Windows Media Player WMP 11: Command Line Options

Posted May 21, 2006 by Hack_Vista in Windows

The new WMP11 is now available. Controlling Media Player from the command line just got much easier. Check out some of the new options.

Using my notebook as a portable media device, I often set up shortcuts to do things quickly. WMP11’s new command line options are a great addition.

This option will open wmp and play the playlist listed (NameOfPlayList):
wmplayer /Playlist NameOfPlayList

To play a song (nameofsong.wma):
wmplayer “c:\nameofsong.wma”

To play a song or video in fullscreen mode:
wmplayer “c:\nameofvideo.wmv” /fullscreen

To play the DVD device:
wmplayer /device:DVD

To play a song with the player in a certain skin (headspace):
wmplayer “c:\nameofsong.wma”?wmpskin=headspace

To open player in the copy from CD Mode:
wmplayer /Task CDAudio

These all can be combined as well. Take the following example:

Play DVD in fullscreen:
wmplayer /device:DVD /fullscreen

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