Vista: Disable DEP or NoExecute Protection to fix Explorer Crashing

Posted March 12, 2006 by Hack_Vista in Microsoft Vista

Some explorer crashes, especially in the early builds of vista, are due to DEP violations. Turn it off and see if it helps.

DEP or NoExecute Protection will be a vital part of vista security. During these early builds, however, it can lead to many explorer crashes.

If you are getting a lot of explorer crashes, disable it and see if it helps.

Disable DEP in Vista:

1. Click Start
2. Click All Programs
3. Click Accessories
4. Right Click on Command Prompt
5. Left click on Run as Administrator
6. Click the Allow button if it asks you for permission
7. Type or copy and paste this into the command prompt window:

bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff

8. Hit enter and you should see the confirmation: Operation Completed Successfully
9. Reboot and DEP should be off.

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  • help?

    so how do I re-enable this? change it to alwayson?

    • orion

      remember, first open the command prompt by “run as admin”. then type in bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx optin

      • Anonymous

        What does this command do then “bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx optin”

        Am I setting my DEP on again

  • Daniel

    Is DEP the confirmation thing? if so it doesnt work, i cant get my damn homeworld 2 to work no nmatter what i do D:

    • Anonymous

      the confirmation thing that always says Allow or Cancle, is UAC, and is a whole other ball of worms

  • Anonymous

    Pro-Tip: Doesn’t work with SP1

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t work with Service Pack 1?? THANK YOU SOOO MUCH, I couldnt figure out why this wouldn’t work.

  • stefano

    vistax64 with intel processors, cannot disable DEP and trust me I have used every hack I could find on the net I need suggestions plz

    • Anonymous

      I have Vistax64 home premium and intel core 2 duo and dep does work as i can now play homeworld 2

  • rainbowwwarrior

    yeahhhhhhhh – it works ;o))))

    thx a lot !

  • Abul


    tried everything….. Mines fixed now, sympathys to all whose isnt …. My advice.. boot in safe mode, search for “system restore” choose a point taht it 1 week + from when it started to skrew up….and hopfully your as lucky as i was…and it fixes it. Good LUCK@!@!@$#$@$

  • Gerd

    It does not work, my TurboCad prof 10.2 still does not work

  • jojo

    DEP doesn’t work at all

  • Mark

    It’s about time MS runs you all over the place, took another to help get rid of there IE 8 Beta
    Thanks you really helped me out

  • Trevor Wainwright

    I’ve DEP shutting down my spooler so that the printer does not work. I no longer get the message on start up but the spooler is always off. This in XP though. What has suddenly started this? I cannot get the spooler to start manually either. Bit of a drag as you can usually print your help before starting the fix, I have to write everything down!


    thnks u r awesome i was trying to solve this problem for so long days finally i got it solved

  • Jamaico Tan

    hi i really have problems on this one and i follow what you said already but it says there that bcedit.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command

    please help me on this

    it would really be a pleasure iof you can help me

    • m

      bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff

      make sure its B C D edit


  • Pla

    Yeah. It works but be sure you run command prompt as admin.


    /////I have tried to disable DEP a few times but when I enter the command it says “The boot configuration data store could not be opened , Access denied” Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/////

    same problem here…..

    • Anonymous

      You didn’t run it as admin, try again and follow directions better.

  • Adnan

    Not very useful. I did it but to no avail: caused more trouble. I reinstalled avgfree and ran a disc check on C drive which solved my problem.

  • ef

    hmm “no bcedit found”

    • orion

      you missed the “d”. its bcdedit.exe

  • laree

    mine said the same thing

  • craig

    i know this might be an easy fix but i turned off DEP because it was blocking a program and the DEP is still stopping it from running. any ideas?

    • joeh

      I had same problem with Vista Home running IE8. I disabled Google Toolbar add-ons and all is OK now. (Right click Internet explorer, select start IE without Add-Ons – if this works you can then go to Manage Add-Ons and disable individual ones. I disabled the most recently intalled ones and by a process of elimination discovered that it was Google Toolbar and Google Findbar which were the cause of the problem)

      • Anonymous

        Thank you so much! You totally helped me fix my problem. I disable all Google items and then I was able to see the items on the websites I needed to see. No one else seemed able to help me. Thanks again!

  • Ali

    i did that but nothing happened !!!!!

  • MASF

    Thank you it worked perfectly. God bles your soul. 🙂

  • Zoey

    I typed in the command in the command prompt and it disabled DEP but the program it kept blocking still doesn’t work. Do you know what I can do to get the program working?

  • Ross Wilson

    to reverse this do the same as above but type : bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx OptIn into the command window

    • Jeff

      When I run the command i get:

      “The boot configuration could not be opened. The maximum number of secrets that may be stored in a single system has been exceeded.”

      Any ideas on that?

      • Anonymous

        THATS WHAT IT SAYS WITH ME HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • C

    Thanx!!! Back up and running! Can get the job done now. I want to leave this off, What problems would I encounter,If any?

  • Robert

    Thanks! This actually accomplished my intended task. The other 30 articles I read on this subject were complete crap. Again, thanks.

  • ???

    this does not work for me.
    I always end up getting, access denied.
    Can someone please help?!

    • Anonymous

      Install SP2 and it should work.

  • naxtor

    it works fine

  • Anonymous

    how do i turn it on again?

  • Anonymous

    I disabled DEP as you described with bcdedit.exe command line entry. The problem was not solved and I cannot restart DEP with bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOn. So, now I sttil have the problem and no DEP support. What now?

