Using Your Keyboard as a Mouse by Using MouseKeys

Posted March 7, 2006 by risherz in Windows

You can use your keyboard as a mouse. This can be very helpful when your mouse is not working properly, its batteries run out and you have none on hand, or if you simply want to have some fun.

Use the following step to activate MouseKeys:
1. Press Alt+Left shift key (the one below the caps lock key) and the Num Lock key.
To deactivate, just press the above combination again.
Now, you can use your numeric keypad to move the mouse pointer.

Here are some tips that might improve the MouseKeys experience:
– You might want to set your options to something such as the following (To change the options, just double-click on the mouse icon in the systray, and click on settings.)
1) Select Hold down Ctrl to speed up/Shift to slow down. (This might be helpful if you want to go to a point quickly with your cursor.)
2) Change the option to off where it reads Use MouseKeys when NumLock is:. (This way you can use your numeric keypad to key in numbers.)

Here are the functions that you can do with the numeric keypad:
Pressing 5 = a left-click on your normal mouse
Pressing 0 and navigating the pointer = selecting the text in a normal keyboard
Pressing * or and then pressing 5 = a right-click on your normal mouse (To use 5 to perform the left-click action, press the / key).
To scroll up and down, you can either use arrow keys or the Page Up and Page Down keys. You can also use the space bar to get to the bottom of the page.

There are other combinations as well that do the same tasks as the ones above, so I have not mentioned them. You are going to discover these after playing around with the numeric keypad for a while.

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