Copy Music Files from your iPod Using Only the Command Line

Posted March 22, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Apple Mac

Copying files from your iPod to your Apple system is easy. This tutorial contains the commands that you need.

After seeing a recent Tech-Recipes tutorial on copying files from your iPod to your PC, I wanted to show Apple users that it is easy to copy files from your iPod as well. That is actually an interesting tutorial for both Apples and PCs, so check it out.

The author’s instructions for Apple, however, were thin. Here is what you need to know to copy your music files from your iPod to your Apple.

1. Open a terminal window.

2. Run the following type of command:
cp -R /Volumes/ipodname/iPod_Control/Music local_music_path

ipodname = the name of your actual iPod
local_music_path = path on your Apple you want to copy your files to

Here is what I run on my system.
cp -R /Volumes/mickmPod/iPod_Control/Music /Users/mickm/Music

3. Wait while the files are copied over to your system. A new line prompt will appear when it has completed. You will see a lot of numbered folders in your local_music_path.

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