Pandora: How to Rip and Save Pandoras Music to MP3 Files for Free

Pandora is an amazing music service. If you want to actually save the music to your hard drive to keep forever and forever, these steps will allow you to do it easily. Burn straight to mp3 with tags, titles, and sorting intact. Updated!

You need firefox as well.

1. Go to and setup an account.
2. Download and run Pandora’s Jar:

New instructional guide here:,983.0.html

3. Click the Extract All Files link to uncompress the files to a directory on your computer. I use c:\pandora
4. Goto the directory that contains your downloaded files (c:\pandora)
5. Double-click on pandora.jar.
6. The file will launch and you will see something like:

Welcome to Pandoras Jar
Attempting to lauch on port 80...OK
[ready, lets grab some MP3'S!!!]

7. Visit http://localhost in firefox
8. Firefox should load with Pandoras Jar version of Pandora
9. As you listen, the mp3s will be created in a directory called mp3 in your original pandoras jar installation directory (c:\pandora\mp3)

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  • josi

    I tried to do that and doesn’t work: “unable to rip MP3 unable to find file make sure you have Pandora running in a FIRFOX browser”

    • oytra

      > nice

  • Vivada

    Awesome tip! Thanks MickeyMouse.

  • Great site. thank you for the post =)

  • lashavia lovett

    my question is how how download music and save it to my harddrive

  • Anonymous


  • Rider

    unable to locate artist and song information.
    Waiting (

    * Waiting (top fans).


  • Anonymous

    I can only download one then it dosen’t work

  • DC

    I dont think step 7-8 is working, I go to open it up and it opens as a blank page called aphrodite. Is there anything I can do to fix that?

  • gah.

    does it have to be a firefox browser?

  • Evan

    Thanks for this tool, it really helped me

  • Caravan awning dude

    well I think that this is great tool, although it might not be working at this moment.

  • Mike Crabe

    Interesting, really interesting way to obtain free music

  • Honesty Pays

    If Pandora gets shut down because of people like you doing this kind of crap, I’m gonna be real mad. I pay for my music because I respect the things that good music is made from. I pay for my music because I love my music and I wouldn’t feel right listening to it if it were stolen. Don’t be a jerk. Pay for your music.

    • Adrian

      Get mad. Loser.

    • Fundagelical

      Do you mail a check to your local radio station?

      • anon

        it’s called ADVERTISING…

  • Dave Mason Lyrics

    nice and adequate

  • Well, this is a great idea BUT, this is just killing the artist and the music industry. Do you want the musicians to make more, great music? Then stop STEALING there art and start buying it so you can support them. You may think all musicians are rich bastards, WRONG. It’s just enough to pay the bill’s unless there signed to a major label and then still it’s just enough to make it buy. Also, isn’t the point of buying an album so you can go home, sit down and listen to it? Enjoy it? You damn thieves are what’s killing the music industry. Everyone now looks at music and mp3’s like its just some 4MB file on the computer that doesn’t mean shit. I work my ass off creating, composing, mixing, mastering, a song. I making a little over minimum wage working full time and I’m trying to make it as an independent artist. I make about 60 cents a song. That’s NOTHING. And then to find out there are people who want to steal my art? NO. That’s crap. Go steal some rich Hip Hop or crappy Rock artist’s “art” and be done with it, but Pandora is a great place to find NEW, unheard, up-and-coming artists. So, don’t steal there shit. Buy it, support them, and hope they create more great music.

    • Jay

      I take your point.
      However, after tax I earn about $12 per hour. If I could afford CDs I’d buy ’em.
      3 further points:
      1. I go to gigs (over $300 spent this year) and some of that goes to the artist, and the prices have gone up insanely in the last 24 months.
      2. Pandora has advertising – when I listen on Pandora, the ads pay for the licence fee which they in turn pay pay – so when I rip from Pandora, something goes to the artist, unlike if I just download from a peer-to-peer site.
      3. Anything in Pandora’s TOS which prevents recording for PERSONAL use (like we used to tape stuff off the radio in the old days and put in our walkman) is probably illegal – though this hasn’t been totally tested in court, similar cases have for AM radio (thus, it is not stealing, it is – legally speaking – fair use). It’s not like I’m ripping a crappy 64kbps (or whatever it is) stream and then playing it in a club.
      4. Generally, after a couple of listens in the car, I’m back to Pandora again (and I’d guess my usage pattern is not atypical) so even morally speaking I feel like I’m getting fair use, UNLIKE when I download some albums off peer to peer and then keep them forever instead of buying, which does, indeed, leave the artist with nothing.
      Any thoughts?

