the File menu, and then click Save as.
3. In the Save dialog box, click the Tools drop-down menu.
4. Select Compress Pictures.
5. Select the option All Pictures in document.
6. Select Web/Screen unless you need to be able to print the presentation in high resolution.
7. Select Compress pictures and Delete cropped areas of pictures.
8. Click OK.
9. Confirm that you want to Compress Pictures (if the dialog appears).
10. Save your presentation to a new file name (example: oct_reports_compressed.ppt).
11. Click Save.

Compress PowerPoint in Office 2007:

1. Open your PPT file.
2. Click the SAVE floppy icon in the upper left-hand corner.
3. Click the Tools drop-down menu beside the Save button.
4. Select Compress Pictures.
5. Click Options.
6. Check the Automatically perform basic compression on save option.
7. Check Delete cropped areas of pictures.
8. Check the appropriate target output (print, screen, or email).
9. Click OK.
10. Click OK for the Apply compression settings now dialog.
11. Save file to different file name (ex: my_report_compressed.ppt).

The Conversation

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  • jef

    it didn’t work for 2007 powerpoint

    • DeadlyPersona

      In 2007, you have to click File – Save As and then look all the way to the bottom on the left-hand side and you should see Tools with a drop-down arrow. And I found it only compressed my file from 420kb to 400kb.

      • Jcrawford

        Thanks for the extra tip. I would have been all day looking for that.

  • nikhil

    fantastic……..God Bless You!!

  • Lorena

    hmmm, I didn’t find the “tools” drop down menu in ppt 2007. Instead, by selecting a picture, I got the format tab at the top. Then to the far left a “compress picture” button. This brought up a dialog box that followed along with step 6 on in the above instructions.

    • DeadlyPersona

      In 2007, you have to click File – Save As and then look all the way to the bottom on the left-hand side and you should see Tools with a drop-down arrow. And I found it only compressed my file from 420kb to 400kb.

  • Anonymous

    PowerPoint 2000 didn’t have a “Compress Pictures” option on the Save As->Tools menu.

    • Anonymous

      FYI – The methods above only work for office 2002 and later. This link tells you a somewhat slower way that works in office 2000:


      Basically, you “cut” or “copy” the big pictures, then Edit->Paste Special and paste them back as a JPG or PNG. Apparently, PowerPoint pastes them as bitmaps by default.

  • Itchy

    Thank you much!!! 11M -> 3M
    Project emailed — thanks for the help.

  • Whatever

    Went from a 7.21 to 3.56! Thanks! I had made a presentation that I thought was pointless because I couldn’t email it!

  • dipak

    thanks , extra ordinary, it works and very useful

  • Hannah


  • Anmol

    thanxx a tonne.. god bless u… it reduces the size straight by 50% (depending upon the images contained of course)… great tip.. i was finally able to email the once 11.5 MB file after i compressed it to 3.36
    i used to consider myself a pro but didnt know this.. thanks again !!

  • AP

    Thanks for your idea. My file went from 29MB to 8MB using the compression tool.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot find the tools menu. it is not on the “Save As” pop down menu

    • Mercedes

      You have to click “Save as” to open the dialog box. Then you see the ‘tools’ menu. Click File/save as/ then you see the tools.

      • Rhomzombus

        I’ve looked where you suggest and still cannot find the tools menu with 2007 version.

        • Jenny

          In PowerPoint 2007, click the Office button, then Save As. In the dialog box that opens up, look at the very bottom, immediately to the left of the ‘Save’ button. That’s where the Tools menu is. Click the down arrow next to it, and choose the bottom option: Compress pictures.

  • bhairu

    Many Thanks Sir / Madam,

    I am try to your suggested points i like very great full of yours all points.

    Thanks for your idea. My file went from 86.3MB to 2.85MB using the compression tool.

    Fantastic……..God Bless You!! Once again thanks.

    Best Regards,



  • Anonymous

    its very good information . thanks

  • Brilliant, it reduced the size of my ppt from 30 MB to 6 MB!

  • Julia

    It really helped!!! thank you!!

