Remove All Hyperlinks in Word or Excel

These two nifty macros enable you to delete the embedded hyperlinks that are generated when typing URLS or copying information from the web.

Have you ever copied and pasted something from the Internet and then into Word only to get the hyperlinks embedded? You can removed them easily with the Macros below.


Hit [ALT]+[F11] to open the Visual Basic Editor.

Go to Insert > Module, and in the pop-up window copy the following:

Sub RemoveHyperlinks()
Dim oField As Field
For Each oField In ActiveDocument.Fields
If oField.Type = wdFieldHyperlink Then
End If
Set oField = Nothing
End Sub

Then click File > Close and return to Microsoft Word.

You can now run the Macro in Word by going to Tools > Macro > Macro and then running RemoveHyperlinks.


You can do the same in an Excel Document:

Hit [ALT]+[F11] to open the Visual Basic Editor.

Go to Insert > Module and in the pop-up window copy:

Sub RemoveHyperlinks()
'Remove all hyperlinks from the active sheet
End Sub

Then click File > Close, and return to Microsoft Excel

You can now run the Macro in Excel by going to Tools > Macro > Macro and then running RemoveHyperlinks. This will delete all URLS on the selected worksheet.

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  • Anonymous

    Very good.
    Have been attempting to find a solution for some time.
    This macro cleared all links in a very large file at the first attempt.

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        • Junaid

          > It’s Very simple

          1 Copy the row

          2 Then Paste Special

          3 Then click values

          then all hyper link will gone …

          • Michael

            “then all hyper link will gone …”

            ALL previous formatting will also be gone using this method.

  • Student

    Select the entire block of text, then press Ctrl-Shift-F9. Presto: No more hyperlinks. In their place, plain text.

    • Shivshanker Cheral

      Also by presssing Ctrl + 6 we can do this!

    • nora

      IT WORKS!
      Elegant simple and it works!

  • Will

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    very very nice.. was so easy with your help

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  • Shivshanker Cheral

    you can remove hyperlink using Ctrl+6 also

    • Powers_100

      with this I am unable to remove hyperlinks of Java Script

  • Nishant

    I ran the above macro during a term paper that i was working on, in MS Word 2007.
    Works great – removed all the hyperlinks….
    Thanks ALOT!!

  • john

    Very useful to me. Thank you so much 😀 😀

  • Blandoo

    Somehow this does not work for javascript embedded within a picture (buttons). Please let me know if there is a “Remove all Javascript” macro I can run.


    • Najen

      Hi here is code to remove all shapes which include objects ActiveX controls (Control Toolbox) or a linked or embedded OLE objects,Controls from the Forms toolbar
      ,Controls from the Drawing toolbar,Pictures, chartsactive x,buttons,pcitures,drop down lists etc.It will basically remove all these objectsActiveX controls. even cell comments but not cell comments


      Sub Shapes1()
      ‘Delete all Objects except Comments
      On Error Resume Next
      ActiveSheet.DrawingObjects.Visible = True
      On Error GoTo 0
      End Sub

  • Worked like a charm for removing all hyperlinks – thanks

  • sil

    Many Thanks for this help, Muchly appreciated

  • me

    ok.. it works… thanks a lot.. i’ve been loocking for this.. just not hard enough until now because i didn’t have that much text copied.. it actually took me 2 minutes to find this… and it’s great.. and u actually don’t need to know anything.. just follow the easy instructions

  • shabi

    it’s really very good

  • Dan

    In Office 07 for words. The macro section is under the “view tab” to the far right.

  • orpheus

    Thank you very much. It’s very useful.

  • tabi

    This didn’t work for me…maybe a problem with Excel 2007? Or my stupidity, it’s tough to say.

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    Excellent – saved me having to remove 700+ hyperlinks by hand.
    Super huge thanks

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    just copy to notepad and paste it back!

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    Didn’t know I’d ever FIND it, just by googling. Congrats. GREAT CODE!

