How to Avoid Hotsyncing Your Palm

Posted April 16, 2006 by KabukiAssassin in Uncategorized

Do you hate to Hotsync? Here is how to have to do it only ONCE ever.

I came up with this method because I use a Treo 650. As all Treo users know, syncing these phones can be hard. It is just a pain to do it every time you want to install a program. Often, you will get a reset before the sync completes, or it will freeze up. This tech-recipe is ideal for Treos, but it works for all Palms with a card slot.

Many people think that syncing is the only way to backup data and install programs. This is NOT TRUE. All you need to install apps is a little freeware gem called FileZ. You will need to download it from It is a direct DL from the site if you have a Treo or a palm with internet connectivity. Install it to your card so that in the event of a crash, it will still be there. Now, pop the card into your card reader and create a folder on it called “apps.” This is where you will store all the PRC and PDB files for your programs from now on. So, if you are browsing the web from your PC and you find a Palm app you want to try, just download it and save the PRC/PDB files to the folder you created on the card. From there, all you have to do to install the app is open the folder with FileZ, locate the install files, check mark them, and select copy from the drop-down menu and copy them to internal memory. Then, if you want to move them to the card to save space, simply go into the Palm launcher menu, select copy, and copy the app to the card and delete it from main memory. Keeping your program files on your card is also a great way to keep track of them and avoid having to re-download them later on. I also keep a text file on my card with all my serial numbers in it so that I never lose them. (Of course, I write them down on paper, too.)

I have not hotsynced in so long that I cannot even remember the last time I did. I have had numerous crashes away from home and have been able to completely restore my device and reinstall any apps without a computer. For data backups, I use BackupMan and set it to backup automatically every day at 9 am. When I have to hard reset, I use the FileZ method to reinstall BackupMan and restore my device.

Hope this turorial helps some frustrated Treo users.

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