URL Hack: View and Save Original Photos on Flickr

Posted March 3, 2006 by jasperthedummy in Internet

Have you ever been frustrated by wanting to save a really nice photo on Flickr, but when you try to save it, all you get is “spacer.gif,” a picture of nothing. This tech recipe not only allows you to save the re-sized image you see on that Flickr page, but we can also hack the URL to see the medium, large, and even the original photos on Flickr. We can also save these.

This is not really a long manual. All you need to do in this hack is find the URL, change the URL, and paste the URL. The steps are really that simple.

First, you will need to choose a photo you want to save.

Once you are at the photo’s unique Flickr page, view the html source of the Flickr page.

On the html source page, search for “photoImgDiv,” which is a text found uniquely within the region where you can find the photo’s URL. Once you are at the region where “photoImgDiv” can be located, the rest of the steps are easy.

Search for a similiar URL such as the one in the following example: http://static.flickr.com/27/88869304_sdg72h322.jpg?v=0. The URL should be located at the middle region of that chunk of code.

You may notice the additional ?v=0 at the back of the code. Remove it.

Your URL should look like this: http://static.flickr.com/27/88869304_sdg72h322.jpg.

(Note: There is an easier way to search for this URL in Firefox. Just right-click anywhere on the screen and select View Page Info. Go to the Media tab, and find the link for the photo in the list. (This takes some time, but it gets easier once you are accustomed to the URL format.)

Everything just gets easier. For example, if you wanted the original photo, just add _o before the file extension (Example: “.jpg”), and paste this into the address bar. The original picture should load for this URL: http://static.flickr.com/27/88869304_sdg72h322_o.jpg.

If you want other sizes, this is no problem. Below is the list of strings to append before the file extension:

Square: “_s”
Thumbnail: “_t”
Small: “_m”
Medium: The original file name without any appended text is the middle size.
Large: “_l”
Original: “_o”

Enjoy Flickr!

(Note: There had been concerns withgarding the illegal use of copyrighted photographs or pictures posted on Flickr. Many Flickr users have reported seeing their copyrighted photographs appearing on public forums, external non-affilated web sites. This tech recipe is for the purpose of downloading uncopyrighted materials only. If you are going to download the copyrighted, original photographs/pictures, please seek the permission of the owner of the copyrighted material.)

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