How to Install Daemon Tools without Spyware/Adware

Posted April 29, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Windows spyware

The latest version of Daemon Tools contains evil. Here is how to install this nice program without the spyware.

Daemon tools is an excellent program that allows one to use CD/DVD images/ISOs without burning them.

Microsoft has developed free, unsupported software that does this as well.

The problem with the latest version of Daemon Tools is that it contains spyware/adware.

First, notice that you can get older, non-spyware versions at the bottom of the download page. If you have to use the latest version, here is how to install it without installing the spyware.

The SaveNow and software it installs is obviously not friendly.

Although it is not obvious, NOT installing the adware is actually very easy. During the installation process, just make sure the Tools Search Bar checkbox is not checked.

The Conversation

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  • Poojarathore94

    thanx its useful 4 me………

  • anno4753

    i never install any of that tool bar crap anywayz (9 times out of 10 its going to be nasty)

  • Tom

    Doesn’t work anymore. With the newest versions, the adware/spyware/plain virus gets installed whether or not you tick out the boxes. Frankly, at this stage I wouldn’t even trust the paid version to be clean.

  • Yupp

    Yeah. I used Daemon Tools for quite some time without any issue. But the other day it told me an update was available and I followed through with it. I unchecked the usual Toolbar/Homepage crap, but found some dirty .exe installed under the guise of HKCMD.EXE (an intel tool that has access to various things). I am 100% sure it came from the installer. It was created about 45 seconds after running the Daemon update.

    I removed Daemon tools and the unwanted .exe and decided to go with Virtual CloneDrive (which works quite seamlessly and AdFree with Windows 7)

  • Markus

    I describe myself as an experienced PC user.

    But with version 4.48.1 of Deamon Tools Lite, it ALWAYS installs Adware in the temp folder of my Windows.

    Malwarebytes-scan lists me the 2 following objects:
    C:\Users\***\AppData\Local\Temp\is-SALE5.tmp\OCSetupHlp.dll (PUP.Optional.OpenCandy) -> Keine Aktion durchgeführt.
    C:\Users\***\AppData\Local\Temp\nsu33E.tmp\OCSetupHlp.dll (PUP.Optional.OpenCandy) -> Keine Aktion durchgeführt.

    This is the point where i stop using this useful program and switch to alternatives. Thankfully there are 2-3 alternatives to Daemon Tools that dont spread Adware like this.

    • Vince Lin

      > Seriously, these guys at Disk Soft LTD really messed up a great software. Someone should hack their servers for disrupting the free web.