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    Thanks, this worked

  • Anonymous

    how to enable hyperlink, after removing it using VB..?

  • Kevin

    Thank you for your help. This is a command that Microsoft clearly forgot to add. Great job! Although I have written plenty of macros (mostly on Excel, but a few in Word), I was not excited about adding to my already large set of macros… but I’m glad that I did. It works perfectly!


    • Anonymous

      i need macro programs pls send your macros what u have.

  • God, thank you! This is so clean and direct, without entering a bunch of dummy data to sidestep the problem. Thank you so much.

  • There’s another tip that says to select all text and clear formatting. But this makes it lose formatting.

    I found yet another way, just select some normal text in the paragraph and click the Format Painter. Then select all the text where you want hyperlinks removed. The text retains most of the formatting (except when it disagrees with the original text selected before clicking Format Painter).

    • Anonymous

      yes its also working good
      thanks dear

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    THANKS! This was really handy when pasting Wikipedia articles into Word

  • Pirnima

    Thank You So much .. my file size has been reduced by half… Thank you really I have been looking for a solution since 3 years!!

    Is there a way where you can can keep the hyperlinks in one column that you want .. and remove it from the rest of the sheet?

    • That’s strange. How do hyperlinks make your file two times bigger? Anyway to selectively remove hyperlinks, I posted the following in a previous comment (2 months ago) for Word:

      There’s another tip that says to select all text and clear formatting. But this makes it lose formatting.

      I found yet another way, just select some normal text in the paragraph and click the Format Painter. Then select all the text where you want hyperlinks removed. The text retains most of the formatting (except when it disagrees with the original text selected before clicking Format Painter).

      As for Excel, you can try the second way there too! Just select a cell with normal text, then click (or double-click if you want to do multiple times) the Format Painter, then select the columns with hyperlink that you want removed. Remember that all the selected columns will have the same formatting as the original cell you selected.

      Well apparently I discovered that in both Word and Excel, it doesn’t actually remove the hyperlink but only make the formatting of the link similar to the normal text you selected. This means the links no longer look like links anymore (it looks like normal text now), but when you click on it, it still launches your browser to navigate to the link address.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the help. It helped me & saved my time.

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    Very Useful Stuff 🙂

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    i don’t know delete hyperlink in Microsoft Office Word 2003

  • Anonymous

    I just wanted to ad something if one wants to use the same with Office 2007 or later.
    The procedure is just the same but in order to execute it we need to click on office button, then change the Popular Commands Drop Box to Macros.
    Click on the remove…..

  • Anonymous

    Or…select all the text and press CONTROL+6

  • Tom

    Thanks for the MS word solution. I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of those stupid hyperlinks. Very greatful.

  • Tom

    Thanks for the MS word solution. I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of those stupid hyperlinks. Very greatful.

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    THANK YOU X 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. I had over a week long work load of deleting these and this did it in seconds!!!!!!!!!!

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    My only question is, why isn’t this option in the program to begin with? Answer: Microsoft.

  • A.D.E.Cyber Emporium

    Thanks for the info.
    Saved heaps of time and was so easy to do.

  • Research

    In MS word

    select all [CTRL + A]
    then CONTROL + SHIFT + F9. …

    NO NEED FOR VBA… Simple and fun….

  • Mike

    Thanks worked great…..the first time, when i tried it a second time it went all grey, i couldnt paste the information into another word document or anything. A bit anoying 🙁

  • BentSpork

    Great code, but it doesn’t go into the footnotes. here is code for footnotes using the Selection approach:

    ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.SeekView = wdSeekFootnotes
    ‘ Select all text in the footnotes.
    ‘ Loop through fields in selection.
    For Each aField In Selection.Fields
    ‘ If field type is a Hyperlink field.
    If aField.Type = wdFieldHyperlink Then
    End If
    Next aField
    ‘ Close Footnotes and return to document
    ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.SeekView = wdSeekMainDocument

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  • ashley

    I want it to not paste as a hyperlink in any document. I don’t want to have to remove them in each document.

