Garmin StreetPilot c320/c330 Easter Eggs, Hacks, and Tips

After recently buying the Garmin StreetPilot GPS system, I wanted to list all the hints, hacks, and tips that I have found for it.

The StreetPilot c320 and c330 systems are very similiar. The c320 system is a little cheaper and uses SD cards. The c330 system uses internal flash memory. Both these units rock, have many features, are frequently updated, and are rather inexpensive now.

Many of these tips were found on the gpspassion forums.

c320/c330 Hints:

Software Updates:

The system comes with a map of CDs and some basic transfer software. Seeing and setting your points of interests and waypoints on your computer is made much easier by downloading and using Garmin’s free MapSource software.

If you want to connect your notebook to your GPS system while you travel to get killer information, stats, and better views, you can download and run Garmin’s free nRoute software.

You are probably entitled to at least one free map update as well.

Access the Debug/Diagnostic Pages:
1. Turn on your GPS.
2. Click View Map.
3. Click the Speed section in the left lower corner.
4. Press and Hold the Moving Avg box for several seconds.
5. The Diagnostic Screen will appear.
6. Press Next to cycle through them all.

Perform a Hard Reset to Clear Your GPS:
1. Turn off your GPS.
2. Press and hold the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
3. Turn the GPS on (and continue to hold the right hand corner).
4. A warning screen will appear and ask if you want to continue.

This will erase all your custom data. This is excellent after buying a used unit or after moving to clear all your data.

Go to a Street without Knowing the Exact Number:
1. Turn on the Unit.
2. Click Address.
3. Select the desired state and city.
4. When asked to enter a house number, just click Done.
5. Type in the street name.
6. Your point will automatically be picked on that road.

See Trip Stats (Time, Speed, etc) and Reset Trip:
1. Turn on your GPS
2. View the map.
3. Click the Speed Box in the lower left corner.

To Calibrate the Touch Screen:
1. Turn off the GPS.
2. Hold the Power Button for 30 secs or so.
3. The Calibration screen will appear.

To Save Your Current Location to Your Favorites:
1. Go to the main menu.
2. Click Where to?
3. Click My Locations.
4. Click Save, and then confirm.

View Turn-by-Turn instead of the Moving Map:
1. While navigating, click the top direction green bar.
2. This will show a list of upcoming turns.
3. Click the top direction choice.
4. You will see turn-by-turn directions instead of the moving map.

The Conversation

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  • Aaron Beane

    I was given a used garmin c320, registered in someone else’s name and i want o get a free upgrade on the maps, buy I can’t !

  • Aaron Beane

    I was given an older c320 Street pilot and i want to regerister it in my name and load a free updated map

  • morris

    i need a software to use to have banks login like eggs and so many

  • puiaici

    Hard Reset is not working with my unit i own a c320 and i have erased the maps

  • abbc

    Example: going to Hwy 2 or US 2 of a city. Just enter ‘2’ for streetname, Garmin will search all possibilities for that city.

  • cheap car dvd players

    Hard Reset is not working with my unit i own a c320 and i have erased the maps

    • Cwazygti

      c 320 and c330, the trim around the screen is removable, under it is a reset button.

  • Syedarmaan

    i bought a second garmin c320 i register it in my name and get a free software and map upgrade from garmin but the problem is that i am in thailand and the upgrade they made for me now it has United States map. can any one tell me how can get thailand’s map back pls do mail me at [email protected] Thanks

  • stu

    my c320 has froze on me and wil not turn off

    • Gene

      My C330 does this once in a while, let the battery die, and then it will shut off and you can resume using it.

    • JacobBJoergensen

      To reset, remove the lightblue frame that is placed around the screen ( there is a little tab in the top of the screen in the middle ). when the frame is removed press the reset buttom in right side

  • Michael

    I have a Garmin 330 with a broken touch screen digitizer. I have successfully opened it and removed the part. Any US sources for replacing it? When I do replace it, should I go through a hard reset? It was given to me used, and I don’t want to erase the maps that are in there, and have no source for replacing them. What does a RESET do.

    thank you.