    • Tommy_x70

      yess for me toooo 😀

  • strength avenger

    thanks a lot. saved me a lot of time coz i need to send some powerpoints to groupmates of mine for a project. it did reduced the size of the powerpoint to half.

  • dangermouse

    Compressing your image in PPT is very useful. But in my experience, “Automatically perform basic compression on save” means that you are going to compress your images multiple times while working on a presentation. That means that your images get degraded repeated as you work on a show. “Automatically perform basic compression on save” is one of the first things I turn off, actually.

  • nick

    Really good instructions, thanks!

  • S.S.Banerjee

    Thanks, Succedd

  • colleen

    i followed the steps, it compressed the files, but now my links to other ppt’s don’t open.
    my presentation is linked to 2 other presentations and i compressed all of them so i can send them in a zip folder, contained together. now the links won’t work…

  • Alex Bell

    Well I did as you suggested. Found all the dialogue boxes on my French version of ppt. for Mac version 12.2.0 2008. Didn’t make one iota of difference to the file size. Completely stumped. My 16 page file weighs 40Mb! A complete pain.

  • Jpr

    what are you talking about – there is NO TOOLS menu when you click on SAVE AS – the help in powerpoint is about as useless as the white pages. I am totally confused –2007 is a total diaster as far as I am concerned – runnign a 25 meg ppt file under i7 processor with 6 gig memory and win 7 64 bit, runs 10 times slower than my old xp laptop with a same size file – when will these idiots at microspoft wake up and create products that are productivity tools rather than productivity destroyers…its time for ANYONE to create an alternative…a real alternative…please….

    • Steve

      Jpr-Click the Office Button, click the Save as arrow, choose Power Point Presentation, select tools in the lower left corner, select compress pictures, select options, then choose your compression settings. I hope this helps.

  • jack

    wow my ppt 48 mb to 2 mb awesome

  • Nkilongosi

    thank you, it helped me a grt deal, a 31mb file was able to be compressed to a 2.2mb file, thank you for the grt help

  • Thank you very much, worked a treat without any noticable difference in image quality 🙂

  • Robin88

    help me please! In 2007, I can’t find the “tools” button on the “save as” menu like everyone is saying. All I have is “options” which does not help. Also, when I try to click on the picture and format it from there, there is no “compress picture” button there either! I’m on a Mac, if that makes a difference. Can anyone please help me? My ppt is 230 MB right now, and I need to compress it! Thanks.

  • Lisa_lee123

    I am working on Powerpoint for Mac and there is no Tools button at all. I’ve already ‘saved as’ and compressed the photos to ‘least’ and my powerpoint is still 28 MB. Anyone know what else to do?

  • Riddhi

    Cool… It worked well on my ppt… Thanks

  • Peterh

    i have PP 2002 I do as you say but it come up wil w message you must select a shap . Tried selecting every slide in the presentation then Autoshapes. Neither works. Any Ideas


  • DWB

    Thank you !!!!!!!

  • Carolina

    I have problems converting a powerpoint made in 2007 to 2003….I know how, but the size file increases because I suppose the images are converted too as bmp.
    My goal is sending the presentation by e-mail as so many people do.
    Some clue?

  • laura

    I import several high resolution 4×6 pic’s into ppt and crop them to create a slide (open house announcement). I have to save as .jpeg in order for the photo center to print the announcement…which looks great on the computer..but when i get the finished product … the pictures are “pixelated” …… can ppt save as original resolution????

  • ridhima

    i am not getting the options for compressing “all pictures”, the check box has vanished…dnt know what to do!! using 2007

  • Barbara

    i must be an idiot because there is no tools menu or compress option anywhere that i can see. oh come on, i’ve wasted hours on this today.

  • Mike Anderson

    Yes thank you so much this article about resize powerpoint files. I have created other templates on website.

  • Nimo

    Thanks a lot! It worked for PowerPoint 2013 too. Just hit save as, choose your folder and look for Tools next to the Cancel button.

  • Leona

    Thanks so much for this – would have had to do it the very long way otherwise. Much appreciated