      • Hal2012

        You sound like a fcking idiot. Using your own logic, I’m sure the company you work for could think of a million ways to reduce you $12 hr a job to $2 hr job. First thought: Cheap foreign labor! You dumb f-ck, that’s exactly why you make what you make: you’re a thief and the universe (or GOD) knows it. So that that $12 hr you make is your KARMA for being a a f-cking thief and soon people will begin stealing sh-t from your home, let see how you feel when they use your logic. Can’t you see, you’re part of the problem that effects you too in the long run? Naw, you can’t see it… you only see what you want and feel you can take it. Trust you will learn the hardest way bc in the end, the thief is always stuck with personal tragedy.


        • m.s. kennedy

          I love how your only response is to attack him as a person rather than confront the argument he has provided. I love the fallacy that attacking ones credibility through personal insults justifies your argument. Do you even know what it is that your upset about? Did you have mommy and daddy issues?>

      • sam clay

        >Prices have gone up insanely for this very reason–pirating music!

    • Anonymous

      The record industries are the real thieves. Bypass them and use Web 2.0 technologies such as peer-to-peer to your advantage to gain a large fan base and you’ll make more money on your own.

    • Name

      Music industry and artists are greedy pieces of sh*t. I support the artists I want to see make it to the big time, but if you make millions and than maybe drop from 10 mil to 5 mil a year? cry me a river you shouldn’t be making that much anyway, Our country has horrible debt to everyone and we pay people for sports and music millions and millions of year while a teacher makes maybe 35-45k? Cap their salary take the rest for something real and if you want to b*tch about their hard work, get real, words on a page is not hard work and if they want people to care and buy their crap, $1 a song on itunes and $10-$20 a CD is crap, make it reasonable like say $3-5 a CD on itunes and I’d buy 10x more stuff, sorry I don’t work 8 hours a day so I can buy a few shitty cd’s that they had someone help write their songs and produce while they collect

  • sealy

    Worked like a charm for me! Thanks so much for the guide

  • Jay

    Also…. The Safari trick mentioned in the thread above works on Safari for Windows as of Jan 2009.
    Open Safari’s activity window and look for entries starting with “http://audio-sjl-”
    – you have to manually name the track and append “.mp3” to the file name too, but it’s easy and it works.

  • Z

    um… i think the links r down :(… anybody know if its just my comp?

    • A

      Yeah i have the same problem. i type in http://localhost and am brought to a site named
      “Aphrodite” with a blank page.

  • Tammy


  • John Engelbert


    I have Leopard for Mac and I was wondering how I am supposed to be able to rip the songs off of Pandora onto my hard drive.


  • when i run the jar, my compy just wants to uzip it… any help?

  • Anonymous

    You have no idea what Pandora is, do you?

  • Anonymous

    are you kidding me? Pandora is such an awesome service and you are completely undermining it! Pandora could wind up getting shut down because of crap like this…

    PLEASE, PLEASE, just buy your damn music or listen for FREE on Pandora’s website!

    • Reg

      Exactly. Pandora’s fantastic, and it gives a boost to bands and artists a lot of us might not hear about otherwise. When you click the ‘buy’ icon, it takes you to Amazon to buy the song you’re hearing, and for under a dollar. Being genuine makes a massive difference in the way you see yourself, really. Not to mention, ripping off Pandora is like stealing from Goodwill or robbing your neighbors’ mailboxes.

      • gadfly

        Umm, yeah, you do know that Goodwill is a for profit business and not a charity, right?

  • Anonymous

    You said you could download them on my computer but i’m not clear how? it took me forever to figure out what java RE was cause there are different Re’s! RDK, am
    I right? I’m not a novice but I’m not a Pro either. I didn’t understand alot of what you described. Like Pandora’s Jar. I never seen it anywhere. And all the other stuff was so confusing to me. I downloaded the RDK and I don’t know what to do next, so how to download songs on to my computer, I guess I’ll never know. It’s a shame, Because I have some really righteous stations on there!

  • Nice. still works.

  • this is valuable information. I will definitely tell my wife!

  • eniwetok

    I think using FreeCorder is easier. It was one of the few recorders that would work with my AMD/nVida PC. FreeCorder creates individual files at whatever bitrate you want. I oversample at 160kbs even though Pandora seems to be streaming at 128kbs. I make note of all the songs that are playing so I can rename the mp3s… and after each plays, I disapprove it so it won’t play in that station again.

  • Anonymous

    Freecorder 4 allows 192 which is the max speed for Pandora. Works

  • Anonymous

    Is this Pandora hack still working? Sounds almost too good to be true. Also, not quite clear on what a jar is?

  • Anonymous

    also try AudialsOne,!

