Vista: Flip-3D Window Changer or VistaSwitcher (ALT-TAB Replacement) with Screenshot

Posted March 14, 2006 by Hack_Vista in Microsoft Vista

Alt-tab is a useful keyboard shortcut. However, Flip3D, Vista’s new alternative version (and keystokes), may interest many users. See your tasks and windows in 3D and switch between them.

I frequently use alt-tab, and the new Vista alt-tab window changer, VistaSwitcher, shows a tiny screenshot for each application. It is visually appealing.

Even better is Vista’s alternative way to view your open windows: Flip-3D.

Hit Win key + tab.

You can click the above picture to see a larger view.

When you are holding Win key+tab to open the Flip-3D window, you can use your mouse to select the window you want to come to the front. You can also use your scroll button on your mouse to cycle through the open windows.

Yes, Flip-3D is a poor name, but its function outweighs the banal title.

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