Vista: Make the Run Box Appear on the Start Menu or Shortcut

By default, vista hides the Run Box. Here’s is how to make it reappear in your start menu like it did back in good ole xp.

Are you sure you want to do this? I know you love the RUN box in the start menu from the good ole xp days. There is a run shortcut you know!

Let me tell you about it first…

Shortcut to make the Run Box Appear:

    Winkey – R

If it is that easy, do you really need it cluttering up your start menu too?!?! Yeah, I understand. I need it too..

Place the Run Box Back on the Start Menu:

    1. Right click the Start button
    2. Left Click Properties
    3. Click Customize button beside the Start Menu selection
    4. Scroll down and check the checkbox on Run Command
    5. Click OK and OK

Now it should appear under Help and Support in your Start Menu

The Conversation

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  • jobelle

    Good tip! Thanks for this one.. 😉

  • Pierre Sutphin

    Thank you so much — Vista is such a screwed up, un-user friendly program. I wish I still had my XP.
    — Pierre

  • Michael Hill80

    Thanks for that. It is a valuable tool.

  • Abc

    what the hell is winkey?

    • Tipztv

      the button with windows logo on it 🙂