  • Anonymous

    Simple plea here – please don’t use this app. The more people who use this and other similar applications, the faster streaming music services like Pandora and will go away.

    I like these services because I can legally listen to music I enjoy, and learn about new artists that are similar to my tastes w/o having to budget a small fortune to do so. I like the try before you buy model.

    While piracy will get you the song(s) you want and satisfy your short term need for a booty shake, a headbang, or whatever your fix is, it leads to concert ticket inflation, less original music, and more starving artists that have to wait longer and longer before their dreams are realized.

  • Anonymous

    You got anything that works on Linux? fedora 12.

  • Anonymous

    You got anything for Linux? Fedora 12.

  • Anonymous

    Everything is working fine except when I am trying to Grab a song it says

    unable to locate artist and song information.

    Please I spend like 3 hours trying to find the problem but nothing please help me I am using

    Pandora’s Jar Ver: 7.4.0

  • Anonymous
  • Pamike

    Hello guys, I’m using OSX SL, listening to Pandora radio and recording all I want at 320kb/s (VBR) bitrate Stereo (no Joint Stereo) even applying enhancers like Equalizer, Reverberation, Compressor, Delay, Suboctave bass, etc etc….on the fly. So the final quality of the .mp3 I get is amazing!

    …try Audio Hijack Pro.


  • n/a

    Or you could just download audacity and set record to “what you hear” Would probably work as it just captures any sound coming through you sound card.

  • Dabackdaboot

    thats kinda bullshit. if the artists don’t say the music is free, its stealing. going ot heir web page to listen, or making a station to stream from is support. this is stealing, & its not what real fans do.

    • The intelligent voice.

      Yes, also anyone who ever made a mix tape on a casette from the radio deserves jail time and fines.
      DO you listen to yourself talk?

      • Hal2012

        Actually, people who do popular mix tapes know the other artists and get permission as a means of promoting the existing artists and the new artists. Trust, otherwise those artists would sue. In short, just bc you can’T see the deal doeSn’t mean one does not exist. You don’t know who people consulted prior to creating a mixtape. So take you’re dumb azz logic out the mix as well as the guy and everyone ELSLE on here who feel it’s cool to steal. EVERYONE ON HERE WHO STEALS MUSIC WILL SOON HAVE SOMETHING STOLEN FROM THEM THAT MEANS A LOT TO THEM AS WELL. A LIL FORUM AS SMALL AS THIS IS YOUR KARMIC WARINING! YOU WON’T BELIEVE ME UNTIL YOUR HIT BC YOU’RE ALL SCARY-MOVIE CHARACTERS THAT ARE DUMB AS HELL.

  • pay2speakisnext

    So, who said music makes money? Anybody? It’s all hype. You listen to music you like. If you could play an instrument you wouldn’t buy these other peoples music because you would be making your own. If your a struggling musician then get a real job like the rest of us.

  • Luis Moreno

    Music makes Money…. Money makes Music….People loose Money….Music gets People

  • Esjael

    Wow. Friggin’ illegal as hell. Theft is theft people. Grow a conscience.

  • Alandreamiller

    hi baby what are u doing

  • Alandreamiller

    when u were born

  • Me

    Can this be done on mac?

    • Pamike

      hey dude, read my comment above this one (9 months ago).
      I actually use SL OSX.

  • Anonymous

    Works awesome. Thanks

  • Hal2012



    • i+hart+your+mom

      me thinks you are the industry – how does that azz falking feal? every song i steal, i consumate with the thought that it has pissed you off

      ignore this child. he sucks the napster killerz pen!s. here’s to you mr industry. thank you for killing my dream. i am the artist. my music steals your profits. it speaks without asking for a dime. and it gets national airplay. your music eats at the soul of young children. i have a job, and i make music for fun. music for profit? i pity the fool.

  • ana

    I won’t do this because I enjoy having Pandora FREE for me to listen to.

  • Jailbreaker

    Oh yea. And I’ve been teaching my kids the tricks of the trade for a few years now. Soon they’ll be rippin’ music better than me in new ways I couldn’t even imagine. My son (14) is already learning PHP, C++ and other language codes to create programs. He’s already created an APP (for himself) to rip music from certain sites.

    Music will be created by AI (robots) by the years 2048 anyway, so the inevitable is nearer than you think for the music industry.

  • Liza

    Amen. Artists have to eat too. Soon no one will be able to afford to be musicians. This is a real problem! Pay for your music please.>

  • eapIV

    A great way to get your music free and legal: Create it yourself. If you think it should be free because ‘you feel like it’, then make it yourself. Spend the time to hone your craft, invest in your equipment, learn to play an instrument or sing, learn to write, record the whole thing- given that you record and write everything yourself and don’t have to join or play in a ‘band’ or hire a producer- promote it through mixed media and live performances, market it to a certain demographic and then wait for that cash to just roll in from all the people who just think ‘you are the shit’.

