IE7: Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts for Internet Explorer

Posted February 11, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Internet Explorer IE7

Internet Explorer 7 has tabs and other new features. For all you shortcut fans, this is a comprehensive list of all of these new shortcuts.

Tab Shortcuts:

    Click Middle mouse button: open a link in a background tab
    Click Middle mouse button on the tab: close a tab
    Double-click on empty tab band space: open a new tab
    Ctrl+Click: open links in a new tab in the background
    Ctrl+Shift+Click: open links in a new tab in the foreground
    Ctrl+T: open a new tab in the foreground
    Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab: switch between tabs
    Ctrl+W: close current tab (or current window when there are no open tabs)
    Alt+Enter: open a new tab in the foreground from the address bar
    Ctrl+n (n can be 1-8): switch to the n’th tab
    Ctrl+9: switch to the last tab
    Ctrl+Alt+F4: close other tabs
    Ctrl+Q : open quick tabs


    Ctrl+(+): increase zoom (+ 10%)
    Ctrl+(-): decrease zoom (-10%)
    Ctrl+0: original size (100% zoom)


    Ctrl+E: go to the Toolbar Search Box
    Alt+Enter: open your search query in a new tab
    Ctrl+Down Arrow: bring down the search provider menu

Favorites Center:

    Ctrl+I: open Favorites Center to your favorites
    Ctrl+H: open Favorites Center to your history
    Ctrl+J: open Favorites Center to your feeds

Scroll Through History:

    Hold SHIFT and Scroll the Mouse: This will allow you to review your history as stored in memory. This is great for reviewing what was typed into forms.

Display the Classic Menus:

    Pressing ALT: alone will display the classic menus temporarily.

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