Adobe Photoshop: Add the gloss effect to any image

Posted April 5, 2006 by risherz in Graphics

Many professionals use this sweet technique to add the glass effect to all of their images. You to can use this glass effect for any image that you want, with these helpful tips!

Basically the glass effect is adding a White to transparent type gradient over any image and reducing the opacity to around 20% for the gloss layer. You can do this for any image that you want, to make it look like it is shining.

1. Use the pen tool to create a box or desired shape over the image. Try to have a gradient from dark (at the bottom) to light (at the top) if you can for the background.(if you don’t have the pen tool then you can use the marquee tool and gradient tool):

2. Right click on the layer and select blending options. (you can also the add a layer style menu)

3. Check the Gradients box. Then change the gradient to a totally white gradient

4. Make one side totally transparent

5. Click on OK

6. Change the opacity of the layer to about 20%. (this setting will differ from picture to picture)

Final Effect (this is just to demonstrate… if you put this on real images the results will be better):

Then your gloss is good to go… you can add this great effect to any image! But remember that the darker the background the more better the gloss.

For example here’s a extremely simple and easy to do glossed image:

Note: To make the gloss curved I used the pen tool.

If you want any additional help in ‘glossing your picture’ or any feedback on the effects you’ve achieved by using this recipe, feel free to use the comments section.

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