    Or you could push on the link that says ‘$.99 purchase’. But if you insist that neither of these two options are financially viable for you to enjoy ‘free music’ then take off the paper hat and the name tag and go back to school, learn how to repair computers, fix cars, run banks (you’ve already got the theft part down, so that might get you some earned credits if you go into economics), try a sport of some kind, you never know when the next big viewer-sport will involve some loser setting on the couch tapping away at a laptop.

    And hey, churches have all kinds of free music you could go and listen too. Granted they’re a little light on hip-hop and metal, but their trying (notice my use of ‘they’re’ and ‘their’ in their proper context).

    And remember, nothing impresses people more than that 4th generation copy of a compressed file. Of course if ear-buds are your main source of speakers then it hardly matters dose it.

  • JamieD

    OK, I have to reply to some of the comments here, because they are frankly ridiculous. Why? The fact is this, music and art is FAR more widespread and diverse than it has ever been at ANY point in history. This claim that you are killing the music industry by locally saving a file you are streaming is tremendously stupid.

    Firstly, the only people who will have gone to the bother of searching out this page are regular pandora users, that is they have been, and will continue to be exposed to advertisements from Pandora. Whatever their reasons for local saving, it is unlikely that if they want to hear a song they will decide to stop listening from Pandora and then decide instead to fire up a music application and listen to a locally saved file, What would be the point? So quit the hysterics on that part.

    As for the claims about starving artists, let’s not pretend that the most “ripped” songs from services will not be artists on a major label. Why? Because they are the people who are on the radio, in your face on TV shows and so forth. I know a band signed to a label who have released two albums. I bought their first album three times, first digitally, second physically in a store, and third, again, physically in a store (trying to help them in the charts, that’s what fans do). Neither physical copy has ever been played, and the money I paid for those albums, they got next to nothing from it. Instead, they got far more when I went to see them play 4 times, and bought merchandize with my girlfriend. Still, they depend on album sales and single song sales because they need to get into the charts, even though they don’t benefit very much directly from the sale.

    So the game they have to play is this.. convince your fans to spend more money on album sales, of which you get next to nothing and we (the record company) gets the majority of, and in return for pushing your fans to buy your album, you’ll be placed higher in the charts and get more exposure, THEN you can earn more money as you will get more fans. Anyone who does not see the status quo as rigged against both the artist AND the consumer, and in favor of the label, is blind. Radio stations only pick a trickle of all the new material released every week to give air play to.

    Now let’s talk about the other things we never hear about. How much money does Pandora make anyway. It made about $140 million in revenue in 2011, and a net loss of $1.8 million (and other costs associated with going public). That’s the cost of being an Internet radio service, you pay ENORMOUS royalties that your over-the-air competitors are protected against paying. That’s why streaming services are few and far between (or inadequately “stocked”), because they cannot afford the demands of the record company. You make more revenue, they want more money. They will always want the majority of the cash that you make. Hell, they even wanted Apple to give them enormous cuts of the sales of iPods years ago, even though they don’t come pre-loaded with music and the labels get the vast majority of the costs of songs on iTunes.

    In some countries, like Finland, the consumer pays a levy on the purchase of blank media (regardless of its intended use) like CDs, DVDs, USB storage or Hard Drives, because they “might” use the media for piracy. In most European countries (not sure about the USA here), if you have a business premises where you play music (from ANY source), you have to pay a yearly LARGE fee to a music royalties organization. So even if you played music ONLY from artists who have produced it and expressly declined royalties, the law of the land is you have to pay a royalties organization anyway. Then you have movies, and video games.. the development / production costs are already high, but now to use even a snippet of a song in a game, movie, tv show or whatever, it’s an ENORMOUS cost.

    I could go on, but the fact is, consumers either directly or indirectly, pay an enormous amount of money that ends up going to record companies. It is the extra few cent on your hamburger at the restaurant down the street as a result of the extra bill they pay for playing the radio, the extra few dollars on the cost of the game or movie you bought, and many other ways, and it adds up.

    Now on the artist claims. Of course, I’d much prefer that artists get the bulk of compensation for their work when I (yes ME, A CONSUMER) decides to open my wallet and hand over cash, but even at that, an artist is NOT a special entity that has to be protected. Artists are NOT rare. Musicians are especially not rare, and as I said, music is more widespread and diverse than it ever has been. Telling me “I’m starving because I create something that nobody buys” makes me wonder why you don’t decide on a different career path. When it comes to money, you are in a market just like everyone else.

