Removing Windows Vista Bootloader from Startup

Posted April 19, 2006 by AMCDeathKnight in Microsoft Vista

Tired of the Windows Vista Bootloader starting up after you have uninstalled Windows Vista? These steps will allow you to remove it.

(Obviously this has only been tested in the vista beta.)

You will need a Windows XP Home or Windows XP Professional CD to be able to do this.

Check that the BIOS is set so you can boot off your CD\DVD-ROM drive and put in the Windows XP CD. Restart your computer so it will boot from it.

When it comes up with text: Boot from CD…. press ENTER or any other key to boot from your Windows XP CD. It should now start scanning your hardware.

When it comes up with the blue screen, press R for Recovery Console.

It will come up with a black screen with white writing. Give it a moment to load the default US keyboard. If you are using a different type press Enter and follow the instructions.

You may have to type your Administrator Password to be able to use the Recovery Console; if prompted please do or you will not be able to continue.

Now you should be at a prompt where you should be able to type. Type in the following commands:

1. type FIXMBR and press enter
2. Press Y if asked

(fixmbr means: fix masterboot record)

3. next type: FIXBOOT and press enter
4. Press Y if asked.
5. When you can continue, restart your computer
6. Remember to take the Windows XP CD out of your drive and it should be fixed.

Editing your bootloader can be very dangerous stuff. Only proceed after backing up your system and if you really know what you are doing.

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