Flickr: Search the Comments of an Entire PhotoStream

Posted April 29, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Internet

Searching a busy photostream for a certain comment or comments can be difficult. By using Google, you can search a whole photostream quickly and efficiently.

If you use Flickr frequently, you will soon realize that searching through comments would be an awesome feature to have. Since Flickr is well spidered through Google, this Google search will allow you to do it.

I use this often to reference previous comments that people have left within my photostream.

Here is the simpologist photostream that I frequently visit.

If I wanted to search his photostream for a comment containing the word “shot,” I would use this Google search:

Google: inurl:photos/simpologist shot

The site: command limits it to Flickr.
The inurl: command limits it to the simpologist photostream.
Finally, shot is the term for which I am searching.

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