    Whether you fans are software engineers, accountants, school teachers, janitors, fast food workers, nurses, doctors or whatever else, their employment (and therefore their income) is based on their skillset and their willingness to trade time, and their skills, for money. If their skillset is useless, tough. If nobody wants their time, tough. That’s how it is for EVERYONE. Heck, even a surplus of people with their skillset might see them out of work, and it’s pointless to start telling people HEY, YOU HAVE TO PAY ME FOR MY WORK EVEN IF YOU DON’T WANT OR NEED IT.

    Look, the music industry had a GREAT thing going for itself, but it was a LOT smaller. It dominated everything when the CD was king. But even when Napster showed up over a decade ago, it took YEARS for the music industry to even provide a legal alternative.. YEARS. When they did, the alternative was iTunes, the music was low quality, DRM’d (restricted to Apple gear) and if you lost it (right up until the creation of Apple’s cloud service) then TOUGH, you buy it again. We were even reminded that ripping a CD was wrong (although it wasn’t illegal in most countries) which was a giant middle finger to anyone who ever paid $20 for a CD. Fast forward to 2012, YouTube has MILLIONS of songs, people don’t need P2P anymore to hear music free. Pandora and Last.FM exist. The value of a product is NOT determined by its creator, it’s determined by the market, and the market has put the value of single songs, and even albums, very low. The price you pay for an album is far more inflated than its value in the market.

    But back to my main point (and sorry for the scattered response here), there are more artists, there is more music than ever before. Globally, music has grown, not shrunk. Social Media means now that bands/artists can have their own following and connect with them immediately. In cities or towns, artists can expect to build a following of people they can perform for, sell their gear to and so forth, just look around, music is everywhere.

    I know there will be artists annoyed at what I said, but I’m looking on as a consumer who has paid considerable amount of money over the years on music, in one way or another, and I have to say it, I’ve never seen such a sense of “entitlement” as I have seen among some artists. It’s a kind of.. “I’m an artist, I’m special, I’m more important than you, I need to be protected from the market forces than dictate YOUR income, I do not play by the same rules.” That’s not everyone though, just some of the more vocal opponents of something as trivial as saving a song for free that you can hear for free anyway.. these same “artists” would have been crazy about the horror of people recording music from public radio in the 80s and 90s.

    I’m done!

  • Kel

    I’d be VERY careful doing this,
    Idk exactly how this program gets music from pandora but if its going into the site and extracting them
    then it is essentially hacking Pandora and stealing information.
    If they find out and your not in the same state that Pandora operates out of then downloading files from this site is a FELONY offense. Just a warning from a fellow hacker to be safe.

  • Adam

    I open up http://localhost in firefox but it just opens the page I think I want but then redirects to the real pandora and it won’t load.

  • roxy club lista facebook

    Helpful information. Lucky me I found your web site accidentally, and I am stunned why this coincidence did not came about earlier! I bookmarked it.

  • joeblow

    I wrote one in c# that works on Vista and above.
    It stores all streamed music in mp3 format.
    It stores artist, album, title and lyrics in the mp3 as well.
    It is basically records your sound card output and uses an embedded browser to pull track info,
    pulls lyrics from a lyrics site and embeds everything using mp3 tag editor code from sourceforge.
    I’ll prob put the full source on codeproject soon so keep an eye out.
    I’ll check back here for interest…

  • montazemi

    i’m registed sins 2 years and know you ask me all the time my email pas…. etc. without music . why?

  • Jasmine

    I legally own Pandora. I want to buy my granddaughter a MP3 player for christmas but before I do I need to know if she will be able to download my “Pandora” service from my computer onto it or will she have to settle for downloading selected songs from my computer or iTunes? I want to surprise her with the player so I can’t ask her this question. We both like the Pandora service and would love for it to work on a MP3 player the same way it works on my computer and TV. Kind of in a hurry for an answer and would appreciate fast and sincere help. Thanks from a loving grandmother.

    • David Kirk

      First you will need to know if Pandora has an application for that MP3 player. Some music players do not have access to Pandora.

      If you can get Pandora access on the player, you should be able to give your username and password to her so she can use it.

  • blahblah

    how hard is it to just find the song you want on Youtube and then use an MP3 Converter site to get the download you want? No need for some Jar file. Just pick songs you like and do it the easy way.

  • Grisham

    You can do the same thing with the realplayer downloader, anything you stream can be automatically downloaded, I use this to rip music from YouTube and Pandora

  • Music

    thanks for the info

  • goatman

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