  • Anonymous

    DEP is a bit of security from windows (thhat i find annoying because it closes all my fav apps all the time, i do have to restart app after diabling for program) that closes programs using to much memory, or something. When a program does something windows doesn’t like, DEP(data execution prevention) closes it.

  • Anonymous

    Hiii,I did as it is and now it is working perfectly.But am shutting down by DEP for all the essential Windows programs….
    Please let me know

  • rhre;pf

    right click the command prompt as admin right click>drop bar>open as admin then continue the process

  • Frankie

    Turning it off still diddnt work, Im trying to play halo 2 and data execution keeps comming up when i start the game, i called microsoft and they diddnt help cause my warranty ran out, i checked other trobleshooting steps like running the game as admin. or chaging the compatibilty to xp sp2, but halo2 is for vista
    i have a home built comp
    it has vista premiun 32bit
    dont remember wat the m/b is i know its an ecs
    umm it has a intel core i5 2.66ghz quad
    and corsair xms3 4gb ddr3 memory
    320gb samsung hdd
    his radeon hd 4670 1gbddr3 videocard
    idk wat the problem is but it only does this to vista games like halo2 shadowrun gears of war crysis warhead, crysis works fine

  • Anonymous

    Is administrator go thre okay rebooted and it still doesent work dep is constantly greyed out with a tick in the box for enable. I am using internet explorer 8 with pack 2 for vista. I hate fucking dep…

  • Anonymous


    1) Right click on cmd : Run as Administrator
    2) type : bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx Optout
    3) Restart pc
    4) Everything back 😀
    5) DONT EVER TRY AGAIN the : nx [AlwaysOff OR AlwaysOn]

    Thanks! I hope you all be alright!

  • Donna

    I cannot fix the Data execution prevention no matter what I do, my hubby can check his email without getting these notifications, from the same computer.

    • Donna

      Thank you ChezzaX! I really appreciate your suggestion but I got it fixed, had to pay for it (charge) it took two days of chatting with the East Indians but it turned out to be Internet Explorer 8, This computer, an HP came with Explorer 7 and because of my constant and annoying updates, I downloaded Explorer 8, Big mistake! DEP is such a pain, there are many suggestions for fixes on here, hope anyone else chooses the right one.

  • Anonymous

    when you get to the CMD on the accessories list dont click on to it, instead do a right click and select to rum CMD as an administrator- then copy and paste as per point 7 above-

    Running CMD as a “User” does not give the the permissions you need!


    • Tina

      Thank you! I always forget how to do that “run as administrator” thing and forget that IT’s the thing causing the secondary problem! Very grateful!

    • Captainbill0624


    • Christina

      thanks a lot…after browsing all the topics your suggestion was the best and worked

      • Anonymous

        Glad to be of help!!

        Kind Regards

        Cheryl D Brewster

  • Anonymous

    This does not work. Unknown command

  • Emonk

    that doesn’t work!! IE:made my PC crash had to reinstall my OS

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, try some more solutions on this page….Their are many more high tech people than what I am. I do feel your pain though.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know the admin password !

  • guy from place

    mine says i exceeded max number of secrets for my sustem whats that mean?

  • Jessica

    I still need more help. I It turned it off, but my problem is still happening, now it;s just not popping up that data execution prevention did it. It happens when I am on my school website and need to post something, it won’t open up anything unless it comes in a new tab. Now that I turned DEP off, internet just stops working…
    I really need this for school. Please help

  • Neil68hatcher

    What if access is denied

  • bensherma

    Because of this i cant pley any of my computer games…
    the moment i start the game executable it says setup has stop working…
    ok i will try it out and get back u the feed back in case it works for me…

  • Anonymous

    I am using windows vista home edition. Recently I upgraded Internet Explorer. Many windows are opened while browsing various web sites and if any one window is closed by me, instantly all other opened windows are closed.
    I believe it is part of DEP program introduced by Microsoft. I executed your command as administrator and rebooted and the problem is solved.Thanks for the help. Any program should not override user options. Beyond the intendented purpose of the program it becomes a pain in the neck for the user.

    Sebastian Koylerian



  • hpyfmly

    I know this was some time ago, but I just did a clean install on new hard drive…I kept getting the error, followed your instructions and now my computer won’t boot up – not even in safe mode. I am running a “Pre-boot system assessment”. Any suggestions? By the way, I JUST got done updating the Vista Service Pack 1 which I see from others posts that it’s not compatible….wish I would have seen that sooner.

  • Dave

    dont work. but please create and post a new code to take off this stupid DEP. thanx.. im sick of it and adobe crashing my ie8

  • Tannernascar

    how do you turn it back on?

  • SwordWrath

    when i disable dep and reboot (it said it was successful) it still closes programs. i cant find anything on the internet. help!

  • Leloucharvin

    you cant even copy that so i cant do it

  • eric hunter

    right click on the command prompt icon and click Run As Administrator. click, then type bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff then go to start menu and restart it should be fine

  • flintstone

    LOVE U man thanks a lot… works!!

  • Martin


  • Janey

    For VISTA x64, type on Command Prompt

    bcdedit.exe /set nx alwaysoff

    that worked for me

    • Luke.l

      > Done it for windows vista, but KOTOR still crashes on open…?

  • Ken Wood

    Microsoft don’t even support their ish products themselves, you have to go to a 3rd party like tech-recipes. For fuck’s sake if it was any other business there’d be serious outrage.