    I know how to copy a #1 and hold control and select all the links I want to disable and paste special and choose multiply to make all links go away. Then I have to reformat the text to match surrounding text. (change from blue to black and remove underline)

  • mickey

    It’s a beautiful thing. Thanks so much…

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    This helped me no end with a big problem I was having on some huge spreadsheets! Thank you very much

  • Larry Orr

    What versions of Work and Excel are you talking about? Are these Windows or Mac commands? In other words, more info is needed.

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    Press Ctrl+6
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    Amazing! Very straight forward. Thanks guys! It worked

  • Suzym27

    But how do I do this on a MAC?!?!

    • Suzym27

      Figured it out!

      Control + A to select all
      Control + 6 to clear all hyperlinks


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    For word, press CTRL + A to select all, then press CTRL, Shift + F9.
    Shortcut to get rid of all hyperlinks 🙂

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  • Soanis

    For Office for Mac its cmd + 6 (that’s the command button near the spacebar + 6) when a text is selected.

    • nebo

      This works for MS Word for Mac – i.e. cmd+6. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much!

  • Bretv72

    Oh thank you, thank you. I have a weekly document that I used to spend an hour on just removing copied hyperlinks!

  • S2c

    or you could select the text and press control+shift+f9

  • Prostreetphotography

    WHERE are the Tools > Macro > Macro tabs? I don’t see them in any menu at the top of my Word document. I copied everything above into a macro, but can’t seem to find any of the tabs I need to click on after that. Help! This sounds like such a great idea if I can figure it out.

  • Prostreetphotography

    OMG! Thanks, S2c! YOUR trick worked instantly! I’ll have to remember that one!

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  • Awesome! You saved my day)

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  • Nick

    I am amazed that this seems to have worked so well for so many since I found two major errors, one in the code and another in the text:

    In the code: a CR/LF is required after “Sub RemoveHyperlinks()”, making “Dim oField As Field” the second line. The first line names the macro “RemoveHyperlinks”.

    In the text: The macro is supposed to be executed as follows:

    You can now run the Macro in Word by going to:
    Tools > Macro > Macro and then Run “RemoveAllHyperlinks”

    However, as pointed out, the name of the macro is really “RemoveHyperlinks”

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  • amis

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    This is not working for me in excel. I have tons of hyperlinks in empty cells and all this does when I run the macro is freeze up and then I have to close and re-open.

    Any more suggestions?

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    Wish it worked. Keep getting errors like “Compile Error. Expected End of Statement” and “Can’t execute code in break mode.” Any suggestions?

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    I have a very big word document and I want to select all hyperlinks and paste them some where else it is a 40 page document with each page having 10 hyperlinks and paragraphs in between is there a way I can only select hyperlinks

  • David Kirk

    I just tested this in Office Excel 2011 for Mac. The Macro worked like a charm.

    To start the process go to Tools -> Macro -> Visual Basic Editor.

  • Karan Pathania

    Its a lot of trouble. You need not do all this stuff.!!!
    Here is a more simple and easy way:

    1. Press “Ctrl+A”
    2. Press “Ctrl+Shift+F9”

    🙂 Enjoy !!!

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      > Didn’t do a thing in Word 2010.

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    Hi Katy,

    I am using MS Word 2010. This macro would be very useful to me. I have copied yours and followed the instructions, but I cannot find ‘Tools’ anywhere… At the top I have File Home Insert PageLayout References Mailings Review and View. In the View there is a Macros item, but the RemoveHyperlins is not displayed.

    — Robert

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    thank you, very useful info. works perfectly

    in new excel you just need to add MiCRO from Excel options

    go in Excel Start > on the bottom click Excel Options > Customize > in the botom of the add ons chooce View Macros and click Add then you will see the MACRO link on along with Back and forward buttons and you will tun them quickly

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